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FIRST MOSQUE TO...............Accept Donations In Bitcoin

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New Hampshire’s First Crypto Powered Mosque?

MALIC Centre, is probably the first religious body to receive cryptocurrencies as donation, courtesy of the fundraising activity conducted by Will Coley.  The fundraising conducted to raise funds for the completion of the centre, which is set to becoming a full-time mosque in New Hampshire.

The fundraiser had indicated his willingness to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as donation, other than the regular dollar and pounds.  The mosque thus becomes the first religious body to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as donation.

Reports say all the cryptocurrenciy donations made to the mosque till date have been utilized in purchasing electronics which are necessary for running live video from the mosque ground, while subsequent collections will be used for facility upgrade of the centre. 

The Centre has so far collected cryptocurrencies worth $5000 from donations in Bitcoin, Dash and Ethereum.

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