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WHY IS THE 'NEW MAN' STILL STRUGGLING.......Is it Foundation, Unbelief or What?

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The 'new man' is a man after the image of God.

A 'New man' is a man or woman born again by the Word of God and filled with the Spirit of God.  He is full of power of God, whether he knows it or not and God is ever delighted by the 'new man'.  For such a man, his past is over and all things has become new.

What then could make a 'new man' continue to struggle in life and yet swim in mocky waters of poverty as though nothing has happened?  Why do we have believers who does not seem to know how to get out of poverty?

The answer is simple....The kingdom operate on keys.  You open the doors you have the key into and so the more you know, the more keys you posses and the more your star will shine.

The 'new man' is a wonderful experience, but he knows little about the kingdom and kingdom prosperity answers to knowledge of the covenants of Abraham which promised us.  It answers to obedience of the word of God and fulfilling your part of the covenant of wealth.  It also answers to diligence and hard work and the operation of the spirit of excellence.

In synopsis therefore, kingdom prosperity has the following characters:

1. Prosperity is not commanded, it is worked out.

2. Prosperity does not answer to praying and fasting.  Be it dry fasting, white fasting or coloured fasting, it is a covenant.
3. First you enter into the covenant, and then you are committed to doing your part of the covenant.

4.The Lord gives us the power to get wealth, but you will have to work it out.

5. Put in another way, the Lord gives you the platform, but you will have to develop the idea into a tangible product, manufacture the product and sell it before your harvest appears. If you are not able to do so, your harvest will pend.

6. God no longer rain manna from heaven. He did it for the Israelite because they were serving punishment for the wrong words they spoke to God, which showed their unbelief in the power of God to take them to the promised land. So, God kept them there for 40 years in the wilderness. They were just eating manna, but there was no progress until all the offenders were dead.

7. God will never do what he has given you wisdom and power to do.  If He gives you idea and you cannot birth the idea into a tangible service, your poverty will continue.


Let us assume that the 'new man' who the Lord have just shined His light in his heart is a village boy without any meaningful skills, other than praying and fasting.  He would have to take some serious step to walk out of poverty.  

His first step would be to come down from being a full time prayer warrior and look for a job, or business to do.  He can also learn a Trade or Skill that will be his source of income in the future. This is important because God blesses what is in our hands or the works of our hands.  If there is nothing in your hands, meaning you are not working or doing any kind of business that God can prosper, then there is nothing for God to bless.

Destiny Direction - While he is learning a trade or doing business, he is asking God for destiny direction. After asking for a while, he begins to seek the direction with his eyes open and sensitive.  He reviews different business ventures that catches his fancy, with a view to choosing one of them.   

Then he returns to God with a cry for definite direction concerning the businesses he has understudies, for God to direct him on which one to do. This in fulfillment of Mathew 7:7 - Ask, seek and knock and you shall find. 

After such cry for mercy, God would normally do 'something' for him through revelation in the dream, word encounter or using a person who would show sympathy and willingness to help the brother move forward in life.  Favour is bound to come from somewhere.

In all these, he must not depart from studying the word, praying and fasting, for that is his source.


Beloved, Prosperity is not decreed.  While you cannot rule out foundation, especially when a person have not broken all existing curses, the 'new man' must enter into the covenant of prosperity with the God of Abraham and do the works that Abraham did to possess his own divine prosperity.  He would have to be steadfast with his covenant obligation for that is what commits God to working for him.

Every successful christian received an idea from God which was nurtured and developed into a business or services that produces riches and wealth. No Manna falls from heaven any longer, the 'new Man' must acquire beneficial knowledge and apply the knowledge diligently and wisely before his testimony of riches and wealth will appear.

God is no respecter of person. Whoso ever honours Him, the Lord will honour. Whosoever obeys His voice and instructions from the word, the same will reap bountifully. Whosoever keeps covenant requirements for prosperity which include paying of Tithe, Offering, sowing seed for the work of God, serving in His Vineyard, taking care of your parents, orphans and motherless and homeless people.  Whosoever does all these is doing the work of God and God will bless and increase him/her.

The 'New man' will not be an exception.  His prosperity depends on his obeying the covenant obligations and working hard.  He should seek knowledge about God and His covenants and obey them. Making sure he does everything in faith, before long, his change will be evident.



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