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END-TIME SHAME.......Adulterous Wife Caught in Bed with a neighbour disgraced!

The moment a man and married woman were caught pants down

A man who has been suspecting his wife of an illicit affair for a long time and decided to lay an ambush, has finally caught her pants down with their neighbour in bed.

According to  a report by Kenyan Post, a man has been caught pants down with his neighbour's wife in his house while they were getting down to business.

It was gathered that the woman's husband has been suspecting her of an illicit affair for long and decided to lay an ambush to get her caught.

On one faithful day, the man who had pretended to be out for work, received a tip off when his wife was spotted making her way into the man's house. The man stormed into the house with some friends and caught them in compromising situation.

In the viral video, the shirtless neighbour is seen only on his trousers, while the woman tieing only a wrapper as she sat on the bed in shame and at some point, she tried fighting her husband but was held back by neighbours who gathered at the scene.  

Watch the video below..
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