DESTINY DISCOVERY...........What Purpose were you born to fulfill?


  • Brethren, Do you know what is written in your destiny?
  • Are you doing what you were born to do?

The deepest craving of the human spirit is to find love and relevance. The search for love, peace and relevance is a life long search, which can be made easy and simple when a person discovers his purpose. When you discover what is written concerning you, then your problems are half solved.  Discovery is not possession, but it is a major milestone to possession.

Sometimes people feel they have found relevance and acceptance, only for them to discover that with time, their relevance fades away. When that happens, you see the person trying to reinvent himself, or do some crazy new things, or yet still do some bizarre things, just to create a scene or cause social commotion that will fuel their relevance again.

The question "What purpose were you born to fulfil" is simply trying to awaken the readers' consciousness to the fact that no one is an accident.  God knew you before you entered your mother's womb and He has created you for a purpose.  When a man discovers his purpose, his rest on earth begins... Such a man enters into the place, profession or job the Lord created him for, and for which every skill he needs to succeed is already inside of him.

When a man discovers purpose, there is no more failures, but you can have slow movement which is also part of the package to enable the man to learn and know more about the profession and about God.  So, the search for the discovery of your destiny as a child of God is very important. 

Immediately a man is born again, the first question he needed to ask is "Now that I am in Christ, what is the assignment of God for me in Christ?, and what is the purpose of my creation.  

Meanwhile, you may have been struggling to become one person or another all your life. Your degree may have been influenced by your desire to become a Doctor, Scientist, Accountant, one role model or another, to fulfil one life ambition or another, ignorant of what God created you to be and your destiny assignment on earth, but the moment you are in Christ, you SHOULD engage the Holy Spirit, your lifeguard, comforter and helper to tell you you assignment in life and ministry.

Maybe I could share my experience in this regard... I started working early in life after secondary education. I was an Accounting department staff and I grew to love the accounting profession and started a professional program right then.  When it was time to go to university, I chose Economics and graduated with a degree in Economics. Over time, I completed the professional accounting program and qualified as a chartered accountant, followed by a professional banking certification - chartered banker. 

After qualifying as a Chartered Banker, I decided to become a stockbroker, getting to the final level of the Institute qualifying exams before I slowed down to find out what God really created me to do and His assignments.

All these efforts were done without asking God what He created me to be on earth and His assignment for me. It was personal ambition and the desire to succeed that motivated me. God was in the picture but the agenda was mine. What you will get at the end of the day is dis-satisfaction, because after achieving your goals, you will still be unhappy.   

I had become a graduate of economics, a chartered accountant, chartered Banker, systems analyst and auditor, partly qualified stockbroker. I then established a financial advisory services company and still unsatisfied. As you would expect, my efforts did not result in the kind of breakthrough I expected. There were unexpected disappointments and things did not fall in place, the way I expected them. This is what happens when we focus on our ambition without aligning it to the plan and purpose of God for our lives.

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Brethren, nothing could be more tragic than a life without God's purpose, because purpose helps you to prioritize your life pursuit. Without discovering your purpose in life, you will be driven by:

1. Your Gifts in life
2. Your Talents in life
3. Wishes of your parents
4. Your own desire and ambition
5. What your friends and peers are doing
6. Desire to study the profession of the role model you love.
7. Advice and counsel of your teachers and Pastors

Meanwhile, there is something God created you to do, a problem He created you to solve in your community, nation or even the world.  Have you discovered what this assignment is? Is bubbling in your heart and Spirit once in a while? You want to do it but the risk involved is high.  You would have to change many things around you, learn new skills and invest in other areas to make a start. 

May I encourage you to keep working at it, keep praying about it, keep thinking of the best ways to achieve the assignment, for it is in this assignment that your fulfilment in life will come from. There is nothing on earth like being fulfilled.  There are many rich and wealthy men around, but the happier ones are those who are fulfilled they are doing what God created them to do, so not only are they rich, but their joy is eternal and robust. 

How to discover your Purpose

It is a surprise that there are people who do not know what to do with their lives or what they were born to do or be. Many have graduated from school and got employed, others are still searching for a job. Many have changed their career aspirations many times without finding out what they were born to do.  I want to share a few steps in addition to the illustrations already discussed above. 

The search for what to do in life and be fulfilled is a worthy search because fulfilment is like joy.  Money, houses, houses and political power and fame does not give you joy, they give happiness.  Joy comes from the Lord and from doing what you were created to do.  You may not even be a Christian, but if you discover your purpose and pursue it, you will be successful and the inner joy of fulfilment will be there.  

