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  1. This is the 'Fasters' program......That reduces body weight.
  2. Remember, there is no easy way to reduce accummulated body fat

Obesity is usually caused by eating disorder, it is a lifestyle disease that may be related to other medical conditions. Obesity is most common amongst adults but can affect the elderly, teens, and even children. 

Obesity is a disorder where you have an excessive amount of body fat. This disorder can limit your mobility and lead to overall poor health. While there is no easy cure for obesity, reducing your body fat through adjustments to your diet and to your lifestyle can allow you to shed your excess body weight. 

Obesity is not only a cosmetic concern – it increases your risk for ailments like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers, back pain, sleep apnea, mental health problems, and more.

Obesity can, in many cases, be overcome! If you are keen to overcome obesity or help someone else who is obese, consider working with a professional towards your goal and altering your diet, activity level, and lifestyle choices.

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Remember this is not a professional advise, so it is not appropriate for everyone.  

But it will surprise you that inconvenience yourself and change your eating habit for a long time, unwanted accumulated fat will gradually 'drop-off' your body.  It is very effective in reducing your body size, especially at the early stage of fat accumulation.

There is no easy way to reduce accumulated fat in the body than drastic reduction of food intake.  You may feel as though you will die, but it is not true, if you can endure for long without the pleasure of eating meat, chocolates, soft drinks and beer, wine etc.  If you can ignore and even forget those delicious meals of yours  and settle for vegetables and water, you will effectively cut the nutrients feeding your body to fat and regain control of your body.


This simple ADVICE will save your body so much protein, Fat, Oil and Carbohydrates and help you to reduce in size drastically within a short period of time. The ability to continue with the diet for long will determine the success you will record.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is just like fasting and you will normally feel weak and without strength but you health is sustained without any side effect. If you are not a 'faster' - someone familiar with fasting and sometimes dry fasting, you may not be able to run with this idea.

You can also treat obesity by taking weight loss medication or talking to your doctor about weight loss surgery.

WARNING:   This is not a medical advice for you implement as obesity or excessive fat can be caused by other medical conditions.  So, readers are advised to seek medical advice and be guided through.

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