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Hundreds of Imo State’s Retirees Rendered Homeless as Okorocha’s ‘crazy’ bulldozer Demolish Shell Camp

If what the Bulldozers seen doing in popular Shell Camp Quarters in Owerri are truly the directives of Imo State governor, Rochas Anayo Okorocha, who is also the chairman of All Progressive Congress (APC) Governors Forum, it then proves he truly joined the league of inhuman leaders.

Shell Camp, property of the Federal Government is residence to mostly civil servants (current and retired). Currently, agents claiming to be acting on the instructions of the Governor are pulling down structures of retired civil servants and rendering most of them homeless and helpless.

This heartless exercise started last week and the bulldozers are still seen at the area. That has caused panic in the Owerri capital territory as affected persons said the action came to them by surprise with most of them crying for help and intervention of the Federal Government.

The matter is made worse because it affected mostly pensioners.  Certificate Of Occupancy (C-o-O) to show for ownership of the property.

“I bought this house from the Federal Government years back and I have my C-o-O to show for ownership. They have demolished my fence, my boys quarters and there is a bulldozer right in front of my house now, and I do not know the purpose after today”, one of the affected persons cried yesterday on phone.

It was also learnt that Okorocha brought miscreants to do the destructive job as they wielded Dane guns and smoked weed. “I wonder why a government would do such a thing if what they are doing is right,” another civil servant said on Sunday on phone. It was further learnt that Imo State Government did not give them notice neither were the property owners communicated any plans for compensation “assuming government genuinely wants to take over their property for any infrastructure development.”

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