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Twin Sisters Who Married the Same Man Dedicate Their Kids on the Same Day in Church - End-Time

The man his wives and children

Twin sisters who married the same man, dedicate their kids on the same day at the Christian Evangelistic Church, Ikpe Akpa Ewe, Akwa Ibom State. 
‎A Facebook user identified as FearGod Akpakpan, has taken to the social networking platform to post some photos and share the story of twin sisters married to the same man and had their respective newborn kids dedicated on Sunday, June 25, in Akwa Ibom State.
"Twin sisters who married one man dedicated their kids one day. This happened last sunday in our church. What can we say to them?," the poster wrote.
The man's wives
It was gathered that the dedication service took place at the Christian Evangelistic Church, Ikpe Akpa Ewe in Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.


How does a Nigerian man that have seen the bible, and who have elders in his village marry two sisters?  How does two sisters of the same mother share one man in marriage?

In this days of Christianity and righteousness, how is this abomination possible. Perhaps the youths (The two sisters and the boy that married them) never listened to any advise from elders of either the church or their village.

Brethren, the end of all things is actually here with us.

May the Lord keep us all in faith and in HIM till the end.

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