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BITCOIN EDUCATION........List of Universities That Offer Blockchain Courses



Blockchain technology is the technology powering cryptocurrencies.  It is the innovation that gave birth to Bitcoin and decentralized network where data are no longer concentrated at a spot, but dispersed among computers on a network.  Blockchain allow for efficiency in data management among other features.

It is reputed to be capable of disrupting the internet business as it stands today, and for business of any type that uses data or makes use of data, blockchain is a change agent to such business.  It has been described as a technology of the future, which is worthy that bitcoin itself as it allows for a secured and  efficiency in service delivery in almost every area of business.

As corporations and government discover the power of blockchain, the demand for this technology soars, so does the demand for students to learn about it, allowing them to match the supply to the demand. 

It has tremendous career prospects for brilliant guys. Here are some of the universities offering blockchain courses for your career choice.


Cornell is renowned for being one of the leading computer-centred universities and is well-worth considering when it comes to blockchain courses. The course is run by Emin Gun Sirer, a professional who has been the leader in the blockchain field for many years.


Cambridge University is renowned for being one of the best universities in the entire world. There’s plenty of opportunities here, both on campus and future employment opportunities. Regarding the blockchain course, it’s heavily focused on the economical side of things.


One of the most prestigious universities in the States, Princeton offers its pioneer course entitled ‘Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies’ and is actually available online and asks many questions related to Bitcoin as well as foreseeing the future uses and implementations of the product.

Julia Woodson, a resume proofreader for Make My Assignment, continues;

“Princeton is one of the most acclaimed universities in the world. Be sure to check over your application to ensure it’s perfect before sending it off if you decide you want to attend here!”


The largest university in all of Cyprus, the primary course is a Master’s of Science degree in which the primary degree is titled ‘Introduction to Digital Currencies’. The course is available online and can be obtained for free using the open enrolment program of MOOC.


Surprisingly, Stamford offers a unique course known as ‘Bitcoin Engineering’. The main purpose of the course is educating students in how to create their own Bitcoin-Enabled applications. This is a very computer-heavy course as well as a great introduction to the concept.


Based in the financial and scientific hub of the UK, the B9 Lab Academy is all about understanding and developing the technology behind Bitcoin and blockchain technology as well as the social impacts that it has.


A leader when it comes to IT courses and technology, the Copenhagen IT university organised a Blockchain Summer School back in August 2017 but with plans to hold them for the foreseeable future.

Robin Baldwin, an educator for Academized, attending this university said:

“Denmark has always been a leader when it comes to technology and this university is one of the best; ideal for if you want to learn about the most up to date blockchain developments.”


It was back in 2014 when New York University started offering blockchain courses with the first course titled ‘The Law and Business of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies’. This original course is still available today, among others, covering all the bases when it comes to blockchain technology.


Of course, Duke University, one of the brightest university in the States, will offer a blockchain course. Its leading course is titled ‘Innovation, Disruption and Cryptoventures’ and goes into immense depth when it comes to Bitcoin and the future of the technology.


Of course, MIT would have to have a blockchain course as one of the leading universities when it comes to all things relating to technology. MIT was one of the first universities to adopt the course and is home to the current maintainer of bitcoin protocol.

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