FAITH TO BREAK FORTH............As a New Convert in Christ!



The goal of salvation to give a person hope and future in Christ and eternity.  Jesus came to redeem us from darkness unto light, from the world and worldliness to godliness, so that we become sons and daughters of God.

There is success and every other thing you need in the kingdom, but, that's not the primary purpose of salvation, salvation is meant to reconcile man back to God, to re-establish the fellowship that existed between God and Adam in the past.  Also, the way God looks at success is different from how a man would ever look at success.

For a man without a job, or any business he is doing, success in the kingdom means getting a good job.  It means having a business that will take care of his needs. For a barren woman, success in Christ means to get pregnant, even if the husband is a Eunuch.  For a single lady looking for a future partner, success in the Kingdom means to get married to a man of her choice.  

So, success in Christ means a lot of things to different people. But in reality, success in Christ is to become a new creature, and old things are passed away.  It is for a person to testify that before he came to Christ, he was a drunkard, who fornicators and steals, but now, he steals no more, neither does he drink or fornicate.  That's salvation, the power of God to change lives.

Giving the expectation of people that come to Christ, with sickness, poverty and lack of job and means of livelihood, it is imperative that the steps to success should be.  The troubles of life can easily get someone off-balance, but in Christ, God will make a way of escape.

Faith to break forth

A new convert in Christ, should develop his faith, and grow it to the next level because it takes faith to receive from God, and violent faith to dislocate your enemies.  Success in the kingdom is warfare and only those with violent faith with break forth.  If you will pay attention, you know there is a difference between faith and violent faith.  To overcome the enemy occupying your territory, you need violent faith.  You don't tell a demon to please leave...NO!  You command the demon to catch fire and getaway.

Nobody can break out of poverty without violent faith.  Why do you need violent faith?  You need violent faith to decree a thing, you need violent faith to see the impossible.  What people think is not possible, with violent faith you declared it possible and stand on your declaration, and it shall be established by God.

There are giants in every man's promised land, which only violent faith can subdue.  After entering your promised land, there will still be Jordan to cross, there will be many Red seas to cross in your pilgrimage, that only violent faith can overcome.  So, a new convert or well-established believer that desires to be successful and wealthy should prepare for war.

You are born again, and you are wondering how to be a successful person in Christ.  You have heard that there is a peace of mind for those, who make their money in godly ways and you are wondering how they made it.  You are also getting worried about your future. It is time you stop wondering and start developing your faith in God.  Start studying the Word of God and meditate on it.  Prepare for war, to challenge the giants occupying your field, the Pharaoh harassing you and saying you will not go, must all be subdued before you will experience wealth.

This message is aimed at starting a new convert well in the Lord, giving him keys that will enable him to operate in the supernatural and in wealth.  I will cover the following aspects:

1. How to grow your faith
2, Be grounded in the Word
3. Be grounded in holiness
4. Establish a business and pray without season
5. Pray without season

I hope you will find it interesting.  The first truth for a new convert in Christ is that:

1. There is no more limitations.  This statement is easily misunderstood. You are a child of God now, Jesus is your Master and at His name, every knee bows.  No no Satan or man can scare you any longer.  This statement is true, but you have to believe it, and enforce it.  Tell any man or Satan blocking you to clear away, you are coming with your Master Jesus Christ, and the mountain will move.  Without enforcement, nothing will shift for you.

2. If you are doing something, business or profession, and it is not working, try harder, do the business or work in a better and smarter way.  Relate with your peers and mentors, contemporaries and those ahead of you in the business, find out what they are doing and why it is working.  Then reposition your own business.  

If after everything it still does not work, you can move on, BUT, NEVER SAY THAT IT DID NOT WORK BECAUSE SOMEONE IS SPIRITUALLY BLOCKING YOU.  Even if you have such revelations, accept the responsibility for the failure.  If someone is blocking you, you are supposed to pray the spiritual blockage out of the way,

3. You should have a vibrant prayer and fasting lifestyle to overcome obstacles placed on your way of business and family.  How you develop this is your business.  That is part of the sacrifice you need to get to the top of life and business, as a believer in Christ.  The ability to pray yourself out of problems, sickness, spiritual hindrances etc.  You should also be able to pray and in intercede for your business until it becomes a household name in the market.  This is done without losing focus on innovation and product improvements required to maintain market standing.

4. Your relationship with the Holy Ghost should be strong that you receive insights, revelations and word of knowledge on what to do, in life and business.  You should also be a covenant child of God, partnering with the Lord to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The other important issues in the kingdom prosperity equation are discussed below

Develop your Faith

Faith is our most valuable asset in redemption, because it is to you, according to your faith. Everything works by faith in the Kingdom, and nothing works without it. So, for things to keep working in one’s life, one must keep working on one’s faith.

Radical or violent faith is the 'uncommon faith' that produces an uncommon result. Violent faith is demonstrated during adversity when all hope seems to be lost, and suddenly, the seed of faith inside of you tells you to pray about that situation.  And as you pray, you see the situation turning for better.

