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Celebration of Vanity Can slide you into ............'SLAVE GIRL'!

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....Don't be deceived!

CELEBRATION OF VANITY  could turn you to a 'Slave Girl'!

Beauty is admired by all, but many beautiful ladies has been mislead by the same gift of beauty to think that beauty is a key that opens all doors. This is not true and many of them now depend on men.  Is it a curse to be beautiful? God forbid.

The enemy has made many of them believe that their beauty will open every door unto them.  This is not true as we know that different keys open different doors. Beauty is one of the keys to favour with men. There is Skill, character, wisdom and humility.  The women that pay undue attention to their body shape and features are easily distracted from their life goals into becoming lazy and slave girls to men.

But the deception is gradual and sometimes early for many pretty young girls, even from their youth. Because they are pretty, many of them would not listen to parents, obey their teachers, or accept correction.  So from their youth, they become recalcitrant and stubborn to instruction, and unteachable.  

The parents are always caught unawares, noticing only a flash of stubbornness, without knowing they have join bad friends in school, who would expose them wrongly, and continue to motivate them till they go nuts.  Their bad friends are usually older than them and spoilt already, and so their connecting to these older girls is usually a disaster.  

They will introduce them to pleasure without hard work, easy money and fake lifestyle of prostitutes and before you know it. they will start eloping from home, sleeping at parties. She becomes unruly at home, disrespectful and quarrelsome even to their parents.  Wait for it, they will start threatening to leave the house ..to NO WHERE, at the slightest rebuke. 

Many pretty ladies are single till now because of this deceit, so parents should pay more attention to their young daughters, and watch the kind of friends they are keeping.  If you notice her friends to be flambouyant and party going, fashion trendy and crazy, then you have to probe her family background and where the money is coming from.  

Beauty is deceitful and transient, so when a lady celebrate body shape and features and wrap herself in tight and seductive dresses, in the name of trending fashion, little would she realize that she is unfortunately inviting strange men of all kind to herself. When you do that, you are inviting trouble to yourself. 

When the 'flies' you are inviting swoops on you, they will devour to the root. Then, you can no longer concentrate on anything else - but s*x. And if sex is all that you are thinking about, know for sure the enemy has entered your life. That devil is called the spirit of lust.......a very stubborn spirit that works on your emotions and fills you with appetite for pleasure, and manipulating the person to seek sexual pleasure continuously till the person's spiritual life is destroyed.  

When the spirit of lust comes into a life, the lady will hardly be able to concentrate on any productive activity, even the simplest of them like "hair Dressing, Cloth making" will become hard for her because she can hardly concentrate. Such a lady will need spiritual help from her Pastor or any man of God with grace, else the spirit will simply lead her to wrong people and places. 

Financial independence is the desire of most women and it comes when the woman is productively engaged in a job or vocation that earns her legitimate income.  We know how it is for married women depending on their legitimate husbands for a living, except the man is very wealthy, its always a struggle and the sense of independence is never there. so, if your life will depend on men, you are in trouble.  This is because they will hardly give your enough money for your sustenance.  

Believe me Sisters, you must not allow the enemy to put you down to such extent because that would mean descending into a terrible pit. The devil will use the wrong people it connected the lady with to divert her and lead her out of faith into everything worldly and the longer a single woman remain without productive means of livelihood, her self esteem will be affected and poverty will sets in.  If she does nothing to get out of such a valley, she becomes a slave for men to order around and with little money, they will ask her to do the unthinkable......may be even to dance naked for them.

You are worth more than that.  You can turn your beauty into an advantage when you focus on your talents and ignore your physical looks. And if you are blessed with the figure Africans call "figure 8", then learn to cover your protruding parts very well to avoid unwarranted attention from lusty and adulterous men.  These are one-time men that "spoil" you for a weekend with love, money and luxury they cannot sustain and then leave you devastated, may be emotionally destroyed for ever!

APPEAL:  Any woman living on men at this time must first repent and give her life to Jesus Christ and seek deliverance prayer to get out of the problem. Next to repentance is acquiring skill in any area of her choice in order to provide income yielding services or get employed.

Please act now, do not allow "Old Age" catch up with you depending on men. Otherwise, such a woman will suffer many reproach in her old age - from poverty to abuse from men, disrespect and serious lack.

The last time I checked (Desk research) on where old "big ladies" live in major cities, none of them live in respected suburbs and none has financial independence. Their state of poverty can be seen from the One-Room apartment they were living, few of them stay in self-contained apartments in high density poor neighbourhoods.

This matter has bothered me for long and I sincerely wish to counsel women, especially the young ladies to concentrate on their talents and skills, rather than on their outward features and beauty.  It will bring them great gain, afterall beauty, they say is transient - it fades away with time.

Beloved, Jesus is coming back soon.  "Where will you spend eternity - In heaven or hell? This is the time to work-out your salvation.  Now is the acceptable time!

Repent and give your heart to Jesus. He will give you a new life, victory and eternal life.  Will you accept Him today?

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