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HEALING TEACHINGS.....Fireinthebone - Healing - Through your Own Prayers (Simple but Effective)



There are countless diseases ravaging man today, even in the most advanced countries. On a daily basis, new ones are being discovered that weakens the body and cause misery  to their victims.

I would have thought that with modern healthcare facilities, laboratory machines, scan and ultra scan medical equipment, the world population should by now be enjoying what Nigerian politicians call "health for All", but it is not so.

Wise Doctors are now advising patients to seek the face of their God for some of the ailments that medical science cannot handle.  Fortunately, there is solution and healing in God which is available to all that believe, whether rich or poor, young and old. 

The rich people have Cancer, hypertension, diabetes and other uncommon syndromes like Parkinson troubling them. The poor people continue to battle with their number one disease - Poverty.  Then you have Malaria, Typhoid etc.

Sickness is a strange condition that afflicts the body, soul and Spirit.  It is a state of bad health, when the body is incapacitated and therefore a person cannot do those things they are used to doing.

From the word of God, we can see that there are different kinds of sicknesses, all of them aimed at stealing, killing or destroying peoples joy and life itself.

There are Spiritual sickness, emotional sickness, sickness of the body, demonic sickness and sicknesses unto death.  Spiritual and emotional sicknesses touches the Spirit and heart of people as a result of disappointment, failed expectations and loss of loved ones. They are emotional, hurting sickness.

Sickness of the body and demonic sickness are closely related.  The body can be afflicted with sickness due to unhealthy lifestyles like smoking drinking and adultery. Any of these lifestyles can lead to disease in the body like HIV; Also, agents of darkness can fire arrow of HIV on a person, who does not have HIV and the symptoms will be the same. A demon is in charge. 

Sickness of the body can be diagnosed in the hospital and get treatment. Demonic sickness cannot be, the doctor will examine you and they will see nothing, yet the person is in pains  and dying gradually.  

Health is Expensive, but We are Healed:
Isaiah 53: 4-5 says : Surely he hath borne our grief, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God and afflicted.  But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

This is the kingdom Word provision that sealed our healing for ever.

God has made provision for your emotional healing, financial, psychological and material healing. What is left is your ability to use your faith to draw down your healing as every promise of God is received by faith and obedience.  

Please note the following
1. Money cannot buy you health, though it can buy drugs.
2. Every sickness has a demon responsible for it.
3. All healing comes from God, whether you take drugs or not.
4. Faith is needed for you to be healed, 
5.     You need to speak faith and act faith
6. Faith does not bother with the present difficulty, once the Lord has promised a change
7. Confession of your belief after prayer releases the healing virtue and put the angels to work 


1. Know for sure that it is for His glory:  When a child of God is afflicted by sickness, physical or spiritual sickness, know for sure that it is for His glory because when you pray for healing, you will receive healing and be made whole.  This is the first meditation you should have on the sickness.  This is the same thing as you seeing yourself the way God sees you. God sees you healed already and if you know this, it will be easy for you to pray and claim your healing and be healed. 

2. Meditate on the sickness and its source - Where is the sickness coming from?. Is it as a result of sin or a weakness in the body or an attack.  To start deliverance prayer without identifying where the sickness is coming from will keep you long on the sick bed.  In the kingdom, you triumph by knowledge and this knowledge is very important when you are sick.

The reason why it is important to identify the source of the sickness is because that knowledge will determine how you approach the prayer and medical treatment.  There are sicknesses that should not be taken to the hospitals, because they are spiritual attacks.  You just have to pray yourself out! 

3. Pray: -  No forgiveness of sin, No healing -  Every prayer begins with sin confession and asking for mercy. We have all sinned and come shot of His glory and let it not be mentioned that you enter into the presence of the Holy Father without confessing your weaknesses and sin.  This confession is after your praises.  But many times people do not praise before they start praying.

Make sure you confess your sins and ask for mercy each time you appear before Him.  Even if you think you have not sinned that day, never justify yourself before the Lord.  Without your sin being forgiven, there is no healing for you.

4. Healing Prayer: -  A sick Christian is permitted to cry unto God for healing with faith. You start with confession of the Word of God promising healing and your prayers should be with those scriptures only.

Get all the healing scriptures that your spirit desire like Isaiah 53: 4-5, Exodus 15:26, Psalm 105:37 etc

After your confession and word prayer, it is time to command the demon responsible for the sickness to go away.

Given that you know there is a demon incharge, there is yet another important prayer you need to say.  That is the prayer destroying the sacrifice made by the agents of darkness to activate the demon into action.  Before any demon is deployed to work against any person, a sacrifice must be made.  You need to destroy that sacrifice and then command the demon to leave the body.

When it comes to demon, grace differs, if you have the authority to command a demon to leave the body, then the sacrifice is automatically destroyed.  When there is resistance, you may then set the sacrifice on fire and neutralize their legal ground by the Blood of Jesus Christ, after which your command cannot be resisted by the foul spirit.

Friend, Jesus came looking for you. Give your heart to Him, Love the Lord with all your heart, strength and might.  Love your neighbour as yourself, hold no offence, no bitterness - the Lord is near you to help you!


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