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Cryptocurrency CLAMS.........Gathers Momentum and Why its Price may Bubble Soon!

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FOR INVESTORS AND TRADERS in cryptocurrencies, there are few indicators that can reveal a possible bull run.  One of such indicators is momentum or Volume.  

We saw how the market began to appreciate the Ethereum six point strides, which consisted of partnership arrangements and collaboration the network had planned with different organizations which would be maturing with time and the currency began to gain momentum until it effortlessly overtook Bitcoin Cash in value last week.

Over the entire weekend, I monitored Stellar, CLAMS, DASH, Digibyte gather momentum and maintain their position on the cryptocurrency list.  When I researched some of them, I saw the market information that eventually triggered the Stellar price bubble, Dash and CLAMS has positive outlook as information shows.

In terms of momentum, CLAMS gained unprecedented attention and volume and one thing for sure is that while everyone in the market may not have all the information, a rising coin should see rising volume. Rising volume is an indication that alot of people has positive information about the coin.  

It's a signal that something positive is happening to the coin, like new partnerships, market deepening program gaining acceptance etc.  This is also the fundamental information buyers require to stake their interest in the currency.


The term CLAM is an abbreviation of Caritas, Libertas, Aequitas, and Monetas, which stand for charity, liberty, equity and money, respectively. Since the present monetary system does not aim to support fairness, equality and freedom, CLAMS provides an option. It gives freedom from confiscation and taxation, and was distributed to accounts equally.

Clam Coin or CLAMS is a form of digital currency, which is created, transferred and verified through the combined effort of the computers that run the CLAMS software. It allows you to make payments and value transfers without bureaucratic authorization or censorship. CLAM was launched on May 24, 2014.

CLAMS CLAM Cryptocurrency is the world’s first Proof-of-Chain cryptocurrency! The CLAMs network was created with the widest digital value distribution in history. The goal, from the very beginning of this project, was to create a cryptocurrency with the widest initial distribution. Ever.

Many intelligent people are aware that Bitcoin’s most valuable asset is the blockchain itself. The blockchain represents the combined efforts, commitment, and participation of the entire community. It is the revolution that sets cryptocurrency apart from other value systems. It is trust-less and wonderful.

This is my personal perspective on these digital currencies made in the early hours of today.  It is not intended to be a financial advice and should not be used as such.  Readers should do their own research before deciding which coin to invest in.

Friend, Jesus came looking for you. Give your heart to Him, Love the Lord with all your heart, strength and might.  Love your neighbour as yourself, hold no offence, no bitterness - the Lord is near you to help you!


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