Violent faith is developed through the following steps:
1. Have faith in God, receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour of your life.
2. The study, meditate and obey the word of God
3. Love the supernatural, celebrate it and seek deeper knowledge of the ways of God.
4. Practise the word of God.  Speak the word to mountains and circumstances, without wondering how it will be accomplished.
5. Let the word of God be the final say on every matter, and whatever the Word says, do it.
6. Pray in the Spirit always.
7. Listen to more testimonies, power encounters and your faith will grow

8. Remember the victories the Lord has given you in the past, and apply the technic again, when you have a similar problem.  A fervent brother saw in the dream, a military man flogging him, and he woke up.  He was confused and asked the Lord what he should do.  The Lord answered and said 'Flog him back'.  Look for a whip and flog him back.  The brother got a whip, summoned the man back to his room and began to flog him, and that marked the end of such attacks on him. But, if tomorrow, an enemy decides to flog him in his dream, he knows what to do, "Flog that enemy back".  The anointing that brought your husband, will give you children.

9. The study, meditate and obey the Word
Feeding on the Word is reading and learning what God has to say. Meditating is spending time thinking about it and thinking about it and then obeying means to apply the word to your real-world situations.

Faith begins where the will of God is known. You can’t have faith in His Word if you don’t know what His Word says. Once you know the will of God and have spent time meditating on the Word, you can apply it by taking authority over your life.  Applying the Word of God to your situation will become second nature when you have immersed yourself in the word, listened to many testimonies of God's mighty dealings.  His healing and deliverance.

Be Grounded in Holiness

A born again child of God is expected to walk in holiness, as holy living opens doors in the spirit for believers.  Being grounded in holiness means that you are a doer of the Word and not hearer alone.  It means you are a man or woman of integrity, people can trust you with practically anything, and you will not disappoint.

It also means that, even in your search for employment or business, you will not compromise your faith for gain.  You place a high value on things of God, including spiritual gift, and you will not use the gift of God manifesting in your life for personal gains.

Destroy the Works of Darkness

For a new convert, you are advised to look back at your foundation and destroy every evil pattern, polygamous arrows and alters and charms working against you.  Exempt yourself from every evil pattern, family sickness inherited poverty, affliction and death. 

You should prayerfully exempt yourself from every ancestral idol, controlling your family, ancestral covenant and other ungodly commitment done by your parents.  They must be destroyed through prayers.  If you cannot pray effectively, because you are new in Christ, you should go for deliverance prayers in a bible believing Church.

Call forth your Breakthrough:

Every success will start in the spiritual, and God will show you the pictures of what is coming ahead of you.  Until you see the pictures in the Word of God, and in your dream, continue to pray and wait on the Lord.  A faith-filled child of God, who is fervent in prayer, will surely know what the Lord is planning to do for him.  The Lord does not keep us in the dark, He will show us the pictures in the dream or speak to us directly.

In calling forth your breakthrough, you have to wait upon the Lord and pray for divine direction.  What you should do that is in the Will of God for you.  Are you going to look for paid employment or establish a business of your own?  This is prayer time, so do not worry if you don't have the money to establish any business, the money will come, but first know what God is saying at that moment.

Success will never meet you at home.  You will have to go out there in search of success.  You need God to bless you, but you must have something you are doing as a point of contact, you must be engaged in something, no matter how small. This spiritual exercise can be carried out anytime you feel you are not in the place of your destiny.  You should fast and pray until you hear the Lord speak clearly to you.  If the Lord says, get a job, then you will choose the companies to apply to, based on your qualification.  If the Lord says - establish a business, then find out what kind of business, He wants you to open.  Then:

Establish a Business
In business, remember that you need the Holy Ghost, more than anything else to succeed. The bible says, God will bless you through the power that is at work in you, which is the Holy Ghost.  But if you don't know Him, your success in business would be jeopardized, but it is the Holy Ghost that will harness them for your profiting. 

The Holy Ghost will guide and direct to the right things and places, even to meet with the right people that will make things happen in your business and life, so you need to develop a friendship with God the Spirit, obey Him always.  He will what to do, and how to do it.

Walk by Divine Direction.  Because the Lord asked you to start the business which you are planning to start, you should continually look up to the Lord for the next step along the way.  You should remain committed to your kingdom commitments, be diligent in your business and pray without season.  

Whenever you hear a word from the Lord, confirm it, then, act on the Word.  It is not what you know that makes you great.  It is what you did with the information you have at a time, that will leave you great.  If you gather all the information on how to establish an Assembly plant, but never took a step in establishing the plant, will the information make you rich? NO!

Give Thanks always - Thanksgiving unto God should be your lifestyle.  It should be something you can wake up and praise, return home from work and bust into praises or enter the car and continue in your worship unto His holy name.  Give God glory for everything in your life, family and business.  Return all the glory to God for everything He does for you.  Don't say it's your wisdom or effort, celebrate Him for everything,  No man takes His glory.  It is a dangerous and destructive thing to do. 


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