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SHAME.......Grandmothers says Ripped jeans is 'Disgusting' and 'a proper disgrace'

Ripped jeans don't sit well with these grandmothers

It is on record that jeans have existed since 1873, yet the latest jeans trends have defied all sense of dignity in dressing.  They call these trends  classic, but there is nothing classic in it as the ripped jeans makes the people wearing them look scanty and exposing so much of their flesh.  

Ripped jeans, in particular, have been causing dismay among grandmas all across social media.

Fireinthebone present clips of this disturbing fashion trend as well as peoples opinion on them as they were made in the social media.  

For some, distressed jeans sparked anxiety over family finances and for others, its a sign of confusion on both producers of ripped jeans and those youth patronizing them.  

Take a look!

These grandmas were just plain disappointed.

One fed-up grandmother took matters into her own hands, according to a trusted source: “Meet my 90 y.o grandma who sewed my cousin’s fashionable ripped jeans bc she thought they were actually ripped LOL.”

And although one grandmother called granddaughter Kathleen Slesnick Kauffman‘s ripped jeans “sad” because “you used to be so flawless” — and even expressed concern that the holes would swallow the woman’s leg whole — Kauffman still found the matter hilarious.

So would anyone actually dare wear these in public?

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