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A Believer in Christ is a man of power through the help of the Holy Spirit.

To be a believer and be powerless is an invitation to affliction and bondage from the devil. Given that people who profess Christ as Lord are the main target  of the devil, professing Christ and remaining powerless is a recipe for bondage.  

The devil will use agents around such a religious Christian to attack and afflict him, or just speak evil word in the spirit against him to hinder his efforts and introduce hardship that will make life difficult for that person, so he can deny Christ.
Troubles are not meant to draw you back to Egypt – the World.   When you consult a fake prophets, occultists or Herbalist instead of staying with God, you have denied Christ.

The troubles of life is one of the many troubles that train and build up a christian's character and maturity.  It could be intended for evil by the devil, that sends it, but in reality, Christians grow and mature in the things of the spirit through hardship.  This is why, the believer should know that the challenges and difficulties they face is like an examination they need to pass to advance forward in the things of the spirit.

The concept of brokenness.

BROKENNESS – Yes.  One of the necessary ingredients for spiritual power with God is Brokenness.  Remember that with spiritual power, your Christian life is easy and battles are a “walk over” because of the help of the Holy Spirit telling you what to do at each point in time, but you must have a valuable relationship with Jesus Christ and walk by faith and not by sight.

Brokenness is recommended for believers who  want to end their Christian journey well.  If you desire to end well and see the Lord at the end of your journey on earth with all the distractions, temptations and trials of this end-time, you need to be broken.

What then is BROKENNESS?

Brokenness can be looked at from the word of our Saviour Jesus Christ in:

 John 12:24 which says  “Verily, verily I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth anone, but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit”   

This simply means that except you  are dead to the things of this world, and be alive to God, you cannot be fruitful in the hand of God.  This is the simple meaning of Brokenness – being dead to the things of this world and alive unto God.

What is brokenness –  The disposition of humility, self sacrifice, honesty, fear of God, love and peace. Brokenness is that gentle lifestyle of Jesus Christ, the meekness of a lamb, that Jesus Christ lived while on earth, that even though He was the creator of all things, He was humble and obedient to God and did His Will to the end.

Brokenness connotes that certain things that do not help our spiritual lives like pride etc  must be broken off. Every envy, strife, argumentative behavior, quarrelsome behaviours, cheating and taking advantage of other people must also be washed in the blood of Jesus and done away with in the life of a broken sister/brother.

All the anger, stubborn and difficult attitude of self will must be buried for good.  All the Its either me or nobody, I am the first to get here, I must be attended to first no matter what” attitude must go.  All the right-claiming attitude – I am his senior, he did not greet me this morning, he is very stupid boy who does not know his age mate etc must be washed away for a new and humble man to emerge.  

That new man made after the image of the Father is the humble gentleman and woman we are looking for today.

How many of you want to experience the power of God to do the uncommon, you must be broken!.

If you want God to release enormous spiritual powers upon your life, that will make you a channel of blessing to people every where you go, you must be broken.  Brokenness is the beginning of your personal spiritual revival, the beginning of flowing of the power of God from within you.

Brokenness may be painful as you surrender everything to God and your life is dependent on the instructions you receive from Him.  This is one thing people find difficult to do...SURRENDER ALL TO JESUS. People prefer to do things with their own power, using their connections, friends and relations instead of surrendering all to God and allowing Him to guide them all the way through.

Brokenness is a lifestyle you must cultivate and develop through practice, just like the life of love.  No one is born with it, you are born with flesh and carnality which is an enemity with God and cannot allow you to be like your heavenly Father.  So, You must believe in the Word of the Lord that “to be canally minded is death” and to  be spiritually minded is life eternal and decide to walk and live in the spirit, removing the “old man” in you.

Brokenness is a practical way of life that denounces all selfish attitude and embrace the love life of Christ to God and to his fellow men.  You can be humble even if you are rich.  You can live a life of fulfillment even with little or nothing in your bank account. so, you have no reason to envy any man whatsoever, especially when you know that whatever contrary condition you are experiencing is temporal, for with time and help of God, every adverse condition will change for your good.

Brokenness does not come over-night, you must study the Word of God daily and be guided by the Holy Spirit as you determine to please God in your daily living.

Brokenness means that all selfish attitudes, canal mind and thinking must die so that you can become a vessel unto honour and usable - for God only uses broken things.  Broken things are empty and so can be remolded with ease.  When you are broken, you are easily amenable in the hand of God.  

When you are broken, your spirit becomes contrite – a spirit after God to please Him and do His will and Psalm 34:18 says that the Lord is near unto such people that are of broken heart and saveth all such that be of a contrite spirit.

HOW TO ACTIVATE BROKENNESS:  The good news is that brokenness is activated by:
  1. Prayers 
  2. Bible study and Meditation  
  3. Obedience to God's word and voice
  4. Living a broken life.

1.       Praying for God to give you a new heart, heart to fear and obey Him. 

2.      Praying that God should remove the heart of stone from you. Heart of stone is closed to the things of God by Satan.  But when the heart of flesh comes, the man is awake to the things of God, to observe and do them.

3.      Pray for the heart of Love – first to the Father in Heaven, to love His Work and to do His will and also pray for grace to love your neighbor and your brethren, including your enemies. 

4.       Pray for the Spirit of Fear of the Lord.

5.        Pray also for the Spirit of Holiness and righteousness and the grace to live a life that is pleasing to God

   1. Study your Bible daily and meditating on it and also living by  everything you learn from the scriptures.
2. 2. Speak the truth at all times, no matter the consequences of speaking the truth. 
    3. Humble yourself and speak to people with respect and regard, no matter the differences in age and earthly possession.  Let pride be far from you! 

Study and meditation on the word:

Study the Word daily, meditate and live by the word.  As you study the word, your spirit man is renewed to conform to the standard of the Living God.  Nothing else is capable of renewing your mind than the Word, because the Word is God Himself. 

As you study and meditate on the Word, you understand the Lord better, and learn His ways to obey and do for your benefit.  As you learn of God, the word you study is spirit and life.  As the word enters you, a new spirit and life of God enters you also, and soon your understanding of things will begin to change to the better.


If you want to be a friend of God, with easy access to the throne of mercy, upon whom the Lord will speak to always, then you must be broken.

To be broken is to be spiritually minded and to walk after the spirit in everything you do, as one having the  Spirit of Christ in him or her.  You know that if the Spirit of Christ be in you, you (The body) is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness Rom 8:10.

Without brokenness, spiritual power will be difficult - For God hates the proud and would not release His grace upon a proud and canal man, a spiritual Goat!.

If you must be born-again, then you must embrace brokenness, a life where the “old man” of pride, envy, sin and lust is dead.  

Receive the grace to live and walk in the spirit from today in Jesus name!


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