Necessary Questions

For people who are wondering how to discover their purpose, some helpful tips will be discussed in this message to help you.  You may start your inquiry by asking yourself some questions like:

1. What do you like most and in which way?

2. What is the one thing that can keep you awake night after night thinking about and meditating on?
3. Where would you love to work and why?
4. What business would you like to do and why?
5. If you have five suffering people in need - An orphan, a widow, a jobless person, a handicap and a sick person, which of them would you help and why?
6. If you know when you will die, what would you like to be remembered with?

Beloved, if the purpose is not known, the right priorities cannot be established and nothing significant or worthwhile can be accomplished. To be specific, only worldly or personal priorities can be set, which will not lead to the fulfilment of your destiny.  You may achieve huge success outside God's will for your life and become successful before men, but before God, you actually went astray and the many destinies attached to you remain spiritually malnourished. This is why many will be marked low on the last day, and they will say they used their wealth for charity and other good works.

Practical steps:
The process of discovering your purpose requires plenty of self-reflection, listening to others and finding where your passions lie. These five strategies can help you discover yourself and your purpose in life.  When you discover your purpose, you begin to live a meaningful life.  The good news is, you don’t have to choose between having wealth and living a meaningful life. You can have both, a meaningful and wealthy life.

With all of those benefits, it’s clear that it’s important to find purpose and pursue it, albeit in a consistent manner. It’s not something that can be determined quickly.  The following steps can help you discover your purpose: 

1. Explore Your Interests

What are those things that you gather information about, talk about and share with others on a regular basis.  What are the conversations you enjoy holding with people the most when you’re meeting face-to-face? Do you like talking about history? Or do you prefer sharing the latest money-saving tips you discovered? Is it how to win souls or how to pray for the sick and they receive their healing?

The things you like to talk about and the things you enjoy sharing with people may give you a clue to your purpose in life.

2. Consider Injustices That Bother You

How angry do you get, when you heard someone denied of his rights and entitlements? Who are the people you cannot ignore their complaints and cry? Whose cause do you advocate and fight most, even as an individual?

You may discover that the people who cannot ignore their cry are the people, who are called to serve or help.

3. Discover What You Love to Do
Think about what you truly love to do can help you find your purpose as well.

Do you absolutely love musical theatre? Your skills might be best put to use in a way that brings live performances to children who can benefit from exposure to the arts. Consider what type of skills, talents, and passions you bring to the table. Then, brainstorm how you might turn your passion into something meaningful to you. 

4. Listen to what people say about you
Your choices and actions could indicate your passion and calling, and yet, you may not know this. There are many things you like doing and you are passionate about what people around you have noted.  You do those things unconsciously at times, that they become so ingrained in your life that you don’t realize how important those things are.

You might choose to reach out to people and ask what reminds them of you or what they think of when you enter their mind. Or you might take note when someone pays you a compliment or makes an observation about you. Write those observations down and look for patterns. What do people think about you in that business or profession or what do they think about you in other areas of life can give you a valid clue to your purpose in life.

5. Surround Yourself With Positive People

As the saying goes, you are the company that you keep. What do you have in common with the people who you choose to be around?

The people you surround yourself with say something about you. If you’re surrounded by people who are making positive change, you might draw from their inspiration. On the other hand, if the people around you are negative individuals who drag you down, you might want to make some changes. It’s hard to feel passionate and purposeful when you’re surrounded by people who aren’t interested in making positive contributions.

6. Ask the Holy Ghost to help you

One other step you must take is to pray about your purpose in life.  This is very necessary when you discover you are multi-talented and can do many things very well at the same time.  There are people that have first class degree in more than one course.  Such people will need the guidance of the Holy Ghost to identify where their calling is, so they can focus on it and professionalize on that profession.

When you are able to discover the thing that interests you most, that you can do 'back-to-back' without food, you still need the Holy Ghost to confirm it is the right vocation for you. The bible warns us not to rely on our human wisdom alone, but to rely on the Lord and obey His counsel.

What to do:
For those who do not know the Lord, your first step is to give your heart to Jesus Christ and receive Him as your Lord and Saviour. When you do this, you receive a new spirit, and the power of God to succeed enters into you.  The power of God is called the Holy Spirit, which removes every fear of man and devil and enthrones Jesus above all things. 

You must also realize that all things have become your and learn how to posses what has been packaged for you, in the kingdom of God. This is the knowledge that will make the difference in your life in the days ahead. Your new status as a believer in Christ means:

1. You are a child of God redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
2.  All things are now yours, as God owns and created all things.
3. You have a Father in heaven and a Master and King over your life - Jesus Christ.
4. You are in a new family of Christ with different rules and certainly the highest standards of living.
5. In your new family, you have your Father in heaven, your Master Jesus Christ who redeemed you and seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for you before the Father and the Holy Spirit of God, your helper and guide on earth. You also have the host of angels with you to protect you etc.
6. In your new family, the fuel that drives your vehicle is the Word of God. You are advised to study the Word every day, meditate on it, obey the word of instructions there and live by the word of God.

