WAR AGAINST WITCHCRAFT............Seven Instances that destroys a Witch!



When Jesus Christ cried out "It is Finished" on the cross of Calvary, He meant that all that is needed to give you a worthy life, healthy and successful life is complete. 

His death on the cross is a complete victory over Satan, deliverance from all sickness, sin and adversity. After His death, He also gave us the authority and power over the works of darkness, to destroy every shade of darkness around us. Luke 10:19

The Lord sent us the Holy Spirit, the spirit of God to be with us, help and guide us in all things and into all spiritual battles we may face.  The beauty of the Holy Spirit is awesome that, by His coming, we shall receive power to stand for Christ and do exploits and the Spirit will tell us things, battles, journeys and other things to come. Acts 1:4-8


A brief look at Witchcraft spirit and the havoc this spirit causes when it possesses a person. The definition of witchcraft is a person who is possessed by a spirit of witchcraft.  It is this evil spirit that possesses a person and then drives them into doing evil.  No believer can be ignorant of witchcraft because they are everywhere and in almost every family.  

You need the knowledge to distinguish the spirit from the person it is operating from.  This is why some of your friends are in society and you will not know.  In the day, they are your best friends as you think, but at night, your enemy, especially if you are in the light. The spirit of witchcraft is feared by believers who have no spiritual fire or power.  They are feared because of the evil they could cause, the destructive acts carried by those people under the influence of witchcraft spirit.

In summary, there are three types of witches: Black, white and red.  Those who are possessed by this spirit lead a double life - In this world and in the spirit world. They have spiritual eyes which can see into the spirit at all times and they are more sensitive in the spirit than an average Christian.

The purpose of all the witches is to cause havoc, destruction and bloodshed. They work with sub-subservient spirits to carry out the orders of Satan. The white witches are located in Western countries and are primarily in the Laboratory and Manufacturing industries.  

They are responsible for the design and manufacturing of large-scale destructive materials like bombs, and similar things that cause mass death.  They are also the ones producing sexual toys of all kinds, artificial penis, sex dolls etc.

The black witches are located mostly in Africa and are the most powerful and evil.  They carry out attacks on people mostly at night.  They prefer to kill their victim by 'remote control'.  They travel spiritually and change forms to enter houses and attack their victim without being noticed.  The Red witches are located throughout the whole world.  They cause accidents and bloodshed after which they suck the blood of the hurt and dying people.  A person may be both a wizard and a red or black witch.

The spirit of witchcraft that possesses people and uses them for evil purposes has been a major stumbling block for Christians because of the confusion of distinguishing the person from the spirit.  Witchcraft spirit was one of the evil spirits God cast out of heaven along with Satan and consequently, this spirit hates mankind with perfect hatred.

It is also for this purpose that God hates the spirit very much.  It gives its victims spiritual information that men did not have, to do things that they are not expected to do.  God gave a verdict of death on the spirit in Exodus 22:18 - Suffer not a witch to live.  Know for sure that witches can be killed by God when their time is up or by orders from the Powers and Principalities of darkness.  They can also be killed by a death decree from an anointed man of God, by any believer, speaking from the leading of the Holy Ghost and finally, witches and wizards can be killed by orders from Satan himself. The devil or his principalities can order the death of a witch for disobedience, disloyalty or creating problems for those above him.  

Every believer has the power to destroy the works of witchcraft using our spiritual weapons.  The name of Jesus Christ, His blood, the Fire of God, the Holy Ghost fire, the Word of God etc. Fear not - develop your spiritual life and be strong to stand their attacks and destroy them!

Witchcraft is a Spiritual battle

Witchcraft is a serious spiritual battle.  Their agents may pretend to be nice to you, but never be ignorant of their devices.  The only agenda they pursue is destruction, if a person is ignorant of who they are, they will surprise the person. Witchcraft is man's enemy number 1, and so every Christian should know how to overcome their attacks.  They are everywhere.  In the offices, markets, schools and homes.  They are close relatives and friends, so you cannot run away from them.  You have to increase your praying and fasting, study the word of God and have the faith of a Minister of the gospel.

We also know from the scriptures that we have spiritual weapons to fight the enemy - who is a spirit. These spiritual weapons include -  The name of Jesus Christ, His blood, the Fire of God, the Holy Ghost fire, the Word of God etc.  So, fear not - There is no enemy you cannot confront with Christ in you. Your duty as a born-again Christian is to remain connected to Christ and then grow in faith and trust. Develop your spiritual life and be strong to stand their attacks and destroy their works.

Nature of Spiritual warfare
In a witchcraft battle, you know the person fighting you, you may even live in the same house or compound together, but the battle is not physical.  In spiritual warfare, we may know the person troubling us, his family and everything about him, but that man is not our problem, the devil is only using him because he is close to us.  The devil could use any other person that is close to us too. So, as believers, we do not take spiritual battles personally, thinking our friend or brother is the enemy, NO! He is not the enemy, the devil is the enemy. 

If you miss this point, then your spiritual battles will be a painful and agonizing experience. The devil is the enemy, and so our prayer should be directed at the enemy and for God to frustrate him and the agent he is using to trouble us. This is why the Bible says...Though we walk in the flesh, our battle is not carnal.  We are not fighting the flesh or according to the flesh.  We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.  

