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Trust God

VIRGIN @ 50 YEARS...............Chastity as She Does not use Sex Toys like others!

       The fifty-year-old virgin 

Many will shout chastity, others will insist that she is an abnormal being, but believe it or not, this lady by name Yvette, a beautiful woman from Hopkinsville Kentucky has shocked people at the Wendy Williams show by revealing that she is still a virgin at 50.

 She said she grew up in a Christian home and believes in waiting till marriage, however, she’s yet to meet the right one. She told Wendy she wanted to know the best reply to give to people who tell her she’s abnormal for that.  

According to her, she has only kissed but hasn't had s*x ever. She further revealed that she doesn't engage in masturbation or use s*x toys as is the case of many virgins who secretly pleasure themselves.  She further revealed that she’s 50 years, still a virgin, never gone past kissing, never used a sex toy, and she’s not in a relationship at the moment.

But the look on Wendy’s face showed that even Wendy thought the woman was abnormal. Wendy was speechless for a long while but Yvette was unperturbed and kept smiling through it all. 

Eventually, the 53-year-old host told her that she didn’t have to tell people that she’s still a virgin, that way, she’ll avoid all the shocking stares and comments.

FIRE -   God is faithful and there must be some reward for waiting as the woman does not look 50 Years at all!  As always, I believe she will still be able to have as many children as she desires to have if she get married at 50.


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