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LOVE & TRAGEDY STORIES....Man Kills Co-worker for Having an Affair with His Wife....


A 31 years old man has killed his co-worker for allegedly sleeping with his wife.  The accused Badal Mandal, fled town after committing the crime and was arrested three days after police found the dismembered body.

The Police in India’s capital city New Delhi arrested the suspect for allegedly killing a co-worker, chopping his body into pieces and hiding them in a refrigerator at his home.

Fireinthebone gathered that Badal Mandal, alias Swapan Singra, worked at a restaurant in the city and the victim, Vipin Joshi, was his colleague. Mandal told police during questioning that he had noticed Joshi visiting his house several times in his absence and suspected his wife was cheating on him. He then decided to kill Joshi.

Police said that Mandal first severed Joshi’s head with a meat cleaver and hid the other body parts in a refrigerator at his rented flat in south Delhi. Police were looking for Joshi after he was reported missing from 9 October.

His dismembered body was recovered on 15 October, but Mandal had fled the city by then.  He had reportedly applied for leave from the restaurant before committing the crime to avoid any suspicion. After killing Joshi, Mandal went to his in-laws’ house in Kolkata, a city in the eastern state of West Bengal.

By the time the police reached the place after tracing Mandal’s mobile phone location, he had already left Kolkata and gone to a relative’s place in the neighbouring state of Odisha.

Police then arrested him from Rourkela city in Odisha, three days after the body parts were recovered, a senior police officer told Press Trust of India.

Police said the whereabouts of his wife are still not clear.

Friend, Jesus came looking for you. Give your heart to Him, Love the Lord with all your heart, strength and might.  Love your neighbour as yourself, hold no offence, no bitterness - the Lord is near you to help you!


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