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Are you feeling depressed? There is no need for depression.  There is, however, a need for you to seek divine direction from God and run with the idea or instruction that God gives you.  Remember to take it step-by-step.  I will, in fact, recommend that you take 'Baby steps' instead of plunging into a venture full blast, for God does not give us the entire picture or 'Road Map' at once.

So, take the first step at the venture, ministry or whatever He has told you to do, wait a while, look around, wait for further instruction.  If you hear nothing from Him, look around you for opportunities, and if there is none, then He will soon speak to you again.  Let us learn how to walk with God and receive instructions from Him for our success.

He is the giver of power to get wealth.  He is also the motivator of wealth- giving ideas.  Sometimes, the Lord gives people idea through dreams, revelations and at other times, He gives instructions of what to do.  So, for children of God that desire kingdom wealth, our duty is to lean on the Lord, serve Him joyfully and continually ask Him for inspiration, ideas and direction.  These are the make-up of 'power to get wealth'.

The remaining arm of the power to get wealth is divine favour and hedge of protection from the Lord over the person and his goods, including his family and good health.  So, humble yourself before God, ask, seek and knock on the door of heaven until the instruction drops into your spirit.  Lets look at the rules of success. 

The Rules:

Rule 1 - Success is not necessarily a function of miracles.  Rather, God gives us an idea to execute or a platform in which to stand and Develop ourselves and ideas that will ultimately lunch us into success.  Joshua was to lead the children of Israel to the Promised Land and God came to him and assured him, that His presence will be with him, as He was with Moses. 

God also told Joshua what he should do continually, to hold on to the word of God, meditate on it day and night, obey it and live by it, and he will meet success on his journey to the Promised.  Joshua's assignment was crucial and he followed the instructions of God and successfully took the children of Israel to the promised land.  He obeyed God and became successful.

Rule 2 - Success is not without a price. There is always a price to be paid for success. If you are not ready for the price, don't even bother trying.  God will give you a platform idea, but you will have to develop it into a business, implement the plan with all the challenges that will come your way until you reach success.  If you are ready to study, meditate and plan your way through, then remain in your comfort zone.

Rule 3  - You don't have to be among the crowd. Find out something different to do and be ready to work hard at the idea. Reflect on your inert skills, experience, and exposures.  Meditate on what your heart is happy to do and the things you do in your spare time.  Reflect also on things that make you happy and see which one of these you can provide as services to people, provided you can add value to it.  Ask God for help if you cannot find anything different to do.

Remember that success is incubated alone. Eagles fly alone and at exceptionally high altitudes.  Chickens have wings, but cannot fly...If you keep chicken friends, you will crawl!

Rule 4 - The way to success is lonely. Accept loneliness in order to find success.  Take an isolated position, refuse to do what others are doing except it is a platform from the Lord for you...or you have a new and better way to do that business and provide that service.  Take the risk to stand alone, even if everyone has despised you.

Rule 5 - Think your 'platform' through. Take time to develop the idea robustly and then launch out. Refuse to be distracted by anyone or thing. Make sure your vision is precise and accurate.  If you are in doubt, go back to God for clarity and continue to update the Lord on your progress, while expecting further instructions.  You should have confidence and be bold to continue despite challenges, that may come.

Rule 6 - Narrow your sight to your vision. Face the actualization of your vision with single-mindedness.  That's your main focus continually until you reach the 'promised land'.   The promised land may take you years, four, five etc.  Make sure you remain committed through these years, working hard and looking up to God for whatever is missing in the equation.        

Additional Wisdom for SUCCESS

There is a Price to pay - Have you woken up at 1.00am and cannot sleep again, because something is driving. There is a price to pay in purposeful hard work...there is a price to pay in prayer. Jacob held an angel of the Lord and said: "I will not leave you until you bless me".  Change whatever you don't like in your life through prayer and hard work. God is the One that makes people successful, He will make you successful.

Separate yourself...There are some associations that slow you down. Friendship is by choice.  Anything that is not adding value to your life, cut them off.  

Be Principled  -  People that will be great are greatly PRINCIPLED.  They are simple, humble but greatly Principled.  When you meet them on the issue of principle, you will find them very hard to break.


