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Electroneum – The First British Cryptocurrency That Offers Mobile Mining

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A NEW CRYPTOCURRENCY, ELECTRONEUM was introduced last month through its  Initial Coin Offering(ICO). The development team says it is user-friendly and easy to access and use.

The Electroneum cryptocurrency has been designed in a way to dominate the platforms for mobile applications, mobile gaming and online gambling. Electroneum is designed to be very user-freindly and easily minable through just an application that needs to be installed on the smartphone.

The easy management features allows users of Electroneum to use this currency for making easy and secure payments just with a click on the app. One of the key and unique features of the Electroneum Blockchain infrastructure is that it allows for easy buying and trading activities which is most of the times very difficult in case of other cryptocurrencies. 

 Moreover, the developing team behind Electroneum claims that it has more adaptability that what you have in Bitcoin. This is because unlike Bitcoin, the algorithm for Electroneum will allow 21 billion units to be mined in comparison to 21 million units of Bitcoin.

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