STRANGE SIGNS THAT AN ENEMY............Has entered into your Marriage!

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Family Reconciliation Series!

Marriage is a relationship of a life time!

Every other marriage relationships outside a man and a woman are excluded, being an abomination.

The marriage ordained by God is between a man and a woman in a matrimony with God as the head of the union. Every other strange derivatives of marriage I hear about today are excluded. 

Unions like a man marrying a man, or a woman marrying a woman, or a man marrying two friends, or a man marrying a woman and her daughter, or a woman marrying two men to satisfy her lust for men, or a married couple exchanging themselves with another couple...All these are excluded, an  abomination before God.

Marriage develops with time and experience and requires the two people happily working together to establish a love relationship that that friends and relative will not be able to break.  A relationship where the wife is both the wife, mother and friend of the husband.  She is respected and honoured and the husband is also the brother, friend, lover and father to the wife . The wife submits to him in all things as God expects from us. 

This is the kind of 'water tight' marriage relationship friends, colleagues and relatives will find hard to break into.  Establish house rules and order that will produce godly children in a loving and respectable family setup.  The man and the wife will agree their dates and special nights and occasions and ensure that no person comes in-between the two of them.  No mother  relative of friend will replace the wife in attention in the home, same for the husband.

The feeling and emotions of the husband and wife are not taken for granted in their love relationship throughout their days uninterrupted.  This is why I see young couples toying with their relationships and undermining the marriage with careless living styles.  Some of them continue to play the girl in their office after marriage, while some young men retains their office lovers after marriage.  Once I confronted my friend who was still taking his ex-girlfriend to lunch after marriage and he said there was nothing existing between them any longer, but he was joking.

Commitment and attention between the man and his wife is so vital that no responsible man or woman should ignore his spouse, you know why...the two have become one flesh (in the spirit) and in the physical, they are working together all the way.  So, if you think you have reached a point where you no longer pay attention to your spouse, then you are looking for trouble.

It takes a few days to prepare and get married, but a life time of commitment to build your marriage. Companionship, sex and recreation are major reasons for marriage ordained by God. Companionship talks about friendship, someone to stand by you for life, helping you to fulfill God's plan for your life.  

Companionship talks about a relationship beyond sex and having children to years and faithful and and love relationship between the husband and the wife that friends, parents and relations cannot break, job and money cannot break.  It talks about love till end of time, even after the children are themselves mothers and fathers and the father and mother are once again the only ones at home when the children are all established on their own.

Intimacy and procreation is talking about mutually satisfying relationship between the man and his wife. It talks about fulfilling God's command for marriage to be fruitful, multiply  and replenish the earth Gen 1:28a.  This also talks about creating a health society.  This is why a healthy family is important for a healthy society.  If the homes continue to have problem, then know that the future society will experience turmoil, except God intervenes.

This is also talking about happiness in marriage as infidelity brings spiritual separation between the man and the woman.  Once a stranger is brought into the marriage through adultery, the marriage is divided in the spirit, though the couple are still living together and even having sex when they need to.

The spirit of the stranger brought into the marriage 'through the back door' will be drawing one of the partners and then tormenting the union, albeit secretly...and over time, attention and affection will start drifting away. This is why adultery is the only reason for divorce with God, though it is still not automatic. It is for the same reason that the bible says that God Himself will judge adulterers. 

But, if you sow God's love, you reap God's love.  If you love and do good to people without expecting anything in return, you reap the love and mercy of our heavenly Father. The same is true in marriage, if you love your spouse and forgive all his/her offenses, you will earn the love and mercy of our heavenly Father in that marriage and in your life.

The book of Galatians says that when one is caught in an act of wrong doing, those that are righteous and of right standing, though that are hurt by the action and those offended should restore the weak person in love, else they themselves may be tempted too.

It is for these reasons that it is not too difficult to observe when the devil has dipped his hands into a godly marriage.  When a stranger begins to take away the affection and interest of one of the partners, it does not take a long time to observe the change in mood, speech and attention.

For people who are not careful to discern trouble or danger signals in marriage, here are some of the symptoms of the presence of Satan in your marriage.  This Satan is not a spirit, but a stranger, you do not know yet. 

Signs of the presence of a Stranger in your marriage:

1. You're No Longer each Other's Priority

When ever your spouse is no longer the centre of your attention and commitment, she is no longer the woman you do all to please and keep happy. If as a woman, you lose that essential part of your marriage, you can lose the person that once meant the world to you. If you're not making your wife or husband a priority in your life anymore — Know that there is a problem that need to be fixed.  Your hearts has drifted apart, probably because of unresolved argument or disagreement.

2. You Don't Like Spending Quality Time Together

After a long day's of work, when you get home, the only discussion you have with your spouse is greeting and how was your day, you enter your separate rooms to watch whatever program that pleases you.  For the man, if he will eat that night, he goes to the kitchen to prepare or warm the food and eat, while the wife looks away.

3. You're Going to Your Friends Instead of Your Partner
When you have issue bothering you and you think of your friend or colleague in the office to discuss it with, instead of your spouse, be careful that that friend or colleague is not the reason why you are having loss of interest in your spouse.

The  devil will use people around you to devour your marriage and waste it before you know it if you become careless.  When you break one of marriage golden rules - Don't discuss your marital issues with a third party, even your parents, so whosoever becomes so dear to you that you begin to discuss your husband or wife with, may be the agent the devil is using or planning to use to destroy your marriage.

4. Distance Between You getting wider 

You will know when the gap between both of you are getting wider and out of hand.  You must also know the reason for the gap and loss of affection.  It is the time to humble yourselves and come together to discuss.  It is a time to cut every impostor off and concentrate on your family, seek counsel and and pray more for reconciliation.

The man must know why the family is drifting, if he is honest and truely a child of God.  In your dreams and the voice of God that comes to you will reveal all the secrets to you, so you will know how to handle the matter and achieve a reconciliation.

5. You're Near each other, yet lonely

Loneliness is a terrible thing.  Initially you will not think it an issue you cannot handle until it grows out of proportion.  This is what happens when you are with your spouse in the house,and yet you have little or no meaningful interaction and fun together.  You are physically together, but your heart are far away from each other - "You can be in the same room, one of you on the computer, the other person texting messages to friends, know that you are lonely,  doing your own things — that's an indication there's disconnection"

6. You Aren't Having intimacy Anymore

Intimacy is one thing that bond the couple together in the physical and in the spirit.  The bible saying that whoever you sleep with, you have joined together with such a person in the spirit.  This is why any sex outside the marriage bring a stranger int the marriage, and a curse to the family - for you have been joined with that person and the spirit inside that person is easily transmitted into your own spirit.

In the realm of the spirit, when a stronger power want to own a smaller person to control her, the man, agent of the devil, spirit husband or wife goes to sleep with such a person in the dream, so that he can easily control the person, once he puts his spirit inside of her through the sex in the dream.  I am trying to prove the spiritual bonding that happens when two people meet together.

So, when you no longer feel the urge to have sex with your spouse, there is a problem, and a serious one for that matter.  It could mean that a spiritual husband or wife are sleeping with you in the dream or a strange man or woman is already doing that with you in the physical - which is a shame in marriage and a curse on you that defiles your marital bed.

Intimacy in the marriage strengthens the intimacy between the couple and when that is no more happening, meaning you are living like brother and sister in the house, know for sure that it is not normal.  

Beloved, when you observe some of the conditions discussed above in your marriage,  do not ignore it as it indicates that all is not well with your marriage. Seek counsel and be prepared to forgive, never holding offence...but with prayer and supplication bring the matter to God in faith and believe the answer will not be delayed.


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