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BLOODY........Woman Cut Off Husband's P*nis for Cheating on Her - END-TIME

Chinyenre Nwafor arrested by the police (Photo credit: Prince Toyin Akingbade)

A woman has left her husband devastated and in pains after cutting off his p*nis for cheating on her numerous times. 

A woman has been dragged to court after she reportedly cut off her husband's p*nis for cheating on her. The woman identified as Chinyenre Nwafor was charged to court today in Imo state over the offence. 

It was alleged that the woman has been complaining to the husband about his promiscuous lifestyle which she frowned at but the man continued about with his cheating ways. Unable to stomach his bad antics any longer, the woman cooked a plan and cut off the p*nis.

It is likely she might end up in prison over the incident.


This is not God's plan for marriage.    If you are in Christ, make sure you marry someone who is in the light and not darkness...as darkness and light cannot live together!

Don't think you can marry anybody. Every woman or man is not for you, but there is one for you, meant to help you fulfill your God-given destiny on earth. That's the one man or woman you should pray NEVER  TO MISS IN LIFE!

Finally, marry the person you know, marry the person you can live peacefully with.


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