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HOLINESS.....Definition and practical steps - Fireinthebone.com

Incorruptible fire in your bones!


Fireinthebone is a Christian online Blog committed to the teaching and preaching of holiness as it relates to the whole man.  The bible teaches that we should be holy in all our conversation, holy and pure in our thought and our bodies to be presented as a living sacrifice unto the Lord.

We are expected to love holiness like Christ did and He overcame the world and handed victory to us.  We are also known for faith, Evangelism, Healing and deliverance teachings to help the Believers' live a fulfilled life in Christ.

Fireinthebone have decided to commit ourselves to the cause of reaching a generation of people with the sweet story of our Lord Jesus Christ and empower them to live a holy and faith filled life in Christ.

We teach and preach holiness, righteousness, marriage and family values to empower believers to live godly and walk in faith and victory. Love and its importance is not left out of our teaching and the things we share online, and that is why we are becoming a holiness hub for believer who want to maintain their salvation and do exploits for the Lord.

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