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Trust God

YOU SHALL NOT DIE, BUT LIVE...............Learn to Speak death to sicknesses!


Beloved, you are precious to your Father in heaven.

But, you must know how to speak death to sicknesses, then

Live to the full the number of days the Lord appointed to you!

Sickness may come to test your faith in God, the enemy may fire arrows of death at you, but in all of that you cannot be moved because the Word of God is in the inside of you.

They cannot kill you because your life is hidden in Christ and Christ in God. The Word of God living in us get into our blood to become a shield, the Word is the Spirit that gives life and that Word is Jesus Christ and with Jesus inside of you, No sickness or arrow can kill you.

This is a conversation about how to pray out sicknesses out of your body and life.  This is because you have been given the authority to do so, the moment you believe in Christ and confess Him as Lord. A child of God should know how to attack and destroy sickness with the authority in the name of Jesus Christ - for by so doing, you are living out the benefits of salvation that Jesus Christ purchased for us at the cross of Calvary.

When you hear ministers of God saying they cannot remembered the last day they went to hospital. Do you think that sickness and arrows of death are not fired at them? NO,  They are attacked as well by the devil, but not afflicted, b because soon as they notice the attack, they quickly return the sickness or arrow to where they came from.  

I will give you an example....A Pastor was studying in his office one morning and an ant, it could be cockroach or anything else crawled on top of his leg and when he stood up, he noticed a dislocation on that particular leg and he thought it was a joke until he began to limp.  He immediately meditated on how the dislocation came and quickly prayed the arrow back to sender and within minutes, he was walking straight.  Your case is different because you know what to do when the enemy misbehaves.

So, every thought of death coming to a child of God is motivated from the kingdom of darkness and once a man accepts such thought, the spirit of death enters such a life to manipulate him/her to surrender to death.  Also, every arrangement of darkness against your life when you are in Christ is in futility - Do you know why?  You died with Christ at the cross where He was crucified and rose with Him as He arose.

Divine health is a reminder of the provisions God has made for our good health and living.. As a believer, your healing is already settled even before you were born.  All you need to do when you realize you are sick is to "invoke the provisions of the healing Decree" of heaven and your health is restored. Speak the Word to any sickness continually, the sickness MUST DIE!

This simple process is powerful!
1. Command the sickness to leave your body, in accordance with the written Word of God in the bible in Jesus Christ name.
2. If there is resistence, nullify every legal ground of the enemy with the Blood of Jesus Christ and again, 
3. command the sickness to leave. 
4. Finally, rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus Christ. Close the matter and watch what happens thereafter....
5. You are indeed healed - For nothing resist the name of Jesus Christ.

Lets look at some of the healing scriptures or "Decrees".

Ref: Jeremiah 30:17 For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds says the Lord; because they called thee outcast, saying this is Zion, whom no man seeketh after.

Jeremiah 8:22 - Is there no balm in Gilead; is there mo physician there? Why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered.

Isaiah 53:3-5 By His stripes we are healed

1 Peter 2:21-24  -  Who his own self bare our sins in His own body on the three, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

Psalm 107:20 -  He sent His word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction

The bible says in John 1:1-3 that God created the world and everything in it by His Word and nothing was made that was not created by His Word.

For this reason, the Lord advised us in Proverbs 4:20-22 to attend to His word and incline to His sayings. let it not depart from us Why?

For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh. The Word of God is life unto you, your bone, marrow, your kidney, Lever, reproductive organs if you can continually confess the word to that part of your body that is weak or failing......its just a matter of time.  The word of God that raises the dead back to life will surely heal and recreate any weak organ in your body.

This is why the Lord was asking whether there was no balm in Gilead (Jeremiah 30:17). God is saying is there no physician in the house, Is the Word not around you and in your mouth, then why are you still sickly and bed-ridden?

I have sent my word to you and in your spirit, the supreme sacrifice of the blood of Jesus Christ at the Cross has been shed for your healing and the Word has gone forth in 1 Peter 2:22 that by His stripes you were healed.....why are you still praying for healing instead of claiming your provision.

Beloved, know for sure that you are not born to die in sickness, no matter the nature of sickness or affliction. No matter what the world call the sickness, speak the word of God to that sickness and watch it disappear within days.  No sickness has right to torment you for long, it may come because you are in the world, but once you notice sickness or disease, attack it with the word, confessing it from your heart and standing on the Word. this self healing therapy has never failed.....and will never fail - for the Word of God is settled in heaven Psalm 119:89.

Begin to live as though you know that your body is not available for sickness. Brethren, rise up against the works of the devil around you.  Rebuke and cast the devil out of your life.  Demon should not possess a child of God.  

So, when you notice a voice speaking wrong words and commands to you, you rebuke the voice and cast that devil out of your life.

We have a physician in the house and His name is JESUS CHRIST and your total health and healing is in Him.

You are forbidden to die in sickness, unless it your time to go home with the Lord.


  1. By Violent faith.  And faith speaks what he believes and acts it.  Faith declares healing and never looks at the symptoms again, but hold tenaciously to the promise.
  2. Prayer of Faith - Faith prays and believe the only true God for the fulfillment of His Words in your life.
  3. Faith rejoices after declaration and then receives what he prayed for
  4. You are healed of every infirmity in Jesus Christ name!


I want to share this testimony and close.  A woman of God was sick some years back and because of her kingdom involvements, she got renowned men of God to pray for her, but she never got healed.  

One renowned man of God after another and yet there is no solution and she was still bed ridden.  Then suddenly she remembered the word of God and His promises.  According to her testimony, three (3) days to the time the physicians had given her to live, she went and collected 50 scriptures that forbid her from dying before her time and started praying those scriptures.

You know what?, that lovely woman is still alive today, several years after they told her it was over, so when all hope seem to be lost, read and pray the scriptures for your deliverance.

May the Lord prosper His Word in your life and keep you from all evil!



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