FOUNDATIONAL DELIVERANCE................And the power to repair faulty Foundation!

Foundational deliverance:
  • Separate you from the evil patterns of your father's house
  • Break every curse and evil covenants working against you in the spirit
  • Establish your security, protection and hope in Jesus Christ alone.
  • To clean up unprofitable spiritual background militating against physical and spiritual progress.


A faulty foundation is a serious burden for any man of destiny to carry. Many troubles and problem that people face in life come from their foundation.  From our root - parents, family and fore-fathers.  

A man's foundation can either promote or demote him effortlessly without any noise.  It is a burden that should be addressed early in life if the person concerned wants to move fast in life and achieve his destiny.  
If a boy is born of a poor family in a remote village, even from birth, such a person is poor and may not know what is luxury for a long time.  If another boy is born from a royal and wealthy home, he is born rich and does not know what lack means, and may never know suffering unless something strange happens to the family. 

This means that we have a duty to identify our past and the foundation that brought us into life.  To assume that our foundation is strong and well established without actually researching and confirming such is very unfortunate and a sure disaster.  Where we get to in life depends on the kind of foundation we have. The ability to read is the foundation for further education. It is impossible for an illiterate to graduate from a university he did not attend. How could a person without basic school certificate graduate from the university he is not qualified to enter in the first instance?

The Importance of your Foundation 

The importance of foundation to a person's life is very fundamental.  The foundation remains the initial structure of any structure upon which the building or a person stands.  Every Christian must appreciate his foundation, review and understand its dimension and take time to address any area of it that need attention.

Your foundation is talking about who gave birth to you, the circumstances surrounding your conception and birth, the relationship your father and mother has with the Lord and the part of life they walked in - The path of good, walked in righteousness and holiness. or they walk according to their own wisdom or serve Satan.  Whichever position that they took will affect your life in positive or negative ways.  This is why the bible asked the righteous Christian this question in Psalms 11:3: If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

The righteous should pray, and pray with the understanding. When you know the path your parents walked in life, you know what prayers to pray concerning your foundation and life, so that the evil works of your parents will not catch-up with you.  Anyone who addresses his or her foundation with prayer is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built.

Good Foundation
To have a good foundation before the Lord is to have men and women amongst your forefathers who served the Lord with zeal and did a lot of exploits for the Lord which entered into the record of the Lord for a memorial unto their children and children’s children.  

A good foundation can be considered a blessing, while a faulty foundation is a curse. A foundation of idolatry, witchcraft. occultism. killing and wasting human blood for sacrifice and ritual in the foundation of any man will cause him setback if not addressed.

Imagine that a boy is born to a native doctor father and a poor mother.  All that this boy know about is how to prepare sacrifices with animals, rituals and other concoctions - all the things that the word of God advice against. This boy may not know what the bible said and have no feeling of guilt because he inherited herbal and ritual preparation from his father.

The boy could live for years without being to church or knowing the Lord. So,   If this boy hears the gospel and surrender his heart to Jesus Christ, he is a new creature because a new spirit has entered into him, the Spirit of God, but his foundation and the evil covenants his father made with the devil are still valid, some of them binding him even before he was born.

This boy will need to go through a deliverance program and be delivered from the effect of all the sacrifices and food of the devil he has eaten in the past, all the evil covenants he father had made with demons that bind him would be destroyed and he is liberated from all those shackles of the devil unto the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

What is a faulty foundation?

It is the secret act of your fore-fathers with a heavy consequence on your life that you do not know...or that you refuse to do anything about. Things like evil dedication, Murders, secret covenants and other acts of wickedness done by your parents without your knowledge.

The bible says If the foundation is destroyed, what shall the righteous do...He/she would have to pray, pray and pray until God repairs that foundation for him.  God repairs foundation through our prayers and He delivers us the sins and errors of our forefathers.

A faulty foundation must be repaired and addressed through prayers. A deliverance program is a special prayer program to petition to God some specific needs and problem facing people at a point in time.  The only difference is that it may be accompanied by fasting for some days or a period of time. Secret and evil covenants must be identified and broken through prayers for freedom to appear.

