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Man WAOs Internet With Loved Up Photos Of His Big-Sized Girlfriend - Some Lessons!

The man and his massive lover

A young man might consider using his full-figured girlfriend in building his biceps, triceps and other parts of his body structure due to her weight. 

This young man has set the internet agog after showering his girlfriend with love and adoration on social media.
In a bid to show that his love for her is true, the young man posted various loved up photos of him and his chubby lady - which got online users talking.
In one of the photos, he made a joke about her obviously big stature. He compared her to a Range Rover, a big car that he loves driving.
After being bashed online, the guy later deleted the photos.


There is no ugly woman anywhere, it's just that some are more beautiful than others.

Do a spiritual check before marriage

Marry the woman or man you can live happily with.


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