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PARENTING CONFUSION.......As Mom tells son how many times she 'plays' with her husband

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A mother has been criticised online for telling her son how often she had sex with her husband.

Her 12-year-old son asked: “how often do you and Dad have sex?” to which she honestly replied “once or twice a week I guess.”

After retelling the anecdote on Mumset and admitting she was mortified at her son’s question, commenters were quick to lambaste the mother, claiming that her candid response was inappropriate.

However, the mother explained that she is typically “a very modest person” and never discusses sex with her friends.

She confessed that her son’s probing question made her feel embarrassed and she was very surprised that he would want to know about the details of his parents’ sex lives.

Mumsnet readers were quick to condemn her decision to respond honestly.

“I wouldn't have told him,” wrote one user. “My answer would have been that's private between me and your father and not something that you or anyone else needs to know. Very inappropriate question. No matter the age!'

Others agreed, writing that the mother should have taken this as an opportunity to discuss the importance of boundaries with her son and that he must’ve known this was a “cheeky” question.

Some even speculated that the boy might need therapy and suggested that she put money aside for this.

However, a few commenters took the opportunity to congratulate the mother for her sexually active relationship.

“I’m impressed with once or twice a week!” wrote one person.

The mother later responded to the comments by saying that she regretted answering her son’s probing question.

It's a shame that sex remains such a taboo topic online, particularly within parenting communities where mothers and fathers are often stereotyped as being "too tired" or "too busy" for intimacy.

FIRE:  Children by nature are very inquisitive about everything, so guiding them should be with utmost care, moreso when you consider how difficult it could be to recover a child that has gone astray.

At the same time, you must encourage them to be open to you, so you can feel their pulse and know what is troubling them each time.  The question asked by this young lad might be an indication of something, which the parents should diligently probe and resolve with him.  Perhaps his friends may have introduced him to sex etc.

In conclusion, the mother should refer the matter to his father for him to counsel the boy and give him proper sex education that will resolve any misgiving in his heart. Such a boy is ready for a beneficial sex education as his curiosity is already aroused.

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