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APGA ‘ll retain power in Anambra, says Ochije

Comrade Obi Ochije Modilim is a chieftain of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra state. He spoke with NWANOSIKE ONU on the preparation of his party for the November 18 governorship election.
How prepared is your party for the governorship election?
When you talk of readiness on this November 18 election, I can tell you that governor Willie Obiano and our great party APGA is over 100 per cent ready for the election. Therefore, to answer your question, we are ready. But, what we will not do is to tell the people our strategies. 

APGA is a grass root, party and a mass movement. So, I laugh at people who say Obiano will not win his second term in Anambra. His victory is already granted through the people of the state, because of his good works and touching the lives of the needy. Already, he has implemented his four-point agenda in the state and he has entered into another phase.
Are you not afraid of other parties like PDP, APC, PPA and UPP?
APGA and its members cannot be afraid of anything because President Mohammadu Buhari is a man that does not want to dent his integrity. All we are asking for is fair play for every party during the election. From what has happened everywhere in the country, especially the recent Osun senatorial election, it seems the APC government is not interested in muzzling people, but ready to provide a level playing ground for every party and that is what democracy is all about. Therefore, there is no reason for APGA our great party to be afraid of anything because the votes will count.
Anambra election is an election everybody including the international country is ready to monitor. A lot of investors all over the world are ready to flood the state for the election. My advice to the people of Anambra is that we should show the world that this state is a peaceful place and a very important state in Igbo land.
But, what about the crisis in your party over the national leadership? does it not bother you?
I think the crisis could be equated to a family problem that could be settled any moment. It does not give us any concern because we know the people are capable of settling it any moment from now. Our great leader and board of Trustees (BoT) chairman, which is the governor has already started the peace talks and very soon, the issues will be a thing of the past. Dr. Victor Oye is a great man and within his short period as the National Chairman of APGA, he has transformed the party but we have to wait for the court to settle the matter soon. This will bring everybody together to make way for the re-election of Chief Willie Obiano.
Do you believe Obiano has done enough in the state like Obi to deserve re-election?
Remember they are all APGA and that continuity is always there. There is no need comparing the two because the governments are all APGA.  Obi did well in the state and he is still being hailed in the party today, but I believe Obiano has surpassed the records set in the state by our former Governor which had lacked in Anambra state before Sen. Chris Ngige came on board.
With Markafi coming on board, following the Supreme Court judgment, don’t you think the equation has changed concerning the election?
I don’t think so. Let me explain, PDP is another party but first, let me congratulate them for rising from the dead. It will only give room for a stronger opposition not only in the state but also at the federal level. But let me assure you that APGA is not afraid and will never fear any other party in Anambra state because the party belongs to Ndi Anambra and also seen as a party for Ndigbo. 
PDP has no say here again, the party had danced naked in the market and therefore, it will take them some time to recover. For APC? It will take some time for them to be on ground and as for other parties you earlier mentioned, they are all floating in the air as far as Anambra state is concerned. The only thing people know now in this state is that election is between APGA, APC and PDP.


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