Avoid marrying an Enemy-of-your-Destiny.............As Wife!

  • The devil hates anyone who could be a threat to his kingdom. 
  • There is a well organized plan to identify and arrest anointed servants of God and cause them to renounce God
  • The plans starts the moment they sight the star and glory of such a child.
  • Women are used to divert or bring down such a 'Star'
  • It is one of the most potent strategic of Satan against the Church of Christ.

If you are genuinely born again, please seek born again daughter of Zion for a wife.  Don't bother yourself thinking you will change a woman after marriage, do not also take everything a lady tells you about her relationship with Jesus Christ as true, without going on your knees to ask God to reveal the lady to you.  

Brothers, know no sister by flesh...The Holy Spirit will be happy to assist you. He will reveal her true colour to you.  The Holy Spirit is your guide and comforter that reveals to you the things to come, so just ask Him.  Without hearing from God, don't take the next step - Darkness and light cannot stay together in peace.  

This is one of the reasons many christian families are 'bleeding' today.  The man used to be on fire, but today...all the fire is gone. A jobless daughter of Zion is better than a demon possessed lady working in a Bank.  An urgly daughter of Zion is better than Jezebel, glittering and prospering from her game. Again, a poor daughter of Zion is better than a rich and wealth lady who is in darkness.  Have faith in God and remember there is nothing God cannot do for His children, so work and pray hard to get a spirit filled lady for wife.

Sometimes it is important to speak the truth, especially when it comes to marriage.  Many young men get into relationship with ladies that are spiritually higher than them.  Some brothers without any spiritual fire are quick to show you ladies who are not even born again as their fiance.

The irony is that you can only counsel him, you cannot dissuade him from his choice.  Physical beauty, education and job are their major consideration - Fleshly considerations. But marriage is like a 'Marathon race' that requires endurance, character, faith in God, love for God and man, commitment etc to succeed. 

Your choice is your business

The choice of who you should marry is entirely yours, but my prayer is that you are not canal when it comes to choosing a life partner.  Your partner can affect your life and destiny more than any other person close to you, your life partner should be your best friend and the one that love you as you are and more than any other person on earth...He or she should also be your the heaven choice for you.

That means that you cannot propose a woman without hearing from God about the lady, her background, family and self.  You cannot propose a woman based on her facial or physical looks.  Any canality in this area will spell doom in the years to come.

Your choice must be your destiny helper
You are better off with a husband or wife that understands your vision and is ready and willing to support you to get to your destination in life.  He/she should be able to key into your vision and find her own vision within that dream of yours.  Wives are helpmates that are joined together with their husbands.  Their success and failure is also tied to that of their husband.  There is nothing like a successful wife and a failed husband.

But, today we have women who compete and struggle with their husband and desperately seek to overthrow them at home.  When ever you see that, you should know there is a problem and the devil has taken abode in such a home.  If you have such a struggle, be determined to chase that devil out of your marriage.  This is critical for the progress of the man because, as long as such a devil is in your house, the couple can never be united to walk together and have a single purpose.  The husband will be facing the North, while the wife will face the South, after all, they are both working and have their individual money.  This is not the marriage that God established!

Never marry the daughter of Satan
I must sound a note of warning to young men of God, ministers of the gospel to be careful at the junction of marriage.  It is one junction the devil will always like to ambush men and women of destiny for God.  Samson with all his anointing was destroyed by the woman he married.  If you are in light, seek women and ladies that are in light.  Never know any lady by the flesh, but by the spirit, so you will not end up with the daughter of Satan, a Marine agent or a Witch as your wife.  Marriage to a woman in darkness enrolls a child of God into unseen bondage, that will require years of spiritual battle to come-out.

If you marry the daughter of Satan, you have broken your own spiritual hedge and the devil will bite you.  Young men of God and ministers of the gospel should never marry in a hurry.  They should make sure the Lord is guiding and leading them, because marriage is a long distance race that nobody knows what will happen on the way, so you need the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

Are you ready for marriage?
Children of God who are ready for marriage should seek the face of God in choosing life partner.  Error of any kind in marriage will bring regret and pain in the future.  They should never be unequally yokes with people around them, whether they be friends or relations.  Don't say I want to marry the younger sister of Mrs Obinna, because that woman is beautiful, fears God and respects her husband.  She is from a good home etc.  That's a trap of the enemy to distract you, rather you should: 

1. Seek the face of God concerning a woman that love and fear Him, who has the following qualities that men desire in a woman.

What men wants in a woman:
1. Every man is looking for a woman that will complete him.  I means a woman that will compliment him in a lot of ways.

2.  Men are looking also for destiny helpers, especially those in the low and middle glass categories.

3. Men are not looking for a spoilt-child or someone that will compete with him at home.  In life, you are at liberty to choose the kind of life that completes you. And when it comes to settling down, the same case applies. 

4. Humble and submissive woman - 
A woman who is opinionated and is able to make decisions on her own is attractive, but she must still be submissive unto the husband. She should be teachable and willing to cooperate with the husband when important decisions are to be taken.

5. She is real and straight forward.  
A woman that is open minded and not one that hides her information from the husband.  A hard working woman, compassionate and caring is always better than the women that argue and quarrel on every little issue.

6. A home builder
A home builder is a wise woman of God who fears the Lord and her family and she is ready to support her husband and take care of her children. She is patient with her husband family members and give peace to the family.   A young man married his wife while the younger brother was still living with him.  The new wife was patient till they moved into a bigger house.

