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GOD DOES NOT .......Allow Us to Lead others to a place we have not been to


God does not allow us to lead others to a place where we have not been to.

This is a conversation about the importance of God's training in the life of a believer.  For you to walk with the fear of God, resist temptations and stand on the truth in your office or in business, it means that God has extended some quality training to you.  That change of heart, that shift from the 'normal' does not come easy.

There are many reasons why God train us for His work.  one of the reasons is that the devil we are fighting with on earth is older than us. This is why God used Jesus Christ to overcome him, so that when you put on Christ, the devil turns back immediately. 

Another reason is for His Holy name sake.  Its always painful for a man or woman calling the name of God to be brought down, God forbid. It is for this reason that Paul admonished the early church not to give leadership to a new convert, so he will not be disgraced by the devil, thereby bringing shame to the name of God.

But you know the training start from fellowship.  We are called to fellowship with Him and to learn of Him. As we fellowship and learn of Him, we will realize that His Yoke is easy and His burden light. God is the one that makes us vessels unto honour, it is not are hardwork. However, we must show willingness  to be trained and be ready to pass through fire to become gold.  

If gold must be gold, then it must pass through fire.  That is how it is for servants of God as well, whether you call yourself a Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist or Minister of God. If you are ready to pass through fire, you will be man of God by letter and not by fire and the bible warned that letter kills, but the Spirit giveth life.

Several years ago, I kept on saying to God send me anywhere and I will go, Tell me anything and I will do it.  I said it so many times that a voice started asking me if I knew what I was asking for.  Then I will also answer that I knew.  But when I look back today, I discover that I did not know what I was asking then...the reason is that each person's trial and test will normally come from unexpected quarters.  You will never see any problem in a matter that can even kill you if God is not with you, but He will surely be with you and your case will be different in Jesus Christ name. 

Dynamics of Training - In the course of His training, you may be separated from some friends and even acquaintances for you to concentrate and move closer to God.  This is not a must for all persons as God knows best.  God may move you from one church to another as He wills, don't worry.  He has a plan to nurture you for your own assignment.  

If the move is from God, there is a purpose for it,  MFM today, Redeem tomorrow and Living God Charismatics next tomorrow, you are continually on the move, pitching your tent tonight in one place, and tomorrow night in another place,  God is working out a lot of things for you as the different churches are each of them strong in one area of the gospel or another.  Some are sound in some doctrines, others in Praise, another in Word etc.  Take advantage of all these to build you character, doctrine and faith for your assignment.


So, God training I suppose is first targeted at destroying flesh in you. If the flesh can die, then the Spirit will come up.  When I say spirit, i mean all the cares of life, ambition, pride etc that hinders a man from ob eying God's word and instruction and the forces that hinder you from taking the important step to say Yes and continue in that yes.

The Flesh:  The flesh is a strong hindrance to the manifestation of the Spirit of God in our lives. When the flesh is active in a life, the Spirit of God distance Himself from such a man because the flesh is contrary to the Spirit.  The flesh is carnality. Such a person is natural man who cannot receive the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness to him.

So God has to deal with the areas of the flesh and the things that stand in the way of each one of us becoming a pure vessel that He can simply flow through, that will obey Him, and will simply say, "Yes, Lord. Where do I start, Lord?" He must walk in tune with Him and in step with Him, in total harmony with Him, so that he can hear His voice, sense a change in the Spirit, and so be sensitive to whatever God is doing around him.  When a person is Spiritually minded, he will discover his place in Christ and know that:

1. God has assigned some duties to him in His service
2. It is in serving and doing your assignment that true happiness is found. 
3. You remain dissatisfied until you are doing His will and not yours.

All these a canal man cannot receive.  

Faith - Another area God trains His servant is in the area of faith.  Faith is so central in our relationship with God that without faith none can please Him. What is faith?  Believing God in everything.  That He is who He says He is, the Almighty, Most Holy, Most righteous, Most wise, Most powerful, Most High, Most praise worthy, Most Worthy and the only TRUE GOD.  You must be trained to understand that CANNOT share His glory with man and His glory must not be attributed to Satan.

Apostle Paul encouraged Jude to build up himself in the most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost.  Faith is the eye that see the impossibility made possible, faith is the eyes that sees the future before it happens, faith is believing that no matter how bad a situation is, with God it is possible and NOW. Beloved, faith is now.  You see the situation turn around now in the spirit and you declare it and it is so. When your faith is established and built-up in God, fear is far from you, anxiety is far from you and the boldness of a lion comes upon you for exploit.

Foundation - I believe that another area of life that God helps us to overcome is our foundation.  If there be curses and other evil seed in your foundation, except such curses are broken, you cannot succeed. Real life and service in Christ begins when you are free from invisible hands of the enemy.  Here is the truth, you can begin as you are when you were saved, but as you continue, seek deliverance from sins of the past, ancestral hindrances and curses, break every evil covenant and pattern of your family that may hinder you and you will see a difference in your life, when you address these matters

A christian brother has struggled for years and nothing was working with him. He continued in anger wondering why nobody could tell him what was happening to him and why he was not succeeding in anything.  Then he cried to God to help him, he continued in his cry to the Almighty God until one day in his dream, he saw a woman that was walking with him which he did not even know before, suddenly stopped on the way and turned back from him, he even asked the big woman where she was going, but zoom the woman walked back away from him and disappeared and he woke up.   That was it and his life began to blossom, closed doors started to open unto him and within months you cannot believe its the same brother.  

You can be a believer and yet under the influence of strange ancestral power if there is a covenant in place.  Its better to deal with your foundation early in life than wait for the same foundation to pull you down when you have reached a good level. 


Let it be known that God never sends out His servants unprepared. If He is the one sending you and not your Pastor, then He will prepare you with every little and big things around you until you are ready.  May be you are in the same church and doing the same old thing for long as Asst Pastor or even a minister, not yet a Pastor and you are asking  “How much longer will it be?” I don’t know. 

All I know is that your training will be fully completed and when that happens, you will see the tide turning gradually till you are posted out as a Pastor or minister to go and start the work somewhere.  Wait for your time, for there is always an appointed time, when all things would be in place for your success.

May the Lord bless His word in your lives in Jesus Christ name.

You are blessed!


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