HEARING FROM GOD........Will give you Victory and Power over the Enemy!

The voice of God divides the storms of life!
Have you heard from God lately concerning that project you are planning, the guy or lady you want to marry?. What about that business, the relocation, change of job etc.  Do you know His voice divides the storms, even the ones you never knew or imagined.  Make it a duty to hear from Him concerning major decisions of your life, it will save you a lot of stress!
God is constantly speaking to people, but too often, they miss out on hearing God’s messages because they seek His guidance only occasionally – usually when they’re going through a crisis or facing a major decision. Then, with a dire need to hear from God, people become confused and frustrated when they don’t hear the mind of God. They start to wonder how to hear from God and why they aren't. 
Hearing the voice of the Father is one of the signs that you are His - Jesus said "My sheep hears my voice, the voice of the stranger, they will not hear" There are information we need that is not in the bible.  Such information can only be communicated to us by the Holy Spirit through the voice of God. This is one of the importance of hearing from God.
Brethren, the voice of the Lord conveys instructions for freedom, deliverance and keys to prosperity.  The voice of God is mighty, the voice of God conveys blessing unto His children, it is a WONDER.  The voice of the Lord comes to you just when you need the information badly. Sometimes ago, I had a hard time obtaining the approval I needed and I was telling the Lord about my difficulties in getting that approval.  One day, as I began to review the requirement for approval and my steps so far, the voice of the Lord came to me saying....."Do it like this henceforth", and that was it.
The step to take at a decisive moment, when obtained from the Lord will surely lead to victory and sometimes cheap success.  God knows all things and all things consists in Him.  He knows who your husband or wife is, He knows the business and career that will bring out the best in you.  He knows the keys that will unlock any door and so having a good relationship with Him is to your advantage.  
He knows what the enemy is planning, and by who and for who.  When the voice of the Master will come to you, you will be shocked who your arch-enemy is.  Many do not know that the closest people to them are the ones the enemy uses to bring them down, some of them knew, while some do not know.  The voice of the Lord will divide the fire burning you and you will shout for joy in Jesus's name.
He knows the organization you should work for, the business that will succeed when the voice of the Lord will come to you, it will tell you the name, place and time for that project you are planning.  When His voice will speak to you, it will give you direction that will steer you away from evil and every danger.  The voice of the Lord is so unique and sweet that it is sweeter than honey to me. 
Imagine what it is for a sinful man like me to hear the voice of the Heavenly Father, it's a priviledge.  You will hear His voice today in Jesus name,
Beloved, accept it a tragedy for you to walk from day to day, week and months without the voice of your Father.  You must cry unto him in repentance today, asking for mercy and His help.
I don't know about other people, but my Christian life started having meaning when I began to hear the voice of God and it comes when you are either confused and not knowing what to do, or you are even facing a wrong direction without knowing.
God wants everyone to hear His voice and messages clearly, and it’s possible to hear from Him. The key is to develop the kind of relationship with God that will empower you to hear God speaking regularly. The closer you get to God, the more you can enjoy ongoing conversations with Him, both listening and hearing from Him, and the more God will use those conversations to transform you into the person He wants you to be.

Hearing God's voice is for me one of the priviledges we enjoy as sons and daughters of God.  It’s the nature of God to speak and He wants to have fellowship with us every day. He wants us to hear Him clearly all the time, but unfortunately, many of us are not attentive, while others are not expecting to hear His voice.  I always wonder how believers survive without hearing the Lord speak to them once in a while, if not every day.

The Lord constantly speaks to us and gives us His direction. It’s never the Lord who is not speaking, but it’s us who are not hearing. Jesus made some radical statements about this in John 10:3-5. He was speaking about Himself as the Shepherd of the sheep and the only way to enter the sheepfold.  He says:

“To him, the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice, and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out. And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.”

When you learn to walk with the Holy Spirit, you will know what the  Spirit of God is saying to you in every situation. You will know His voice and your Christian life will witness a huge leap forward. God has promised to lead His children by His Spirit and so, what is left is for us to embrace the love of God shared abroad, walk in obedience and cooperate with the Holy Spirit living in us.  We need to yield every department of our lives to the control of the Holy Spirit, so we can get used to His voice, love and appreciate Him. To hear him:

1. Be expectant
“And you will seek for Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” –Jeremiah 29:13 (NKJV)
Everyone that watches TV knows that if the TV is not tuned on, you’re not going to hear a thing. But, when you do turn the TV on, you fully expect to hear something!  It is the same with hearing from God.  If you are in expectation, if you are hoping for divine instruction on what to do when you are at a crossroads, certainly, the Lord will speak to you.

You may even say, God just doesn’t talk to me. But, here is the truth, even if you don’t feel like God speaks to you—He does. In fact, He’s speaking to you right now. But, if you aren’t expecting to hear from Him, you haven’t even turned on your receiver, and the reason is that you are contented, your human wisdom, friends and relatives will help you out.  It is the same reason why many do not know how to rely on the Lord and remain steadfast.

