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Secret Dedication!

One of the most important words in the bible was spoken by our Saviour Jesus Christ, saying "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free". It then means that if you don't know the truth about something, you could be put in bondage by ignorance.
Earlier in this morning, while writing on our One week of God's mercy, I had mentioned that our eyes are not open to see things around us we have been praying for.  You do not need to blame anybody for this situation, but yourself.  If we know what to do and do it, our eyes will open in the spirit and life will become easier for us.
In Hosea 4:6 it says "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge". As in the court of law, ignorance is not an excuse, so it is in the realm of the spirit.  A secret dedication should be broken and destroyed  and the item dedicated returned before solution can come.
Some breakthroughs will refuse to materialize until secret and hidden dedications are destroyed.  One secret all believers should know is that there is no stagnancy in God. When there is stagnancy, lack of good things, working hard without anything to show; when there is lack of favour etc, it means there is a problem.  When we have a problem, it is our duty to diligently confront the problem in the name of the Lord and overcome it.  
Spiritual battle
What do I mean by diligently - I mean to say, we should examine ourselves and meditate on the issue and events around the matter to discover where the problem is coming. When in doubt, we should ask the Holy Spirit to help us. When we know the source of a problem, then fighting that battle would be straight forward and easy. 
There is a problem I want people to overcome today with a few set of prayer points as we wait on the Lord for mercy this one week.  That problem is called 

Secret dedication.
Secret dedication is an evil strategy of the devil to keep people stagnant in life till may be death, if such people refuses to fight back. It is the commitment of a person or something to idols or stronger powers without the knowledge of the victim. Once a secret dedication is effected, the demons are empowered by sacrifice to monitor and police the person around, enforcing the wishes of the agents that made the decree.
Sometimes people give you money and other things to help you and you would not know they have dedicated that money to strange powers and spoken evil word on the money or items. And so you spend the money on your business and after few weeks or months, the business begins to nose-dive before it collapse.

Money dedicated to darkness
This problem have kept many Christians in bondage and captivity of the enemy for a long time. The real challenge with secret dedication is that the enemy has a legal ground to afflict that business or person, when a dedicated material is used, I give an instance, I prayed for a sick lady who was bed ridden for long and after the prayers, I blessed water for her to be drinking and I left.  

In the night and by the spirit, the relative of her that is responsible for her sickness confronted me and asked why I should pray for her. I said...So, she can be free from sickness, healed and strong.  The man said she may have been healed now, but he knows what to do, he said he would give her money again, and as soon as she takes that money, the sickness will return.  That is the power of secret dedicated material in a person's life.  He said, because he is the power living inside of her and causing her to die slowly. May God deliver you from wicked brothers and sisters in Jesus name.

Secret Dedication speaks against You
It was the vow of the enemy! Also, in the book of Exodus, the Egyptians and Pharaoh made a vow that they would pursue, overtake and destroy. It was a vow of the enemy. But then, we can counter the vow of the enemy by praying “Counter-vow prayers.”

Sometime ago, a sister ran to us for help: she was facing very terrible situations. She had three children studying in three different universities abroad. All of them came back home on the same day without anyone sending for them. Two of them were deported, and they landed on the same day. The third one said he heard a voice urging him to go home. But coincidentally or by the arrangement of the enemy, he too arrived on the same day as others. All three children came back on the same day; what a terrible situation. However, when we started praying, we discovered that all the three men had been married to family spirit wives, and the day they all came back was the wedding ceremony day. So, one way or the other, they found their way back to the country.

What does secret dedication mean?

1. It means to devote a person or thing to the worship of a spirit.
2. It means to set apart for a definite purpose.
3. It means to inscribe or address as a compliment to a person.
4. It means to perform a ceremony of religious acceptance.
5. It means to consecrate.
6. It means to ordain, induct or enshrine.

There are many people who do not understand what is going on in their lives. Sometime ago, a renowned Prophet in Nigeria was in England, and a mother brought her five beautiful daughters to him for prayer. Three of them were medical doctors, one a lawyer and one worked in a bank. They were ages 41 and below. They were very beautiful women but had no husbands. Men would come and run away; they would eat their food, take their money, ride in their cars, and run away. 

When he started praying with them, the Lord said to him, “Ask their mother what she knows about a waistband?" She screamed and said in her husband’s family, there was a waistband, which every girl child in the family must wear and that all the five daughters wore it. She said the same fate befell any woman in the family that used it, meaning that through the waistband, all the ladies were already married off to some spirits somewhere; they have been dedicated to them. Until those things were broken, these women never moved forward. The enemy would see to it that they followed the dedication through. The reason the battle of so many people is so hard is that there are some spirits battling against them.

