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OX (ZRX)......'Another 'Golden' Coin' - What to Expect and why its price may rise

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OX is a 'golden coin' like Bitcoin with a maximum total supply.  

The cryptocurrency market has become increasingly vibrant with new coins being added to the exchanges weekly.The currency we are reviewing today is OXCoin ZRX, a relatively new coin listed for trading last month and trading in many exchanges at $0.195066 with market capitalization of $97,533,000.00   

OX is a coin issued by the OX project established in October 2016 with the aim to solving the exchange problem among coins issued on the Ethereum platform. 

The smart tokens provide the mechanism for auto price discovery and continuous liquidity. They enable any investor to instantly buy or liquidate tokens in exchange for any of its reserve tokens, directly via smart token’s contract, at a continuously gauged price & as per the formula that balances buying and selling volumes.


1. OX is established for crypto currency exchanges in the Exchanges other financial institutions around the world.

2. OX is meant to handle billions of crypto currency transactions established on Ethereum network, in addition to exchange of other coins, fiat money and commodities.

3. Their OX Fina package is developed to function as a real-time banking and financial payment system. Reports says this packages has been tested and found functional, and one of the bank is soon going to install it live, The settlement aspect of OX is one of the most interesting part of this protocol and coin all together.  This aspect would have to go through the marketing procedures of being presented to the merchants, retail and online stores for acceptance  and the settlement aspect will have to be activated.

4, OX share similar features with OmiseGO, in the area of payment transfers, in addition to its exchange capabilities.

5. OX also share the unique nature of bitcoin, that has a limited number that can be mind and distributed. This feature of limited quantity, designed as a settlement system stands OX out of the crowd of cryptocurrencies in the days ahead.  OX has a maximum of 1,000,000,000 total supply with 500,000,000 in circulation. 

6. OXCoin is projected to have 1 billion coins, out of which only 500,000,000 will be distributed to the contributors, while the remaining 500,000,000 is apportioned between partners. team members, early contributors, advisors and founders and Ethereum system etc

7. OX is build to support commodity transactions, on sites or online retailers, especially micropayments for goods and services. 

8. Another feature of OX is the capability for online retailer for crypto currency. They can enable any entrepreneur wishing to retail cryptocurrency only from anywhere in the world.

9. The OX token was designed as an alternative to fiat money for settlement of business transactions and to empower creative people vis-à-vis the traditional banking system. OX Fina combines the features of Modern Banking, big data and blockchain-based technologies while maintaining security.  The OX Fina is incorporated with the 'The Third Eye Technology' that will serve as the biometric identification system, making it an  automation and digitization Ecosystem.

10. Oxcoin’s team started with auction site and online retailer to try out the currency, and as the service expands, more goods and services can be paid with Oxcoin.  According to Oxcoin’s developers, they will introduce online gaming platforms using Oxcoin as currency. Connecting with domestic and internationally gaming platform

Centralized exchanges like Poloniex, GDax or Bitfinex are vulnerable to security failures including being hacked regularly. All exchanges experienced downtime as the cryptocurrency rose. On the other hand, decentralized exchanges are slow and illiquid. Actions like posting, actual trading and canceling of orders require GAS to perform and time to confirm, which makes the process dramatically slow. This bloats the Ethereum blockchain.

OX combines strength and avoids the weakness on the Ethereum blockchain in order to provide users with quick and trustworthy services. By having off-chain order relay with the on-chain settlement, it solves the problems in the Ethereum blockchain as all actions are done off-chain. While Ox is a protocol, they also have two products called the OX OTC and OXFina.  The OTC uses the protocol to showcase the way the Ox protocol works, while OX Fina handles the banking and other payment transactions using the blockchain technology.

What does the Ox project do?

Ox protocol facilitates the exchanges of the ERC20 tokens. It enables transactions of ERC20 tokens between one user to another in a secure, trust less and in a quick manner through Ethereum smart contracts. Ultimately, every asset, including stocks, fiat currency, and commodities can be represented as a token. It is a protocol which the exchanges and other financial institutions will use to exchange different crypto currencies across the network with ease and fast.

OX believe that by 2020, thousands of assets will be tokenized and moved onto the blockchain network, including traditional securities such as equities, bonds and derivatives, as well as fiat currencies and scarce digital goods such as video game items etc. 

The protocol include a feature called 3rd Eye, an eye-based biometric and authentication enabled system which allow anyone to transact banking business and access his funds and bank account by simply looking into the 3rd eyes feature and his account will opens. 

The Company

OX is a profit driven Chinese corporation that autonomously generates growth and a steady stream of income for its shareholders.  While blockchain technology is still in development, business concepts are matured and proven. OX brings business and programming talent together in a trustless environment that allows them to do what they do best.

From their official announcement, we understand they have concluded plans to register as a financial institution in two South American countries.  From the way the OX project implementation timetable has been executed, it is obvious they have a capable in-house and support Team 

Investors and Partners
They are supported by seed investors and partners as follows JenAdvisors, Polychain Capital. Blockchain Capital, Fintech Blockchain Group and Pantera. Their partners include Melonport, |Augur, Maker and Aragon.

In conclusion, OX has great potentials for investors with long term view. With only 500,000,0000 available for distribution only, OX will become more important and scarce as it draws closer to its maximum supply figure.  

Also, for a solid coins like  OX with multi functional capacities going for less than a dollar is a give away, if you consider the prices of contemporary coins like OmiseGO and GAS.

One of the critical things going for OX project is the listing of the coin in many exchange which will attract more funds for full development and marketing the settlement and banking solution aspects of OX project.  With the listing of OX in 18 exchanges, the full development and improvement of OX will hopefully proceed as they have planned.

There are about 5000,000,000 OX in circulation for now, each of which has a price tag of less than a dollar, but in the days to come, I would not be surprised if this coin rises in value and take its position among service-driven cryptocurrencies.

We will bring our readers more reports on OX in the days ahead as well as other crypto currencies currently being traded.

WARNING:  This report is not intended to be an Investment Advice.  Readers should carry out their own research and be persuaded before investing in any cryptocurrency at all.  

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