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NEO GAS - 'A Long-Term 'Gold' Coin' - What to Expect & Why its Price may Rise


What is NEO GAS? 
  • Gas has a current supply of 11,078,704 and the Maximum total supply of 100,000,000
  • Parent NEO is gathering more partners per the following disclosure by Da Hongfei NEO Founderat a conference in July, 2017:
  • NEO is collaborating with certificate authorities in China to map real-world assets using smart contracts;
  • NEO has received a new patent for cross-chain distributed interoperability;
  • NEO’s recent new startup partners include Bancor, Agrello, Coindash, Nest Fund, and Binance, with more partner announcements to come.
  • I expect GAS price to move closer to NEO's and close the wide gap currently existing between them.

GAS is a unique token used to complete transactions on NEO blockchain. NEO blockchain was initially called Antshares, a token comparable to Ethereum and acts as a decentralized peer-to-peer network. And it allows individual investors to take part in decentralized financial exchanges. Like Ethereum, the token can be used for raising equity or crowdfunding.

As a matter of fact it is called the Ethereum of China because of its origin and wide usage in China.  This explains why the price of NEO dropped slightly with the Chinese ICO ban, but it has since picked up and right now, NEO occupies the number 12th position in the table of crypto table with market capitalization of $1,023,495,000.

NEO is already tackling many of the scaling issues that tripped up Ethereum. Tackling issues before massive market exposure will be a positive for the digital currency in the future. Ethereum's grapple with scaling issues has shaken overall investor confidence.

NEO has a lot of power behind it, which is usually an indicator of good utility. While Google backs Ripple, and Ethereum has an entire alliance — the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). supporting them, NEO has an impressive list of multi-million dollar Chinese companies — including Alibaba, China's central e-commerce retailer.

I need to say that there are very few information about NEO and its subsidiary Gas coin in the public domain.  Suffice to say that there is hard proof that the digital token is being used to improve email systems and tracking for these e-commerce sites among other uses. 


NEO GAS upon being added by exchanges began to realize its potential as facilitator to NEO and as a coin that has limited supply, while NEO has no limits for now.  Gas is important as the token to pay for all the service fees on the NEO blockchain. Any company that desires to register or change assets on the blockchain will have to acquire GAS to pay for the service fees. The service fee for registering or changing assets will be distributed proportionally to all NEO holders, so GAS is never destroyed. Currently the transaction fee for using the blockchain is set to zero. It’s free. Consensus nodes have the power to introduce a small transaction fee in the future. This transaction fee will then be distributed among consensus nodes only, and not to all NEO holders.

To be honest, since the upward movement of gas coin is tied to the upward movement of Neo coin, and putting into consideration that gas coin has a very small total supply of 11,078,704 GAS than Neo coin (100 million total supply) and since all transactions on the Neo blockchain will be paid using Gas Coin, i strongly believe that Gas coin is in a place of value both now and in the future.  People seeking long term investment to hold can be sure that the price of GAS will continue to rise, especially when a substantial number has been mined as its total supply of 100,000,000 cannot be exceeded. 

Considering the fact that more people/ companies will use this blockchain, that means, more Gas coin will be bought and used as transaction fees. Since there is only few Total supply of this coin, it will move the price to sky due to scarcity. Also, When the price of Neo coin is around 300 - 400 USD per coin, most people who cannot not afford it comfortably due to the high price, will settle down for Gas coin, and this will also lead to high price of the coin

The idea of Antshare NEO holders earning GAS is not an easy task. It is difficult to earn Gas coin due to its small circulating supply and total supply? 

It is interesting that while most people keep an eye on the NEO price, only a few people seem interested in the value of GAS, the token running the NEO network which has a limited supply. But like Bitcoin, which does not discriminate and does not care whether people believe in it, but just keep rising and...will continue to rise, GAS will shock many investors in the time to come. There are only 11 Mln GAS in circulation on the networks, each of which has a price tag of US$10.57, while NEO itself is valued at US$20.47 per token as at today, with a total supply of 100 million. 

We will you bring more information on GAS and NEO in the days ahead.

WARNING:  This report is not intended to be an Investment Advice.  Readers should carry out their own research and be persuaded before investing in any cryptocurrency at all.  

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