Fight not canal
In contending with witchcraft spirit, a believer should be very sensitive always, because they usually like to hide their identity, so you will never believe the person eating with you is a witch.  You can live with a witch and wizard in the same house for years without knowing she is a member of the secret society. The believer is expected to pray always, and live a holy lifestyle.

Our fight is not canal, so believers must put on the whole armour of God, so that they may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.  Your fight against the works of darkness will be canal if you take it personally and confront the person. 

When you have a stubborn witchcraft agent behind your case, you will have to become a Prayer Warrior and praying will become your daily morning and evening sacrifices. Targeted prayers will destroy their coven sacrifices, images and rituals they have done in the coven against you.  You should regularly fast and pray, especially night prayers from 12am in the morning to 6.00am.  They gather in their coven every 11.00pm every night to think and do evil.  If your prayer can be by 12am, you will do well.

In a witchcraft battle, you must know the sources of your trouble, and the person or persons involved and pray targeted prayers.  Knowing who is behind your matter and the sources of the arrow you are experiencing is through divine revelation you get when you pray daily and your 'hands are clean.  You must keep clean hands and a pure heart, otherwise, you cannot withstand their attack.  

They can see everything you are doing or what you even plan to do, so no carnal man can with any spiritual battle.  You need the help of the Holy Ghost, the Captain of the Lord's Army.  The Holy Ghost makes battles easy for us.

Behaviour Traits Of Witches

1.) Witches crave power.

2.) Witches want to dominate and control everyone in their lives.

3.) Witches only care about themselves.

4.) Witches do not reveal their true selves and hide behind false faces.

5.) Witches are incapable of love, or any true emotion for that matter.

6.) Witches are extremely jealous people.

7.) Witches practice black magic against innocent people. If someone stands in the way of a witch getting what she/he wants the witch will hurt, harm, or kill the person without hesitation or regret. Witches often give themselves away by bragging about their evil ways. 

8.) Witches take delight in the pain and suffering of others, especially if they caused it.

9.) Witches are skilled at manipulation and they use people.

10.) Sexually attractive witches use their bodies and sex to control people and get them to do what they want.

11.) Witches have ways to conceal their evil. They live double lives and can be very secretive.

12.) Witches are parasitical people.

Instances that Kill the Witch

However, for people wanting to know how to kill a stubborn witch, tormenting their life, here are a few instances by experience that can utterly kill a witch and terminate their wickedness.  My counsel is that you destroy their evil works, arrows directed at you, instead of praying for their death. You should pray against the spirit using them, and not the person the spirit is using, for the real enemy is the devil.

God is the ultimate judge of all actions.  However, you cannot afford to be ignorant of their activities

1. A witch can be killed by God when their time is up

2. An aggrieved servant of God with spiritual authority and in right standing with God. The anointing that brings down healing and deliverance is the same anointing that kills.  When that man of God cries against such a witch or wizard and asks God to take him/her away, it is a matter of days.

3. Witches can also be killed when they fall into 'spiritual error' - For instance, a witch or wizard whose time is up may decide to use another person's life in exchange, but if that person is a believer, he can counter the attack on his life, and the witch or wizard would die.

4. A Witch can be killed when the animal, bird or cockroach, which they transform into is killed while the witch is in the animal.  Once, I was visiting Lagos and as I was praying before bed, I heard a voice that I might kill a witch in this compound.  I wondered within me how this will happen.  

Then at night, I woke up to pray and after a while, I turned to see a Wall-gecko staring at me.  When I look deeply into this wall gecko, I saw the face of a woman, then I spoke to her saying, In the name of Jesus, I will kill you, immediately I took up, my bathroom slippers to strike it, and the wall-gecko disappeared.  If you wake up in the night and see cockroaches gathered around a spot in your room, or a lizard staring at you and you can quickly kill that lizard - if the spirit of the witch is there, the witch may die. There is no assurance.

5. They can also be killed by the decree of a satanic agent at the level of the ruler of darkness. It is said that higher members of darkness have the authority to terminate the life of a disobedient witch and easily too.

6. Witches can be killed by orders from the Powers & Principalities or Satan himself for disobedience, disloyalty or creating a problem for those above them. 

7. When the Holy Spirit, is leading you in a spiritual battle, He tells you what to do, and the steps to take in a particular situation and if you obey, success is yours.  

There are a few other instances like when an aggrieved witch reveals their secret to you over a situation.  For example, A woman was tormented by her husband, who was a wizard and one day one of the witches got angry at the level of suffering of this woman she decided to help her. 

She told her, it was her husband that was slowly killing her.  She advised her to get some leaves from the bush and to use the leaves to prepare.  She did as directed and soon after, she was well.  Three days after her sickness had gone, her husband died without being sick at all.

What the bible says about witchcraft   

1. “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God- Leviticus 19:31 - 

2. “You shall not permit a sorceress to live - Exodus 22:18 

3. “A man or a woman who is a medium or a necromancer shall surely be put to death. They shall be stoned with stones; their blood shall be upon them.” - Leviticus 20:27 

5. “If a person turns to mediums and necromancers, whoring after them, I will set my face against that person and will cut him off from among his people - Leviticus 20:6 

6. Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God - Galatians 5:19-21 


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