After knowing all these, then launch out with a strategy to achieve what God created you to be. Don't think it will be easy...NO. The devil will send people after you to discourage, hinder and frustrate your actions and purpose.  But, you must continue pressing forward and continue till you reach your goal.  Know for sure that you are not alone, God is with you.  You must stay focus on those goals and face the challenges the devil will throw at you with understanding - having known that God is with you. 

Rules to success
God is happy with your success and He will help you to achieve every good thing as His own child. So, the most important thing is to be His child and remain God's son/daughter till the end of life.

Fulfil your dream in Christ Jesus, provided you:

1. You love Jesus Christ and serve God with all your spirit, soul and body.
2. Fear and reverenced Him in all things
3. Have faith in God, believe Him, His Word and promises that cannot fail
4. Live a life of holiness - be consecrated unto God and His service.
5. Live a righteous life - Show God's love and kindness to others. Stand for the truth always. Be a good Samaritan always, honour your father and mother, lie not, deceive not; forgive all wrong done to you. Be willing to share what matters to you and love your neighbours as yourself.
6. Forbearing your offenders, showing mercy and love to all. Cleanse your heart of every filthiness, pray always to God in the name of Jesus Christ.  Say No to fornication, no adultery, no masturbation, no to watching of naked pictures and videos, don't take naked pictures of yourself and share with others, no watching of pornography or indulging it lustful thinking and activities.
7. Win souls daily by telling people about Jesus Christ and by your lifestyle and conducts.

Know for Sure:

You can be a Doctor, Accountant, Lawyer, Scientist, Nurse etc, but first, be a born again child of God and commit your ways and earthly pursuit to Him.

You can be a politician for Christ if you know Him before getting into power. Whenever you are in Christ before becoming anything you want to be, you have a good chance of being a light in your profession and a shinning star to show others the way to God.  You can be a President, Governor, King and represent God in that place and position of authority, and then fulfil the counsel of God for humanity, even the entire world.

You can be a multi-billionaire in Christ if you know Him before the billions. There are many today who knew Christ first before becoming rich and wealthy and as such, use their money, talent and skills to serve God and His purpose on earth. We have born again Kings, Governors in Nigeria. One day, we will have born again President in Nigeria and the world in Jesus name.

Beware of the Traps of Satan

Satan has no new ideas or strategies to defeat men and women from fulfilling their destinies. The ones he has used for centuries work just fine. For all that is in the world — the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life — is not of the Father but is of the world. 1 John 2:16-17

The apostle Paul understood that the higher you go up a mountain of influence, the greater the level of spiritual warfare. “For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.” He understood that his calling penetrated spiritual forces in high places. It was not just a matter of his communication and professional skill that would make him effective in impacting his culture; it was overcoming the principalities that ruled the mountains he was seeking to claim.

If you’ve not gained a victory over mammon, pride, lust and position before your elevation, you will be easy prey for Satan and his demons when you get there. A seasoned Pastor once warned ministers about these primary temptations that come to leaders who achieve a level of success. He used four words that began with the same letter, ‘S’: silver, sloth, sex, and self. Stop and think of the dynamic leaders who have fallen. Almost without exception, one or more of these four have the avenue of failure.”

Consider how the devil uses lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life to destroy ministers of the gospel. In 1 John 2:5 we find Satan’s primary strategy to unseat change agents from their calling. They are not new strategies, but yet very effective in pulling down men of purpose. You will find the sin of passion, possessions and position at the root of every leader who fell to sin.  Passion is the lust of the flesh. It is what makes us feel good. These are the temptations that arouse the physical impulses of our lives. When David looked at Bathsheba from his balcony and decided he had to have her, the lust of the flesh (passion) took over his life.

Pray always - Remember to pray always and as far as you can pray with fasting. Live a life of love to God and man, obey the word of God, listen to His voice and obey His instructions. Let peoples problem touch you and do something as God has blessed you. Show mercy and compassion to others, don't revenge, let God fight your battles.

1. Ask God:  O'Lord, reveal who You created me to be in Jesus name.
2. Ask God to reveal your destiny yo you
3. Ask God to reveal the business or profession you are born to practice to you
4. Ask God to reveal and direct you to the destiny helpers He has packaged for your success.
5. Ask God to help you to succeed on earth
6. Ask God for grace to be humble. Honest and holy throughout your life
7. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you afresh daily

Thank Him for answered prayers.


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