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Shock as Man Dies After Taking Overdose of Tramadol

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A man has lost his life in strange circumstance after he reportedly took an overdose of Tramadol tablet.
The man died after taking tramadol overdose
An unidentified man believed to be in his 30s has been found dead at Adehyeman Area, a business hub in Kumasi after allegedly taking overdose of Tramadol tablets.
Tramadol which is used by many people as a sex drug to last longer in bed can also be used to cure pains. It is believed the victim used the drug as a pain relief. 
According to AdomNews, blood was seen oozing from his nose and mouth minutes after he had taken the substance in public on Monday. After swallowing the drug, the man slowly fell on the ground and he never recovered. He was later found dead by the people around.
The police were informed about the tragedy and they have since taken the lifeless body to the morgue for preservation. Eyewitnesses disclosed that they saw the man lurking around the Adehyeman Area on Monday. The man displayed slight signs that he was unwell, and he was seen taking some dosage of Tramadol tablets, sources revealed.
He then fell on the ground after taking the substance. Later on, blood was seen oozing from his mouth and nose. People who then sensed danger approached the man to check what was wrong with him, but he had passed on already.
Stunned people at the scene, including drivers and hawkers, mentioned that they don’t know the man’s identity since they have not seen the man in the area before. Many people use rtamadol as s*x enhancer which has led to serious abuse.


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