It is a faulty foundation that makes innocent person victim of unprovoked aggression or evil. A faulty foundation attracts evil to people continually because there may be blood crying for vengeance. When blood is not crying, the demons are aggrieved that sacrifices and worship are not being made by the family to them as of the old, and so they seek vengeance as well.

A faulty foundation is a curse hanging on a person's head that will not allow him to make progress in life. It is difficult to see a cursed man making progress in life - the powers of darkness would fight such person from different directions, they would direct wrong people to him, cause him to make wrong choices and be at the wrong places at the wrong times - All these are done to frustrate him and frankly speaking It is difficult to see a cursed man that is succeeding.

The implication of a faulty foundation:

A weak and faulty foundation cannot carry two, three or six-storey building, using the foundation of a building for illustration.  So if you are dreaming of doing exploits for the Lord, or you dreaming of leading the World, being the CEO of a successful national company or even a global corporation, it will never work, if your foundation is weak and faulty.  The same weak structure will rise against you in the future and pull the person down.

You know your father was a fetish priest, who served the devil, killer many people for rituals and operated with the power of Satan.  You got born again, quite alright, but you did not pray,  you did not confess the sins of your fathers and ask for mercy.  You did not apply the blood of Jesus to exempt yourself from the evil deeds of your father, you decided to start a ministry, preaching the Word of God, know that you will not preach for the right standing.  

The blood of the people your father sacrificed will cry against you.  The demon that gave him power, where he dedicated all his children will also cry against you. This is the whole essence of the talk of addressing the foundation.

No Christian with an understanding heart can ignore his or her foundation. If you come from a polygamous family, one prayer you must pray very well and ask for God's mercy is the "Spirit of polygamy.  It's already in your bloodline and that cannot be denied.  If you don't counter it through prayer, one day that spirit will rise against you and your marriage, and before you know what is happening, you have married a second wife or second husband. The spirit of polygamy will make sure your wife will not please you in anything. She will nag you to death and speak uncomplimentary words, just to destroy the love between both of you and kill the marriage.

What Faulty Foundation Cause

Many people have faulty foundations that act as a hindrance to their physical and spiritual development in life.  A faulty foundation is a terrible burden in the spirit for anyone to bear.  It is like some people who are caged or imprisoned in the spirit, but in physical life, they are free and walking the street.  Such a person will never amount to anything, he/she will never receive anything good and tangible in the physical because people in physical Prison never receive anything good.  They are not allowed to move freely or receive friends and other visitors. This is the tragedy of what is happening to many people today.

Many people are monitored in the spirit by spiritually strong enemies and demons to hinder every step they take for progress in life. This case happens when there is a legal ground, for instance, if there is an evil dedication of that person to an idol or fetish god, evidence by the exchange of materials and sacrifices of blood.  Any man that is monitored spiritually will hardly achieve anything significant ion life because that the demon assigned to monitor him will always follow him everywhere he goes without him seeing the demon or knowing.  The demon goes ahead of such a person to destroy whatever connect and agreement that would favour him.

The same spirit will monitor his prayers and work against them.  It will try to divert him whenever he is close to breakthrough or a major success, causing delay and stagnancy to such a person.  The demon would be sending the wrong people to that man or woman in order to destroy him. This is why many men are today marrying their own enemies as wives.  Many men of God are married to women in darkness, witches and marine agents, who are enemies of the gospel of Jesus Christ, they are called to preach.

Illustration of what a Faulty foundation can do - A  Pastor 

How the Foundation could destroy a Destiny

A Cameroonian pastor was allegedly caught red-handed having a threesome with 2 married members of his church in the Church premises.  In a video making the rounds on social media, the said pastor and the women were paraded naked and as can be the seen in the video, their faces have swollen up which shows that they were beaten when they were caught.

The bodies are also dirty with mud all over them. They were taken by the security probably to avoid being lynched by the angry mob who continued to boo and jeer them. It's such a shame that the pastor will stoop so low to have sex with married women and members of the church.  We are not able to show the sad video.


One of the two 'Touch Not'  for a Pastor or Prophet is MONEY AND WOMEN.  You should not touch God's money if you want to prosper in ministry and secondly, you must be careful with women...Never go near an apple that is not yours, either to look, touch or examine.

If you do that, you open yourself up for all kinds of manipulations from the witches in the church.  They are there in almost every church that has a large number of members.  These women are very cunning and brave.  They will bow to greet the  Pastor, but will not even say Good morning to their husbands at home. 

