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SHE IS READY..........Nigerian Lady advertises her Aunty for marriage on Social media

Goodness advertised this photo of her aunt for interested men

A Nigerian woman has taken to Twitter to advertise her aunt to interested men for marriage after sharing her photo online. 

A Nigerian woman has shocked many people by advertising her aunt on social media begging for the right man to come and marry her. The woman who goes by the name Goodness took to Twitter as she shared the photo of her aunt for the right man.

Goodness is asking only responsible men to contact her. 

"Please only serious people should DM me oh. I am very serious." Goodness wrote.

Giving criteria for interested men, she wrote: "If your dad, uncle or someone you know is single, please hit me. My aunty needs a man in her life; she's single with no kids, never been married.

Preferable a Christian and a Yoruba man. She is very nice, loving and caring a very  good  Christian and loves God.

She is 47years. Never been married cause she used to be a missionary on the field saving souls for chirst. 

Now she wants a family. 
Pls RT."

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