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BITCOIN INVESTMENT.....Japan's SBI Holdings Gearing Up to Bitcoin Mining, Exchange and Remittances!


SBI Holdings, the financial services division of Japan’s SBI Group has revealed it is planning to establish a new financial ecosystem based on cryptocurrency. The 'big' move that includes carrying out joint research to gather "systematic knowledge" of blockchain technologies will deepen its involvement in  cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Fireinthebone gathered that the firm aims to "solve problems" within the crypto markets, and so it hopes to acquire cryptocurrencies directly, including through mining, as well as establishing ways of using cryptocurrencies, and providing investment opportunities. SBI will also "utilize cryptocurrency for remittance, trade finance and payments."

The company's statement stated that  "The SBI Group will endeavor to acquire cryptocurrencies, for the further development of products and services, and to secure market liquidity. This includes the mining of [bitcoin and bitcoin cash], and investments into U.S. Ripple (Ratio of 10.5%)."

In what appears to be a strong push into the cryptocurrency industry, the company restated its aim to establish a "dominant large-scale cryptocurrency exchange platform."

SBI has been expressing growing interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2016, first investing in Japanese exchange bitFlyer, and later moving onto its own tests with the technology.

In September of this year, a joint venture between SBI and blockchain payments startup Ripple announced it will soon begin testing a money transfer system using distributed ledger technology between Japanese and South Korean banks.

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