If the Pastor was dedicated to a marine spirit while he was young without him knowing when he gives his heart to Christ and decided to serve the Lord instead of the idol they dedicated him into, the demon will give him a fight, and the target will be to disgrace him and close the church.  That may be the case of this Pastor.  Who would imagine that the Pastor will find two women in his own church for this shameful act?  But it is the spirit living inside the Pastor that brought these women to him and arranged the whole show of shame in order to disgrace him.  

Foundational bondage, evil dedications of the family line, must be discovered and destroyed, for freedom to come to the person.  Pastors and indeed children of God should make inquiries about their foundation in order to pray and destroy evil secret covenants, an evil dedication that could work against them in the future.  For a Pastor to desire to sleep with other men's wife, he is under the influence of a strong marine spirit, which will normally want to disgrace him for opting to serve God instead of serving the Queen of the Coast - a marine demon.

Faulty Foundation must be addressed
The enemy of man’s soul knows how to convert footholds into strongholds. The good news is that as a believer, a born again, spirit-filled Christian, our foundation is Christ. The faulty foundation of your childhood can be repaired. As you use these prayer points, Christ Jesus will step into your life to rebuild every faulty foundation, and He will release you from every foundational bondage.

Foundational deliverance deals with issues of the family line, the deeds of your forefathers and destruction of evil patterns in the family. A man’s foundation is important to his success as no one can build on a faulty foundation and have good success. This is why psalms 11:3 is asking all believers the question - "If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  
In architecture, the foundation is the most important part of a building. This is the part on which the whole building will rest. It has to be solid. The height of the building is determined by the foundation.  

Where we get to in life depend on the kind of foundation we have. The ability to read is the foundation for further education. A boy or girl born to a prostitute and raised by her alone without any father will need deliverance from the evil pattern if he/she wants to escape the spirit of prostitution and succeed in life. 

You are a New Creature
But you can say... I thought that once a man is in Christ, he is a new creature and old things are passed away and all things become new...o'yea! what about the covenant his father made with the devil saying the unborn baby and indeed all his children would serve the devil all their lives? Such a covenant is the legal ground the devil will hold on justification for attacking such a person.

These strange demons of the devil will work against him until the evil covenants are broken and destroyed.  The understanding of foundation is necessary for all Christians so that you can review your own foundation and seek deliverance early in life. When a person discovers the foundation that brought him to life is not pure or faulty and does not face it squarely in prayer to break the curses and evil pattern, he/she would end up like this fore-fathers.

Deliverance Prayers:
1. Confess your sins and those of your ancestors, especially those sins linked to evil powers.

2. I release myself from any inherited bondage, in Jesus name.

3. Let the blood of Jesus flush out from my system every inherited satanic deposit, in the name of Jesus

4. I release myself from the grip of any problem transferred into the life from the womb, in the name of Jesus

5. Let the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost cleanse every organ in my body, in the name of Jesus

6. I break and loose myself from every inherited evil covenant, in the name of Jesus

7. I break and loose myself from every inherited evil curse, in the name of Jesus

I vomit every evil consumption that I have been fed with as a child, in the name of Jesus.

8. I command all foundational strongman attached to my life to be paralyzed, in Jesus Christ name.

9. Pray aggressively against evil parental curses working against you to break in Jesus Christ name. 

10. I break and lose myself from every form of demonic bewitchment, in the name of Jesus.

11. Let every gate opened to the enemy by my foundation be closed forever with the blood of Jesus.

No child of God should be ignorant of evil dedication and secret covenants made by parents and guardians especially in Africa.  A person dedicated to idols, marine spirit or even witchcraft spirit can hardly walk in holiness until such a covenant is broken through deliverance prayers.

The evil spirit will be sending wrong people to them, a wrong man/woman for them to marry.  Secret dedication is the source of many wrong marriages that people ignorantly enter.  Whenever a dedicated person declares his intention to serve God, the devil and his agents will immediately declare war against that child of God and a long and terrible spiritual battle begins.

The solution is to be strong in the Lord and His word.  Also you have to put on the whole armour, and have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. If you are experiencing such battle, please feel free to share your battles with us, the Lord will show you the way of escape.  

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