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Parliament schedules motion of no confidence in Zuma

Parliament (News24)

Cape Town - Parliament Speaker Baleka Mbete has scheduled the Democratic Alliance's request for a motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma for August 3.
Mbete on Friday said she made the decision after the DA wrote to her asking for the motion to be scheduled at the soonest available opportunity following the Constitutional Court judgment last week.
She also consulted with the leader of government business and chief whip of the majority party, as required by the National Assembly rules.
"This will necessitate that the National Assembly sits earlier than initially planned," a Parliament statement said.
"This decision has taken into account that some committees of the Assembly are currently undertaking oversight visits and Parliament has set aside July for constituency work."
She was still considering whether the vote will be conducted via secret ballot.
Secret ballot decision after July 14
She asked all parties to take advantage of the National Assembly rules and register their viewpoints on a secret ballot formally by July 14.
Her decision will be taken thereafter, after considering all viewpoints and all factors, to come to a "well-informed and logical decision".
The United Democratic Movement and Economic Freedom Fighters had also motivated for a secret ballot since the Constitutional Court judgment, she said.
"The UDM has asked to meet with the Speaker to discuss the matter of a secret ballot," Mbete said.
"Mindful that the powers to make a determination regarding voting procedures solely rest with the Speaker, as clarified by the Constitutional Court, the Speaker has invited interested parties to submit their views regarding their preferred means of voting on this particular motion."
Parliament goes on recess on Friday, and MPs will return to work in their constituencies. It sits again on July 31.


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