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George Weah, Joseph Boakai to.......... contest Liberia’s presidential runoff

The Liberian election has produced two major candidates that will now face themselves in a runoff to determine the peoples choice.  The electoral commission announced on Sunday, that former footballer, George Weah and incumbent Vice-President, Joseph Boakai, will face each other in a runoff vote for the presidency in November.

National Elections Commission chairman, Jerome Korkoya, told journalists that turnout stood at 74.52% and a total number of 1,550,923 votes was counted and the major candidates - Weah received 39.0% of the votes and Boakai 29.1%.

This left both candidates well short of the 50% mark required to be declared outright winner, from the first round of voting held on Tuesday.

Three other candidates took a significant share of votes, with veteran opposition leader, Charles Brumskine, at 9.8%; former Coca-Cola executive, Alexander Cummings, at 7.1%; and former-warlord-turned-preacher, Prince Johnson, at 7.0%.

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