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CONFUSION & PAIN........As Groom Abandons Bride inside the Church and Drives off!

                       The Bride

A young bride who appeared confused and dejected, has been captured on camera running after her groom bare footed after he abandoned her on their wedding day. 

The video of a bride running after her groom who reportedly left the church shortly before they were officially joined as husband and wife, has emerged online and is currently making the rounds on socia media.
It was gathered online that the groom left his wife-to-be at the altar just before they were pronounced man and wife.
The bride who appeared confused and dejected, ran after him bare feet but was too late as the groom drove off in a car.
The sad event is assumed to have taken place somewhere in eastern Nigeria, as the person recording the video can be heard speaking Igbo.

Marriage is constantly under threat from the devil.  Young people are counseled to understand their fiancees before seeking marriage.  Any marriage consummated in a hurry will either crash or be full of emotional pains.

A husband or wife is a helpmate, not a heart breaker.  Young people must realize that God's time is the best.  In addition, the worst thing that can happen to a young man or woman is to marry another person's wife or husband.  Such a bondage is worse than being single and it destroys both the person, destiny and possibly eternity with Christ.

Watch the video below

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