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DASH......In Major integration across Healthcare, Retailers, ATMs, 20 new fiat currencies

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The much talked about Dash Conference held at the Oval Space in London. 

Over 500 were in attendance and almost 1000 more watched live streams of the event. Presenters touched on all aspects of Dash, including the upcoming Evolution update. Wirex, a Bitcoin debit card company, announced they will be integrating Dash fully into their platform. According to Cash Alternative TV, the Wirex card will have full support for both PrivateSend and InstantSend:

The conference was pre-funded by Dash’s treasury system, where projects are funded directly by the Blockchain. A portion of each block reward is withheld to fund such proposals, if the currency’s owners vote in favor.

Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor gave a preview of the future outlook and partnerships 'in the works', which are expected to be made public before the of the year to include:

Global brokerage service with free bank transfers
New exchange integrations
Dash will have access to 20 new fiat currencies
An additional ATM manufacturer
Integration with several large retailers
A healthcare integration

Few details were given, but Taylor mentioned that the community should expect press releases to be coming soon.

Avoiding Hype

Ryan Taylor is known for his modest approach to continuous development of the digital currency without hype. Recently, he bared his mind on the call for marketing in response to the hype in the crypto community.  He says that “Any gains from this type of advertising would be temporary. As soon as the marketing is removed, the artificial influx of investments would deteriorate followed by the price. 

Wild price appreciation and crashes would actually detract from Dash’s utility as a currency and medium of value transfer, thus directly working against our stated mission and vision. We encourage the community to take a longer-term view to their investments and refrain from hyping the coin… there is plenty of hype inherent in the industry already.”

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