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Police Officers and High Profile Public Figures are Now Involved in Male Prostitution - EndTime

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A new investigation has revealed how police officers and some high profile public figures are now involved in the business of male prostitution. 

Investigations carried out by SDE on Nairobi city streets have also established that some Kenyan police officers and even many high-profile public figures are now involved in the business of male prostitution.

According to SDE, the male s*x workers, popularly known as makuchu, walk in groups along city streets.

It has become so rampant that some men even some line up with female s*x workers for clients.

SDE reports that it is easy to spot them from their walking style, dressing, hairdo and nails.

In clubs, there is a finger sign that most clients are familiar with and will look out for before heading to the toilets to strike the deal.

Away from the streets, those who don’t want to be seen outside hunting for clients have identified specific clubs in the city centre.

According to SDE, when investigators arrived at a popular joint on Tsavo Road on a Wednesday afternoon, a source who happens to be a homosexual said, “We get more customers on the streets, but sometimes we fall into traps of cons, police officers and county askaris (public officials) who besides extorting money, also want to sleep with us.”

Mark, another male s*x worker who has been in the business since 1994, said he was introduced into homosexuality by a friend. “I was a hawker within Uhuru Park until a friend revealed to me how he made so much money from sleeping with white men who used to flood the recreational park then.”

He revealed that, “I’ve operated all over the city and even slept with high-profile figures. I’ve got a wife and two kids back home in Kitui, but nobody knows how I survive in the city.”

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