PERSONAL DELIVERANCE..........Pulling down Satanic strongholds!

Personal Deliverance

1. Every believer has access to the same Deliverer, Jesus Christ
2. Some attacks need to be dealt with immediately
3. The devil is very wicked
4. The devil could attack you on the road, farm or hospital

Self-deliverance is the process of ministering deliverance to yourself without the intervention of another person or joining a deliverance prayer program. In other words, it is a personal spiritual warfare program against the devil and his agents. 
It then means that for you to effectively minister to yourself and overcome the hand of the devil oppressing you at a point in time, you must be able to conduct some form of spiritual mapping to identify the real problem you are battling with and its source.  If you miss any of these two points, then, your prayers may not be effective.  You must know the problem and the devil attacking you.
Every child of God should be able to pray for himself and intercede for family members on some simple problems without the need to involve the Pastor or minister, especially when at home.
From the Bible and Godly point of view, the man who is the head of the home is also the spiritual head of the family. The father in the house has a duty and great responsibility before God for the spiritual growth and stability of the family, so he must be able to authoritatively intercede for members of the family at all times.
Self-deliverance skills and ability is very important because there are attacks, a believer must 'kill at once' without telling anybody about it, for example - a nightmare or evil dream no matter how frightening it may appear should be destroyed with a single prayer immediately you wake up from your bed. A simple prayer like "O Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, I set fire on the dream I had at night, on the pictures I saw and on the altar from where the dream was projected from".
Once you set the dream on fire, together with the pictures the enemy showed you and the alter where it was projected from, the matter is completely destroyed and you need not share the dream with anyone, it is destroyed in Jesus Christ.
Why self-deliverance?
1. Every believer has access to the same Saviour and Deliverer, Jesus Christ
2. Jesus is the miracle worker and the deliverer and the authority to cast demons He has given to us already to exercise in faith. It is not by our effort, but His power. As long as we call upon Him in faith He will answer us.
3. Some attacks need to be dealt with immediately -  There are attacks that a child of God must cancel at once to checkmate the devil and stop him from causing havoc.
4. God is no respecter of persons - Whosoever calleth on the name of the Lord shall be saved.  God has already asked us to seek and we would find. He same call upon me in the days of trouble and I will answer you, so whosoever calls upon Him in trouble shall be delivered.
5. The devil is very wicked - The devil does not give a person notice of an impending attack, so a believer should be spirit-filled always and prayerful to ward-off the attacks of the enemy.                                                                                                                                                                                      
6. The devil could attack you on the road, farm or hospital.  The devil could fire arrow on someone driving for him to have an accident and die in the process.  You must be able to repel every attack and arrows of the devil fired against you at any time.
Personal deliverance is especially used by spirit-filled believers to examine themselves and destroy the antics and trap of the devil to manipulate them to sin. For example - whenever a believer notices a lack of appetite for prayer, i.e when you are weak and can no longer pray for hours, then it is time for self-deliverance.
When you can no longer wait upon the Lord, even in the face of challenges, you just cannot do without food.  When enemies surround you and you are aware of the nature of your neighbourhood, yet every night you cannot wake up and pray at night, then you should know the devil is hoovering around you and it is time for self-deliverance.
Fasting and praying is the tonic of victorious Christian living, so when you can no longer pray or fast in a week, you know its time for self-deliverance.
Also, when you notice lust, greed, unforgiveness and bitterness rising up within you; when you begin to admire another woman or desire the company of the opposite sex that is not your wife.  Whenever you begin to desire to hear gossip stories of people that do not concern you, whenever you cannot respond in love to attacks, you know its time for deliverance prayer.
When a believer notices other sundry behaviours that should not be seen with a believer like someone getting easily offended, agitated and angered without real offence. Also, when a believer begins to argue too much over little or nothing, becomes unteachable, when you begin to resist constituted authorities in the office and at home without recourse to your Christian virtues, you must know that there are other forces at work in your life and manipulating you into error or wrongdoing - Again, its time for self deliverance.
When the need of other people does not matter to you again, you notice the spirit of compassion is no more working in your life due to problems, challenges or failure, its time for self-deliverance.

How To Obtain Personal Deliverance - The Process

When you understand self-deliverance, you will keep yourself from being demonized; you will keep yourself healthy, physically and spiritually and be free from demonic pollution. Every day, you will enjoy divine health and will not be spending your money on drugs and hospital bills.

Sometimes, there may be no minister who is anointed and knowledgeable about deliverance to help you. Sometimes, you can be heavily attacked in your dream and the next service is about four days away. What do you do? You should never allow evil spirits to reside in your life. If you lack adequate time to do a self-deliverance in the mornings, after your quiet time, then, when you’re having your bath, you could do it.

Our environment is such that there are many evil spirits moving around and if you are not regularly cleaning your house, they may lodge there; your level of education notwithstanding. If a whole university professor could carry a ritual sacrifice because he needed promotion, then education is irrelevant.

Please note the following:

A demon is a spirit, which means it’s like wind or breath. Most evil spirits leave through the breathing passage or by any opening in the body. This is why sometimes when prayers are hot some people begin to pass out gas or emit a bad odour. Now when an ambulance wants to go through a busy area and blares its siren, the purpose is to clear the traffic so as to expedite the passage of the ambulance.

Therefore, when praying for self-deliverance, you should keep quiet after the prayer before ejecting those evil spirits. This is why at times we ask people to breathe in and out. If you are praying or speaking at this time, the spirit will not go out because you have not opened the way for it.

Demons can come out through simple breathing, coughing, choking, yawning, vomiting, etc. The manifestations vary according to the person and the spirit involved. All the spirits that are not deeply rooted, depart easily, but those deeply entrenched, will require more time and effort to go. The more stubborn ones will require the help of other believers. Even when they are that strong, and you continue to wound them daily, they will eventually be mortally wounded.

