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Married Schoolteacher to Stand Trial for Giving Oral S*x to an Underage Boy Inside a Classroom - SHAME!

Justine Nelson

A school teacher who is already married, has been found out to have given oral s*x to an underage boy inside a classroom. 

Justine Nelson, a married teacher has admitted she committed s*x acts on a 14-year-old boy and sent him nude selfies, but says it is because he used "psychological and emotional manipulation" on her.

According to Daily Star UK, Justine Nelson, who has a young baby, claims she had no chance of saying no to the pupil – and her lawyer told the preliminary hearing that was because she was too kind.

The former middle school teacher will now stand trial on three charges in connection with an alleged affair with the student last year.

A police officer said Nelson admitted giving oral s*x to the teenage lad two or three times inside her classroom at Tenaya Middle School, in Fresno, California, after school.

She also told investigators she sent the underage boy nude photographs of herself, the judge was informed by Det Sylvia Martinez.

The ex-teacher's lawyer then stunned the court with a vigorous defence of his client.

Roger Nuttall claimed during the hearing to decide if there was enough evidence for the case to go to trial, that the teenager had used “psychological and emotional manipulation” to force Nelson into the s*x acts.

“He threatened to ruin her life,” Nuttall added.

At the end of the hearing, Judge Gary Hoff ordered the 31-year-old to stand trial on one felony count of lewd or lascivious acts with a minor, and two felony counts of oral copulation.

Prosecutor Matt Johnson told the court it all happened between March and May last year when the boy was a student at Tenaya Middle School.

Mr Johnson said he was 13 years old when sex acts began – something that is in dispute between the two sides.

Nelson had been arrested last September and is presently free on $130,000 bail. Her husband had attended the court.

Police were tipped off after nude photos of the former teacher appeared on the lad's social media site.

After the hearing, Mr Nuttall said his client was a good teacher, but sometimes "too friendly" with students.

She would buy students things and offer to give them a ride home from school, he said.

“She wanted to be their buddy,” Nuttall said. “But when they do that, it’s dangerous, because some of them will take advantage of you.”

He said the teenager apparently came from an unhappy home and Nelson wanted to help him.

One day the boy demanded a kiss, Nuttall said. If she didn’t kiss him, the boy told Nelson he would call authorities and they would take away her baby, Nuttall said.

From there, he would go to her classroom after school and demanding oral s*x and nude photographs of her, Nuttall said.


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