Apostle Paul says we know no man by the flesh, but by the Spirit.  Brothers who want to marry daughters of Zion must first deal with the spirit of Lust that may be indwelling in them. They should seek deliverance and be sure they are free from demon of lust, spirit wife and similar spirits, otherwise they will end up with beautiful, but possessed ladies in the church.

They must also be mentally , spiritually and financially ready for the marriage, which is accepting more responsibilities.  They should be genuinely born again, Spirit filled and Word based and compliant. Whether you are a Youth Pastor or a Team leader, the requirement is the same.  

Dangers of marrying a wrong woman

Any born again brother approaching marriage with levity will end up with a daughter of Satan for a wife - because they are every where, intelligent, beautiful and caring. When you marry a daughter of Satan, know for sure that, you have broken the hedge of protection of God around you and the serpent will sure bite you!

Every Pastor or Minister of God needs a God fearing daughter of Zion to succeed in ministry.  You don't need to ask why?  The woman behind a man of God will determine what kind of man of God he would be.  

Her prayers or lack of it will determine it.  Her support in the house and in the church will also determine it.  Also, her ability to pray, intercede and play her role well before God will have strong impact also.

It is therefore a tragedy for a man of God to marry the daughter of Satan, prepared in the spirit by the devil and his agents to hinder the work of God and if possible convert men of God to men of Satan.  This is what is happening today around the world.

Some men of God has mistakenly married women assigned to bring their calling down.  These ladies are usually innocent looking, highly deceptive, patient and secretive.  These innocent looking girls will end up controlling the 'big' man in the days to follow.

Be mindful of Deception
They would normally have good education, appear well cultured, obedient and humble. They pretend to be born again to win the heart of the man and prepare the ground for his down-fall.  Majority of them also have wealthy family background. 

They come lovely at the beginning with the air of a spirit-filled born-again daughter of God who cannot hurt a fly. She would not be the flashy girl that wear trousers, or make-up excessively; No, she would present herself as that committed sister, a soul winner and a worthy labourer in the vineyard of the Lord, and the Pastor would unfortunately accept all these fake report as true. 

So, she is seen as an ideal wife for a man of God. The marriage is quickly arranged and consummated.  From my experience, 90% of these delicate marriages are made when the men are not deep in God, though they are born-again, so adequate spiritual investigation was not carried out.

If you know you are called to serve God, then you MUST be very careful about the lady you seek her hands in marriage. 


1. When you discover that shortly after your marriage, things began to fall apart for you. Things that were easy before that time are no longer easy.

2. When you loose your means of livelihood shortly after your wedding, say within two years after your marriage.

3. When your wife does not like to have any of your relation living with you or around you.

4. When your wife find it easy to relate with men instead of women. She is comfortable with male friends in the office and in the compound as though there is nothing to worry about. You should be concerned.

5. When your wife joins you in every business endeavour you venture into, whether she understands the business or not, as though both of you are in competition

6. When your wife tells you she will not like to have more than  3(Three) children. She would normally have no reason for that decision, except to live a vibrant life.  Many of the Marine agents would stop at three, especially those called covenanted into the kingdom early in life and they are queens.

8. When there is barrenness in marriage for five or more years and it does not bother your wife and her family. 

9. When your effort to succeed in career or business is always doubted by your wife. She will join hands with you in the business, and within fews months, the business will begin to fluctuate and nose-dive without remedy.

10. When the businesses you do together with her fails always and then she will turn to blame you for the failure.  Also, when your wife is happy to be the "bread winner".  When she believes or acts as though her income is sufficient for the family - then the man is in real trouble!

13. When your wife keep asking whether your new ideas and efforts will yield any positive result.  They will always cast aspersion on your efforts subtly, even as they will decree in the spirit that none of your efforts should succeed.

14. When your wife suggests you should focus on business or career instead of ministry, especially when you have confirmed by the mouth of several men of God and Prophets that you have a call of God upon your life.

15. When in ministry and your wife is continually doubting your Calling just because the church has only few members.

16. When you find it very difficult to obtain help from known and unknown sources. When favour  is completely hard to come bye.  Usually, she will come in to support you financially and she is happy to do that. When you see such in your marriage, you are in trouble as the man of the house or the Pastor or Prophet. You are marrying a woman, who is stronger than you in the spirit.  You must arise and fight the spiritual battle of your life, else.....your destiny will be swallowed by the serpent in the house, God forbid it for you.

17. When you are in ministry and your wife continues in her old church.

What to do:

This is a serious problem facing Pastors and vibrant men of God today. It is capable of wasting the entire effort of the Pastor and send him to hell fire. These women are destiny hunters who SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE THEIR WAY. We should not allow agents of Satan have their way in our lives and families.

The battle usually takes years before victory begins to show forth.  You have to resist the conditions the devil will want to place you.  In real life, you the child of God will want to love your wife as the bible has instructed us, not knowing that you are marrying the enemy of your calling and destiny.

One of the things the Lord would always do for His servants is HELP.  When the battles becomes tough, when family and friends have deserted you, thinking you are a failure, the Lord will start taking the evil men fighting you AWAY, one after the other, so you can have peace.

When the Lord arrests the arrow head of the satanic network fighting you, the battle will change. When the Pastor is about to be completely delivered, the battle becomes very brutal, the devil increases the powers of his agents to frighten you, but with God, you are a victor. 


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