More facts about Secret dedication
1. A person becomes the property of the deity he is dedicated to.
2. Dedication is outright sale, and to be free, you must be bought back. That is, you must be redeemed.
3. Whether the person who did the dedication is dead or alive, the agreement remains binding.
4. Changing a name of dedication is also a spiritual transaction. If you are bearing a name that shows that you are already connected to an idol, it is good for you to change the name. In fact, it is the best thing to do. But after changing it physically, you still have to change it in the spiritual register or the power behind the name will still be looking for you.
5. A person is married to any power to which he/she is dedicated.
6. The powers to whom a person is dedicated see to it that the contract is not broken.
7. You acquire the nature of what you are dedicated to. A person’s character will conform to that of whatever idol he or she is dedicated to. For example, anyone dedicated to the god of thunder would be quick tempered.
8. Sex with a candidate of evil dedication also converts his or partner to a candidate because the Bible says, “Two shall become one.”

All dedications have the voice of authority; they speak for or against. A person that has already been dedicated to a spirit wife may have difficulty leaving his location because the spirit wife will be crying against his moving forward. A person who is about to be ordained as a pastor could suddenly fall into the sin of fornication or adultery which could result in pregnancy and a week to the ordination, a letter will come to say, “This pastor has made me pregnant.” That will be the end of the ordination. So, all dedications have a voice of authority. Many cases of failure at the edge of breakthroughs happen because there is a voice that said, “No.”

Practically all indigenous cultures are saturated with one form of idolatry or another. This is very clear from some of the ceremonies that are conducted. For example, during child naming ceremonies, babies are thrown into a local River in worship of a local mermaid spirit. In one South South fishing community in Nigeria, the people noticed that people were drowning almost everyday in the river and decided to position rescue divers around and some fishermen also decided to help boats that capsize.  That was happening until a local mermaid spirit told the people to stop rescuing people that are drowning in the river.

How can a people make progress, when a mermaid spirit takes control of the river, the source of the peoples only means of livelihood - fishing. That is what happens when you dedicate your children into the river to the marine spirit and when the spirit want blood, it simply drowns the people and drink their blood. 

So, our culture is a culture of dedication to many things. Even the coronation of kings takes its root in dedication ceremonies. Burial ceremonies are not left out. All the ceremonies to initiate people into adulthood, dedication of buildings, worship centres, market places, etc are all rooted in idolatry. So if you or your parents have ever been through any of these ceremonies, know for sure that one way or the other, you have been dedicated to something. And this kind of dedication is an evil marriage.

One terrible thing about evil dedications is what you find in Psalm 106:28: “They joined themselves also unto Baal-poer and ate the sacrifices of the dead. Thus, they provoked Him to anger with their inventions: and the plague broke in upon them.” All kinds of terrible things happen once a person gets involved in these things. Most of what we call tradition and culture are dedications: habits of eating, drinking, and pouring of libations to the dead. These situations establish and strengthen bondage.

Effects of Secret dedication

Stagnancy - When you notice that nothing is working for you as a child of God, most of your efforts end up in failure and no favour.  When the favour you receive is only from one family member or friend, know there is a problem and possibly a curse also. 
Secret dedication is a silent killer of destiny. No one should be stagnant in life and whatever is stagnant decays, so confront your problem with aggressive prayer while living right before God.
Ways out of Secret dedication
1. Repentance: Repent properly before the Lord.
2. Examine your background: Take a thorough look at your background; how did your great grandfather, grandfather and father die? Is there any evil pattern running in your family? How many times was your mother married? Check out all these things.
3. Personally identify any dedication that may be speaking against you, so that you can silence it and move forward.
4. Prayerfully rectify your foundation. The trouble you are in could be as a result of evil dedication. If your spouse has a background of evil dedication you are in trouble too because by that marriage, you have already dedicated yourself. But you can deliver yourself through prayers.
5. The last thing to do is to destroy every altar of satan and dedicate yourself to the Lord. One way to be free from evil dedication is by dedicating your life and everything that belongs to you properly to God.

Prayer Points
1. I overcome by the blood of Jesus Christ every secret dedication working against me.
2. Alters of secret dedication raised against me, catch fire
3. Anything dedicated to Satan and given to me catch fire
4. Every monitoring spirit delegated to monitor and manipulate me, catch fire and receive total blindness in Jesus name.
5. Powers assigned to hinder me, be frustrated and fail in Jesus Christ name.
6. Power of the strong man over my life and business, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name
7. Power of the strongman over my life and business, be nullified by the blood of Jesus
8. Every secret dedication working against my life etc die by the blood of Jesus and Holy Ghost fire.
9. By the blood of Jesus, I break every curse working against me from the evil man/woman arising from secret dedication
10. O Lord, as I return the money or material or as I apologize to the enemy for a wrong I did without knowing, let the effect and manifestation of secret dedication cease from my life and business in Jesus name

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