An average mother hardly believes her daughter is bad except when she has become a nuisance indeed. This is because she is either praying for her to repent and change or she thinks the daughter is having fun and living her life to the full as a youth.

in reality, there are bad and good girls.

Who is a bad girl?

A bad girl is one that has been negatively exposed in life to the extent that her ill exposure becomes the driving force motivating her behaviour and conduct.  She thinks and talks worldly.  She may be lazy or hardworking, but one thing stands clear, she wants the best things of life now and today.

She is someone who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. she's not afraid to do and say what others only dream about.  she's looked down on as a good for nothing in her circle. but in all reality she does what everyone wants to do, she just has enough guts to do it.

She is a runs girl whose thoughts and imagination is focused on showing off, being like others, being noticed anywhere she goes. She is a TV star at home and in the office. In many occasions, she has to clothes and jewelry from friends to keep up with fashion and relevance. 
She may be stubborn, but she knows how to fall in love.  

When she is in love, her world would know about it.  She will show it everywhere, on the street as you walk with her, in her office, college etc. She will sing it, display it, she will even cook it in the kitchen of the man. … And you know what, men love such openness, such natural love is so soothing to the ego of men. 

She is greedy for money, independent-minded and willful.  People think she is out of control. She keeps a lot of male friends and does things that are not acceptable to her parents.  She crosses the line several times in the area of relationship, drinking, clubbing, partying etc and she’s not afraid of the consequences.

The Good Girl: - These are church girls, seen at every church and fellowship meetings of the church and its groups.  She is humble and respectful and caries a holier than thou attitude. She will not allow a guy to hold her hands tight, no hugging, no kissing etc

She is committed to God and to the programs of the church; she is focused on her imaginary destination.  She expects brothers to be holy and respect her person when they come around her.

She is respectful to authorities, not looking for trouble, and there is nothing doubtful about her. She is quite obedient and well spoken of in the church and at home.

What then is the problem why this righteous lady is not married after 30 or more years?  I will share what I know with you all.

Do you know that the many bad girls are smarter and more sensitive because they are practically in the jungle theatre of life? They behave like the “rich Idiot”, hope you know the story. She is not loved and appreciated enough by her family and relatives because of her wayward nature.
Yet, she is focused on living big, luxurious and high society life, including marrying a rich and wealthy guy fit for her. She knows the stakes are high and she is smart at her game.  So, she is ever looking beautiful and sexy more than any good girl around her.

She is sensitive to the moves of guy around her and knows when a guy is in love with her.

When she identifies one, she scales down her dates to observe and be sure the guy is truly in love and to give him the time and attention (Being available) that will leave a positive memory in the heart of the guy. She knows when and how to play the good girls also.

The bad girls are very flexible in almost everything and men love this attitude. Sometimes she dresses like a model, at other times a corporate working-class lady and yet at other time, she dresses and behaves like a small innocent and naïve girl.  She will walk and behave like a baby girl that a smart guy can take advantage of, yet she is not naïve at all.

Many of them know how to accommodate impromptu requests from their lovers and knows how to win the heart of men.  She does not argue with her man, instead, she keeps her opinion to herself.

As a matter of fact, when she is in love, she behaves like the local girl in love with the village King, totally submissive and quite.  She drops her “Spinster Jacket” and becomes a new girl to the delight of the guy. She would quickly join a local church to pray for the success of the relationship. She will ask God for mercy and forgiveness.

Meanwhile, the so-called “good” girls do nothing to impress her prospective suitor, she is confident and would commit all things to God in prayer.  She is not aggressive, believes her marriage will happen when its time comes.  Can I shock you?  God will answer her, but maybe not as quick as the desperate bad girl.

The good girl's response to a proposal is towards God first, by increasing her commitment in the things of God, she will maintain her holiness and seldom ask for God’s mercy.  Meanwhile, she may even have a boyfriend she visits once in a while, without considering that the offence is the same.  

Whether you have 8 boyfriends or one boyfriend, the offence is the same before God, though the risk for both ladies is not the same.  The devil deceives her not to know this and not to ask for mercy from God.

What you ask is what God will give you. The bad girls who know how to ask for mercy and how to receive mercy from the Almighty God. Mercy will cover her sins and cancel the judgments of men over her life, Praise God.

Before God, the bad girl has humbled herself with her repeated cry for mercy and help. The Lord will be entreated of her and the desires of her heart will be granted, to the surprise of those that know her.
With God’s help, the reproach of the bad girl stays and the bad girl escapes, marries a rich and comfortable guy. Her enemies will say she is fake, others will say it is not true, but she has indeed escaped!  Next week I will explain what is meant by removing her “Spinster Jacket” 

The only issue with the marriage of the bad girl is that her past has a way of fighting her marriage.  This is serious for those of them who are weak emotionally, who cannot close their toxic past relationship that is capable of threatening their marriage.

What men want in a woman

Men are looking also for destiny helpers. Honest and God-fearing ladies, that will be trusted for their faithfulness. A dishonest person, who can trust him or her.

Godly men, in particular, are looking for women who love the Lord and who are ready to serve Him all their life.  Women who will together with them bring up godly children and fulfil the plan of God for marriage.  They are looking for destiny helpers, honest, loving and caring women.

They are looking for ladies that fear the Lord, who is also prayerful.  They are not looking for a beauty queen, who does not know the Lord, or a gorgeous and rich woman, whose God is not Jesus Christ.  They are not looking for tall and pretty spoilt-ladies...NO! They are looking for virtuous women, whose strength and trust is in the Lord.  They are looking for Word loaded ladies, whose destination is heaven.  They appreciate women who

Humble and submissive woman - A woman who is opinionated and is able to make decisions on her own is attractive, but she must still be submissive unto the husband. She should be teachable and willing to cooperate with her husband when important decisions are to be taken.

She is real and straight forward - A woman that is open-minded and not one that hides her information from the husband.  A hard-working woman, compassionate and caring is always better than the women that argue and quarrel on every little issue.

A home builderA home builder is a wise woman of God who fears the Lord and loves her family.  She is ready to support her husband, patient with him and seeks the good of the family.

Marital Advice

it is important that you marry a man you love and respect enough to submit yourself to his authority.  In Christian marriage, there is no divorce - because God hates. The woman submits to her husband in all thing.  Challenges are seen as a way to know each other better, for the growth and maturity of the couple, therefore it is taken to God in prayer.

Forgiveness is practised in love, as the two people involved in marriage are not perfect people. Forgiveness is proof that you love your spouse.  If you know the benefits of forgiveness, you will forgive without waiting for an apology. 

Finally, Spinsters and bachelors should seek the face of God when it comes to picking a partner, so they would not suffer unnecessary emotional pain and setback in life.  


In conclusion, the good girl has something to learn from the bad girl.  The bad girls also have a lot to learn from the good girl and the frustration of both types of girls will reduce.  The bad girl is loved by many because of her flexible attitude and fun-loving behaviours. 

The first lesson for the bad girl is to return to her God and drop her spinster jacket.


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