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Proemtheus:........The first decentralized email system on the way

Proemtheus - the first decentralized email system

Proemtheus - the first decentralized email system
One of the most beautiful aspects of the blockchain is that it helps individuals regain control of their lives, wealth, and data through decentralization. A basic right individuals should have in their lives is privacy and agency over their data, information, and communications. A project called Proemtheus is wants to bring this freedom to an industry sorely in need of it: email.
The Cost of Free Services
Most readers here have a gmail account or some other popular email service for their main correspondence. Many also have FacebookTwitter, or other free services to communicate with others in the digital space. The greatest con ever pulled by companies was advertising these services as free. Nothing is free, and Proemtheus understands that. These kinds of “free” centralized services sell user data regularly to turn that information into profits for the institution. Much of this information from these free services is sold to advertisers to show users more relevant ads. This robs users of control over their information.
Data mining is not the only issue with “free” email services. Centralized servers put both users and institutions at risk. It is much easier to attack a centralized institution than attack a decentralized network. We have seen increased instances of ransomware attacks, and those are unlikely to stop any time soon. Proemtheus aims to fix these and other problems with their decentralized email project.
The First Decentralized Email System
Proemtheus feels that email is most important asset that individuals have online. It is their identity and how they are able to communicate with the rest of the world. They gift their users with true independence of their online data -and thus, identities- through decentralization. Users can expect direct peer to peer communication, full control over their threaded mailbox, and protection from ransomware by user data being encrypted and fragmented. Finally, users can rest easy with full control over their data and online identity.
Users also will have their own cloud-like data storage. This platform could also be profitable to the usersinstead of having platforms profit from users. Should the user want, they could rent out their storage, provide email services, or VPNs to other users for a fee.
Proemtheus Presale
Currently, Proemtheus is holding a presale to help fund their project and to generate initial investment and interest from individuals and other entities. They ask any who want to participate to thoroughly read their whitepaper prior to investment. Early supporters can expect bonuses as rewards for referrals and purchase amounts along with pre-launch testing of the platforms. They will also announce their ICO dates, but have opened up the pre-sale to the entire public since the vast majority of the public has an email and will benefit from taking full control over it.

FIRE:  This publication is not an endorsement of the product or its presale fund raising, so readers should make their own research and consult wider before making any investment decision.
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