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HOW TO WALK IN DOMINION...............After salvation despite all challenges!


Why will a believer in Christ remain in........Bondage? 

Beloved, the real meaning of salvation is deliverance from bondage.  It is deliverance from darkness into light and the evidence of Jesus Christ is a life transformed. A life exhibiting noticeable acts of faith and righteousness, whether he is struggling or not.  A life that is exhibiting fear of God in words spoken and actions taken is the evidence of Jesus Christ.

So, it is very painful for one to be in Christ and remain in bondage of any kind. It is painful for a believer to be struggling with sickness and poverty for long.

I want to shed a little light on this topic and by His grace be able to help few people who are experiencing this challenge. If a believer is still going through heavy struggle after salvation, it is understandable for some time, but not for too long.  The right thing to do is ask yourself some questions:

1. Am I born again by the Word. After your confession and salvation prayer, the born again christian is expected to deepen himself in the word of God to know His God better and His Word and to obey those words. When you study and obey the words of Jesus Christ, you will be fine.

2. The second question to ask is - Are there family bondages and curses that is working against my efforts. The importance of this question is that family bondages and curses can actually hinder a believer who is not careful to break such curses.  If there are, then you break them easily when you fast and pray the right prayers.

3. The third question to ask is - What skills do I have, what abilities or knowledge do I have that will put food on my table?  Then you search yourself, your educational and technical training certificates, what can they give you. Do you need to acquire more knowledge about something or get a degree or masters degree.  You take stock and decide what to do to enhance your status. If it is business, what kind of business can I do well , where will I learn or study it - Apprenticeship.  Where you are in doubt, seek God's opinion about it and reach a decision and start.....You must do or be doing something.

4. Then have you been praying to God.  What kind of prayers have you been praying. Remember that it is what you ask for that you will receive. Are you asking for what is in your mind and not what you think or what you are seeing. There is something in your mind, that is what you should ask God to give you when you pray.

5. What type of confession are you doing.  What do you see happening to you and for you in the next one week,two weeks, months and years, begin to confess them out! Confess and prophesy good things to yourself and they will be yours.  Let me add here that even if a Goliath is fighting you - Confess that you will defeat that Goliath and you will surely defeat him.

6. No matter the challenge confronting you, confess with your mouth 'that you will defeat' that problem, poverty or anything else. This is your duty when you are facing challenges.  Continue to make sure confession and as you work hard at the confession you are making, you will see poverty take its leave and new doors of opportunities will open to you.

Brethren, if a man is born again and indeed a 'new man', the hardship he was experiencing before his transformation will gradually pass away and his life as a whole will be transformed because of the presence of Jesus Christ.

A new man in Christ must be full of the Word of God and filled with the Spirit of God.  He should seek knowledge about the kingdom and acquire keys of dominion.  We call them keys of dominion because you cannot live in dominion without knowing some keys.  The key that open the door of poverty may not be able to open the doors of good health or divine healing. The keys that open the doors to new jobs may not open the womb of a barren woman.  They may look alike, but there will be some difference.  The kingdom and dominion in the kingdom of God is by knowledge and the keys in your possession. You open the doors you have the key into and so the more you know, the more keys you posses and the more your star will shine.

A believer should ask himself some hard questions and work hard at his work and in the Word of God. Our God is a covenant keeping God, if you enter into covenant with God or enroll yourself into the Abrahamic covenant, God cannot disappoint you.  He keeps covenants to the later and God cannot fail.

Every child of God should desire to prosper because it is in the Will of God for you and if you don't have such desire, I am afraid for such a person. In desiring to prosper from God, you should acquaint yourself with Word of prosperity in the bible, put your acts together in business and then pray like never before. 

Kingdom prosperity answers to knowledge of the covenants of Abraham under which it was promised us.  It answers to obedience of the word of God and fulfilling your part of the prosperity covenant.  It also answers to diligence and hard work and the operation of the spirit of excellence.

God is no respecter of person. Whoso ever honours Him, the Lord will honour. Whosoever obeys His voice and instructions from the word, the same will reap bountifully. Whosoever keeps the covenant requirements for prosperity will surely experience all round prosperity. The covenant requirements for prosperity include paying of Tithe, Offering, sowing seed for the work of God, serving in His Vineyard, taking care of your parents, orphans and motherless and homeless people.  Whosoever does all these is doing the work of God and God will bless and increase him/her.

The believer will not be an exception.  His prosperity depends on his obeying the covenant obligations and working hard.  He should seek knowledge about God and His covenants and obey them. Making sure he does everything in faith, before long, his change will be evident.



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