Obesity introduces struggle into the lives of people.  The question is "What are the major causes of fat build-up in the body and how can it be prevented"?

A lot of Plus size women suffer inferiority problem because of excess fat in their body and over the years many of them has learn to make themselves happy in a number of ways, which incidentally is becoming acceptable.

The plus size women were the first to gather themselves together in a club of plus size women and today we have the Plus size women group of all shades, motivating their members to see themselves as they are BEAUTIFUL.  But beyond their hype, will it not be ideal to look into the conditions that has made alot of women 'Plus Size'.  

I want to look at some of these conditions with a view that those women that have the tendency to be fat will arise and take steps to control their body size, as I usually say...Obesity is not their friend.

What then are the causes of this excess fat that has made it difficult for many women to continue working on their jobs.  Many who are jobless cannot find one because they are rather too slow in movement and no employer wants to take the risk of employing them.

The reasons are many and few at the same time.  They are few because most obesed women and men eat too much food.  Much food and less exercising are the main cause of heavy weight.

A woman who is a Nurse for instance and works in a Hospital will be sitting down to attend to patients all through the day.  Occasionally, she would walk around the ward of the Hospital and that's it.  Her feeding habit should be tea and biscuits till she closes from work, or light breakfast in the morning and nothing else till she closes from work.

If she decides to eat heavy breakfast and lunch continually while in the office, she will certainly add huge weight and if she does not have time to exercise her body...you are looking at Obesity and the reason is obvious, her job is not energy demanding and she is not burning off much fat during the office hours.

There is the case of eating junk food because it is convenient to buy and eat.  But junk food like Burger, Cake, Meat Pie and similar fast food has been found to help men and women gather unnecessary weight within a short time.

Natural food and fruits is the ideal food recommended for all.  When it is not possible to get home cocked food that is free from fatty condiments, fibre foods like Bread, Corn Flakes is recommended with a lot of exercises.

We see yet another reason why many women are becoming fat and obese.  

This is common with young women of today who desire to look their best.  They use fat injection, also called silicon chips injection or bum enhancement to blow up their bum for beauty sake.

This is done through surgery and a host  of risky therapy the woman goes through.  At the end of the day, the fat injected into their body will lead to weight addition and excess weight.

This bum and breast enhancement is the latest craze in the women fashion.  It enhances their looks to the point of seduction and such women are the eyes of everyone at occasions and events.  This is achieved at the risk of their health.

1. Sisters, eat less and do exercises to keep your body under check.
2. Consider the type of work you do and make necessary adjustment to your eating habit
3. Avoid heavy breakfast and lunch on the same day and consistently.
4. Exercise your body daily.  If you cannot go to the Gym, then take a walk as a routine daily in the morning or night.
5. Take fruits daily and sometimes take juicy fruits and salad for meal
6. Eat the right food in the right quantity and exercise!

What did the bible say about caring for your body

The Lord has a word of instruction, advice or counsel about everything. Let look at the scriptures concerning taking good care of the body and why it is important. Without the body, you can do practically nothing and so any sickness that breaks down the body has also broken down the person.

Why should we take care of our body

The body is so important to the soul that the soul cannot live without the body. No matter how you can pray and preach, if the body is afflicted by sickness, you cannot do anything till you recover. The battle for your wholeness, your good health is a primary battle in life.  Who soever is careless with his body and his or her  health is regret later in life.

There are few other reasons that should make you to be health conscious. Here are some of them:

It glorifies God
You’re taking care of your body –  His temple glorifies Him.  When you have enough strength and energy to fulfill God's purpose in your life, it glorifies God .  In 1 Corinthians 10:31 the bible says "Whatever we do we’re to do it to the glory of God. It also tells us in Isaiah that we were created and formed by God to glorify Him.  This is our primary purpose in life – to glorify God. We do that when we care for our body and live a healthy lifestyle.

The Holy Spirit lives in us. The Spirit of God  actually lives in us by faith and by the word. The desire to live well and strong is necessary for those that wants to live long and strong

You’re God's creation
Ephesians 2:10 helps us see that we are God’s masterpiece, created after the image of God and Christ is the closest image of God we can relate with and when Christ was on earth, there was no record that he fell sick or was hospitalized...NO!.  This truth should motivate you to speak health to your body and its component parts.  There is no sickness in heaven and all sickness is from the devil, and that is why Jesus gave us power over the power of the enemy to rebuke, bind and cast away demons of affliction, infirmity and sickness.

If you value your destiny and desires to fulfill it, and your relationship with the Lord, you are likely to be taking good care of your body and your health.  If your relationship with God is important to you, and you’re not taking too good care of your body, you should know that on this earth, without a healthy body, you are limited in a huge way, which you cannot afford. So start taking care of your body and health.


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