A 'Still Small Voice'
God may never scream or demand that you stop what you are doing and pay attention,  but He speaks in “a still small voice” (1 Kings 19:12, NKJV). So to hear Him, you have to tune in and listen attentively. 

Another way that God speaks to us is through an inward witness. God doesn’t communicate with us the way we communicate with one another. He communicates from His Spirit to our spirit, and then our spirit communicates what we hear to our mind. That is what we call an inward witness. It is very similar to a thought or a prompting. It’s very subtle and requires a closeness with God and regular practice to hear it more quickly and clearly.

Discerning His Voice
“My sheep hear my voice.” –John 10:27 (KJV)
If your mother or closest friend calls you on the telephone, do you know it’s them before they tell you? Most likely you do! But how is that possible? Because you’ve spent so much time with them, the sound of their voice and their way of speaking has become well-known to you.  The same is true when it comes to our relationship with God.

If you want to get to a place where you don’t have to wonder whose voice you’re hearing—yours, you need to spend time with the Lord. A lot of time. But, if you keep your mind and your heart full of the things of this world, it will be difficult for you to differentiate between the Spirit of God and your own thoughts. The reason is simple - you have invested so much of your energy and emotion of earthly things.  It is the voice of Satan or the world you will be hearing because your heart is still carnal.

Seek regular fellowship
Recognize God created you for a close friendship with Himself - By design, the way you hear best from God is in the context of a friendship with Him. God intends for you to figure out His will freely and intelligently as you engage in regular conversations with Him. God’s will is to be personally present with you and speak with you moment by moment as you go through life. Then you’ll grow to understand Him more and become more like His Son, Jesus.
Consider your motives for wanting to hear from God. 
Honestly reflect on why you want to hear from God. Is it because you’re truly open to whatever God has to say and committed to putting His guidance into action and fulfilling His purposes, even when doing so is challenging? Or is it for a selfish reason, such as wanting to feel righteous or comforted? Confess and repent of any wrong motives. Ask God to give you an openness to hear and respond faithfully to what He wants to tell you.

Make your goal more than just hearing God. 

While it’s important to hear from God, that shouldn’t be your ultimate goal. Instead, make your main goal to become a spiritually mature person in a close relationship with God. That’s the only way you’ll clearly and correctly hear what God has to say to you.

Know that you’re important to God, but be humble. 

Have the confidence that God is willing to speak to you just as powerfully as He did to the people in the bible because He values you just as much. However, don’t let pride creep into your soul, because you must be humble in order to faithfully receive and respond to the messages God has for you.

Don’t try to force God to tell you something. 

No matter how much you want to hear from God about something or how hard you may try to convince Him to speak to you, you’ll only hear from God when He chooses to communicate with you. Focus on developing a respectful relationship with God and wait for His timing to deliver messages to you. Also, if God chooses not to give you specific guidance about something you’ve prayed about and what you’re considering is within the Bible’s moral principles, you can confidently go ahead and make your own decision about what to do and be within God’s will.
Recognize that God communicates in many forms, but most often through your mind. 
God may choose any one of many different ways to communicate to you, according to what’s best at particular times and in particular circumstances. You may sometimes hear God’s message in dramatic ways, such as through angels, visions, or miraculous events. But more often, you’ll hear God speaking through your thoughts, and He will use ordinary practices such as reading the Bible, praying quietly, learning from circumstances, or seeking counsel from other Christians to reach out to you as you think about them. 

God will use dramatic means to get your attention when necessary, but His goal is for you to be so closely connected to Him that you’ll pay attention whenever He speaks to you. Usually, God speaks through what people have described as a “still, small voice” to encourage those He loves to choose to keep walking closely with Him through life.

What to Do

In conclusion, we should desire the voice of the Lord and then pray and walk towards it.  We are not perfect, but God expects us to know we are His children and then to love righteousness and commit to holy living and then continue daily in His Word and in prayer.

No child of God should willingly and happily engage in sin and when we fall into diverse sin, we should quickly confess the sin and ask for forgiveness.  We should strive to live right with the Lord and shun lying, no matter the consequences.  No child of God should tell lies - for people that tell lies are sons and daughters of the devil.

Also, it is important to wait on the Lord in prayers sometimes when we want Him to speak to us concerning certain important things and decisions in our lives. Fasting and praying is not a waste of time and effort.  We should always commit our ways to Him if we want to hear from Him and before venturing into business or politics etc, let us seek His face and opinion about it.  

Fasting and waiting on Him, committing our ways unto Him and getting His opinion on anything we want to do will surely save us a lot of headaches and hardship and failure that others experience.

God is faithful in all things.  He is our heavenly Father that created us for fellowship and eternal relationship. And like our earthly father, our heavenly Father loves us so much that He cannot ignore us and our challenges.  Our troubles and challenges touch Him, so let's develop the kind of relationship that will help us to hear from Him always.


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