Multiple spirits can be responsible for one problem, all of them must be removed before total victory is assured. One thing is certain; with every inch of ground grabbed from the devil, you will notice a definite improvement in your life. This is certain. Once the spirit leaves you, there will be a change in you.

Demons and evil spirits must have a legal ground to occupy a person's body or be sent to torment him.  So, remember to cancel their legal grounds by the blood of Jesus before commanding them to leave.  Without a legal ground, they can no longer stay in a person’s life.

Stages in Personal deliverance

Stage 1 - Start with praise worship. You can sing songs to praise God and to worship Him.

Stage 2 - Confess out loud Scriptures promising deliverance. Let us run through a few of them:

Luke 10:19,
Ephesians 1:7,
Romans 16:20,
Revelation 12:11,
Colossians 2:14,15,
Galatians 3:13,14,
Psalm 91:3.

You must at least memorize this one – 2 Tim. 4:18.

Stage 3 - Break covenants and curses to destroy their legal hold. You pray a simple prayer like this: I break any curse working against me or I break any covenant working against me, in the name of Jesus. Simple prayer with many results.

Stage 4 - Bind all the spirits associated with those covenants and curses like this: I bind all the spirits attached or connected to the curses and covenants I have just broken, in the name of Jesus.

Stage 5 - Lay one hand on your head and the other on your stomach or navel and begin to pray like this.  Holy Ghost fire, burn from the top of my head to the sole of my feet, in the name of Jesus.  Begin to mention every organ of your body; kidney, liver, intestine, blood, etc. You must not rush at this level. Lay your hands on areas that the Spirit of God leads you to. Do not be afraid if you notice that you are swaying or staggering, etc.

Stage 6 - Then begin to saturate yourself with the blood of Jesus. You do this by saying.  Blood of Jesus, enter into my spirit, soul and body. Next, you say: i drink the blood of Jesus. This must continue until you have a release in your spirit to stop.

Stage 7 - It is now, that you are able to demand firmly, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that any spirit that is not of God should leave you. You demand it forcefully like this: In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I come against all you hidden spirits and I bind your activities in my life. You can no longer hide below the surface because I now recognize what you have been doing; release me, in the name of Jesus.

If sickness is the problem, address it and say,

You spirit of infirmity, I speak to you directly, get out of my life now. I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, come out and go now. Go out with every breath by the power of the Holy Spirit. I prevail over you, in the name of Jesus.

At this point, you stop talking; open your mouth and nose and begin to breathe in and out. Take about three to seven deep breaths, and expel them forcefully through your mouth and nose. You may be surprised that strange things will begin to happen. Repeat this stage again and again. This will help you to flush out any deposit or impurity within your body. You may notice that you are coughing, yawning, sneezing, sweating or shedding tears, but continue and do not lose your concentration.

Stage 8 - When you have finished the expulsion stage, you then ask for a fresh in-filling of the Holy Spirit and close the session with praises.  When you are attacked in your dream, rise up and go through the stages I have already mentioned. (Our book “Victory Over Satanic Dreams” can help you further.)

Self-deliverance keeps you from getting sick; it removes every evil seed of the enemy; it charges your body with fire. It uproots evil plantations and builds up your confidence.

Remember the power in the Blood of Jesus

The redemption of man from death was a sacrifice for which nothing was found suitable, except the pure and holy blood of Jesus Christ.  Also, when the devil, called, Lucifer rebelled in heaven with his band of angels, he was defeated only, by the blood of the Lamb, after which angel Michael drove him and his fallen angels away from heaven.

So, the blood of Jesus Christ was holy blood, the blood of the Son of God and the High Priest of God. It was not ordinary blood and after the shedding of His blood at the cross, there was no need for blood sacrifice to obtain anything from God. The sacrifice of the blood of Jesus was the last sacrifice of blood accepted by God, and  Jesus Christ thus became our deliverer, the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of kings on earth. He loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood and made us Priests to his God and Father.

How does the Blood of Jesus Speak?

1. Against the devil - In every spiritual battle, you are conqueror over the devil and his works by the blood of Jesus and the testimony of your mouth - faith confession.

2. You use the blood of Jesus to draw a circle of protection around your life, children and properties and you are covered.

3. You use the blood of Jesus Christ to cancel your name from any evil list of people the devil has decided to eliminate.  When you cancel your name from any demonic list, that's final, because it will blot the name out of the list, as though it was never written there in the first instance.

4. You use the blood of Jesus to put a 'mark of Touch Not' on your forehead.  I put a mark of 'Touch Not'  on my forehead by the blood of Jesus, therefore, let no man trouble me henceforth in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

5. You are redeemed by the blood of Jesus, so the devil is not permitted to afflict your body.  So, when the devil attempts to afflict you, you speak the blood of Jesus against him, because you are redeemed by the blood.

6. You can also command your enemy, evil forces troubling you to 'Drink the blood of Jesus Christ' and die.  You can command them to lose their hold on you by the blood of your redemption - the blood of Jesus Christ!

In battle, once you lift the banner of the 'blood of Jesus', the enemy is bound to release you. It is your weapon of battle to counter the attacked of the devil and to reverse their evil decrees.  By the blood of Jesus, you have the authority to reverse any decision of Satan against you and the reversal stands.

When you receive the revelation of what the blood of Jesus has provided for you, you will begin to operate in the fullness of God's power, with uncommon boldness. The power in the blood of Jesus is enough to overcome any foe that may come against you.

One final word of caution. For a person to be delivered, he must desire to be free.  Remember, deliverance is a process and the length of time it takes depends on several things.  


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