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NEO GAS............The Perspective on GAS was correct as GAS is Almost at par with NEO in Price!


I am delighted that on the 18th of September, 2017 I made a brief analysis of the long term potential of NEO GAS and by By 23rd the value of GAS has so increased that today, it has recorded over a 100% increase in price,  rising from $10.57 when I made the publication to $23.33 which it is today.

From the look of things, it appears investors are beginning to recognize the importance to GAS and its long term benefits. 

I maintain that Gas has incredible long term investment potentials, which an investor aiming long term should not ignore.

When the ICO ban in China is lifted, GAS will be in high demand as startups creating ICO on NEO platform will need GAS to do so.

The value of GAS will assume more prominence as the day go by and more GAS are issued coming close to it maximum 100 million cap.

At the time of this report, NEO has a price of $25.69 and GAS $23.33, a difference of only $2.36 

WARNING:  This report is not intended to be an Investment Advice.  Readers should carry out their own research and be persuaded before investing in any cryptocurrency at all.  

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