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CHILD OF GOD.........You Have but One Profession "To Love One Another"

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  • All men are created by God to be loved.
  • All who view people with annoyance and despise them have no love in them.
  • When there is love, forgiveness becomes easy.
  • Whoso mocketh the poor, Solomon says “reproacheth" his maker Prov 17:5, 

The issue of love is so important to a believer that without love in your DNA, all your services in the house of God is in vain.  It is such that anything you do to your brother without love from your heart, will not pay you.  There is no reward for anything you do to the poor, orphan or brothers and sisters without love from your heart.

And so, God take time to train His children in love, faith and other areas of life where canality hinder us of His blessings.  The reason why God invest so much in our training is for us to last in the gospel and be established in Christ. The Lord know the enemy we are fighting Satan - cunning, wicked and desperate to steal, kill or destroy anything good.

God's Training:
God know also that the enemy deliberately counters everything good, and so the Lord guides us wittingly through situations of life, teaching us and building us up in His word and obedience.  The Lord makes His will and plans known to us, and chastises us for our profiting, that we may be partakers of His holiness.  

Holiness is a necessary ingredient in the life of a believer, because God is holy and no believer can depend on God without holiness.  However, the holiness that comes through chastisement is usually a painful experience, when you have to stop drinking because of a health condition. In the early nineties, many men were forced to abstain from promiscuity by the HIV/Aids scourge.  They did not want to die as there was not cure or remedy for HIV.

Resisting the Devil:
For a believer to walk well before God, he must learn how to resist Satan and the works of Satan.  But before you can resist the devil and his works, you should have some knowledge about spiritual things, so you can discern a satanic act when you see one.  This is one of the reasons why diverse things happen to us, so that we may learn from good and bad experiences and be able to discern actions and words that are not of God when we see them.

The works of Satan is everywhere around us, but largely unseen because they are done in the dark, but its effects cannot be denied.  The stagnancy that people suffer in their career and business despite doing their best, failures at the edge of breakthrough, sicknesses and disease, suicide behaviours etc.

Believers must understand that the primary fields of satanic operations are in the mind, body and conscience. The enticing words to make people sin are spoken into the heart of people and often times canal Christians cannot resist the devilish instruction to do many thing that bother on fleshly pleasure like “ go and take a drink, just one bottle of beer”.  The same way for smoking, womanizing etc.

Rejecting Fear, the Knock of the devil:
Beloved, fear is the knock of the enemy.  God through faith in Him and the finished work of Jesus Christ teaches us to resist  the knock of satan, fear.  This is why our faith in God must not fail or waiver.  It must be settled in our heart that God is with us and near us always to help us and so, when the devil introduce fear in any area of life, we reject it with the word of God and nothing will come out of it.

But if you answer the knock, you will receive a visit from him. If fear is accepted, then things will soon start happening in the negative direction.  That is when the devil floods people's minds with suicidal thoughts to persuade them to accept  the solution to their suffering is to kill themselves. The devil will give reasons why it is normal for any one that meets hardship and frustration to commit suicide.

Through the word of God, such thoughts are rejected and resisted at once and thrown out of the mind the same way it came, as it not in accordance with the word of God. You shall not die but live is God’s agenda for your life.

Every situation around us is allowed by God for us to learn something in life that will build us up into the image of our master Jesus Christ and if we are not learning from the hardship and prosperity around us, then we are not being built up.

Again, the Lord teaches us to forgive offences. Forgiveness is an integral part of love.  It  is at the centre of our receiving mercy from God.  Jesus said “If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you forgive not, neither will your heavenly Father forgive you Math 6:14-15.

If you can forgive, you can love.  Before you speak about your love for God and all the things you are doing, learn to love your brothers and sisters in Christ for the love of God is manifested through our love for the brother and sisters.

Transformed to Love:
When you gave your heart to Jesus Christ and became His own, your profession changed that day without you knowing. Though you are still a Teacher, Lawyer or Accountant, Your profession of faith changed your profession and your love life, from love of self, love of money, love of possessions, power and influence…to love of God and His service. 

Outwardly, you are still working  in the bank, or struggling in your business, but inwardly, you are before God and serving Him.  All who serve God must receive the grace for ‘Big souls’.  This is called ‘large heart’.  You must love all like Jesus did.  You are called to love and embrace all men in your heart, whether they be his friends or not

Brotherly Love:
Unity in the body of Christ is based on forsaking sin.  With sin, the body of Christ is divided and no longer facing the same direction.  When you see much division in the house of God, they are only dividing according to their many sins.  In the place where there is unity in the house of God, there will also be forsaking of sin.

In order to become a vessel of honour  before God, we  need to purge Ourselves of every work that dishonor us. In the house of God, to love fellow believers is to sacrifice all and serve them and help them to stand firm in the Lord

You are saved by grace to live, work and serve Him by grace.  Grace saved you and it is grace that enables us to serve God effectively. This is why no man will be justified by the works of the law.  Remember the Pharisee and the publican that entered the temple to pray. The Pharisee boasted of his work of law – fasting, but the other man humbled himself,  asking God to have mercy on him.  He left the temple justified.

Finally on brotherly love, we must be baptized in the Holy Spirit and be filled with the Holy Spirit in other to show brotherly love to one another.

You need the seed of love inside of you to practice love freely.  It is not easy for forgive someone that hurt you badly, so you need the Holy Spirit to love in the agape way.
Remember that Love is one of the gift of the Spirit, so you need the giver of the gift - Holy Spirit, if you truly want to manifest love.  

Receive the grace to love your neighbour and brethren today in Jesus Christ name.  And for those who do not know Him yet...

Friends, one day death will come and the question is "Where will you spent eternity - in heaven or hell". This is the time to work out your salvation...Now is the acceptable time.

Brethren, Jesus is coming back soon, repent of your sins and serve the Lord.


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