How to Create Jobs

The process of job creation is important for the success of people, who desire to succeed in life.  Job creation here means that I am looking at businesses that can employ at least five people for a start and later increase with prospects.  

I advise business owners to adopt sustainable practices that will make the business available to audit and financial review and analysis.  I also encourage business owners to employ assistants and avoid doing the whole work of half of it themselves, so they can concentrate on growing the business.  

Anyone who owns and runs his business alone for two years is not making progress.  You can start alone, but after two years in a particular business, you should have assistants to support you.  Bearing all these in mind, let us look at a simple, but effective process for creating jobs.  Opening a business that will grow with time.

1. Identify opportunities in your own community.
There are opportunities in every city, and you can identify such opportunities from the cultural and economic behaviour of the people there. The most difficult aspect of creating a job or business is to identify a need that a community has or some particular group of people.  Once a need is identified and proven, the remaining process can begin.  Let's look at the case of 'Satellite Campus' of Nigerian Universities that happened in Nigeria late 1999 to 2000.

Satellite Campus in Nigeria: - The people that started the satellite campus of many Nigerian Universities were people with little education, the most qualified among them being a degree holder.  Some did not even have a degree.  But they saw the opportunity…. That many people who are employed and others in business desire University education.  They were also ready to pay good tuition for the services and with that information, they convinced University authorities to open "Satellite Campuses', outside their immediate environment.  

These campuses were opened, where the 'ready market', in the cities of Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. The venture became a huge success, as student intake exceeded the imagination of the school authorities. These education-hungry students, practically fought their ways into those Satellite campuses, to savour University education.  Among them were housewives, Teachers with NCE, professionals without a degree. 

2. Discernment:
Discernment of opportunities is a major key that open doors of money and wealth.  A discerning entrepreneur can spot opportunities from observing the peoples culture, and tradition, from social behaviours and its changes and from what is happening in other places with people of similar characteristics.

Opportunities with a high level of technical skill may not be sustainable for people without commensurate skills. Opportunities should be evaluated honestly and thoroughly. Evaluation of opportunities is as essential as spotting the opportunity itself.  If your appraisal is faulty, there will be challenges and even failure ahead.

3. Test for Profitability

It’s one thing to be able to identify a business idea that will yield profit, it another thing to do proper due diligence on your idea and test the ideas in the open market to find out the reception and other issues that may arise.  For young entrepreneurs to launch into a perceived business venture, the ideas should be powerful enough to change the way that particular business is done or people's perception about the product.  This practically means the idea should either be an innovation to an existing product of an entirely new product.

The idea should pass through some painstaking analysis by more knowledgeable people and friends to be sure it can be sustainable in the short and long runs.  I know that people guide their ideas very closely these days due to theft, but there has to be a way to review and test the idea before you set out to execute it.  

4. Consult with other people for help.
This is a subsisting practice in most advanced countries of the world.  However, for us here in Nigeria and Africa, people keep their ideas to their chest till they launch it out, due to theft.  However close friends that trust each other can brainstorm on an idea and nurture a good idea to fruition. It is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to find out how to overcome this mistrust and develop a profitable product or service.

Don’t be afraid to consult with several different groups to find ideas.  For example, you could ask family and friends about specific challenges. You could consult with like-minded coworkers who also wish to make an impact. You could even conduct focus groups in your own community. Successful businesses don’t operate in a vacuum, especially if they want to change the world. As you leverage others’ input, you’ll generate more ideas regarding potential issues you can address.

5. Draw your conclusions
You have to competent and experienced in the area of business, you wish to provide services in.  Consider your education and training, as well as experiences in life, and identify where your expertise will fit best.   Many of the most powerful world-changing ideas come from the experiences and challenges an entrepreneur has faced in his or her own life. Take a moment to consider the problems you’re currently dealing with. Chances are, you’re not the only person facing these issues.

Rather than wait for someone else to solve your problem for you, take steps to change the world by developing a business idea that directly addresses the issues you’re confronting. More importantly, understand that when you’re addressing your own problems, you'll be more likely to be passionate about creating and making available the best solution possible.

Execute the Idea

You need to assess your personal competencies vis-a-vis what is required to execute the idea.  Are you able to handle the idea from start to profitability or do you need the help of a few people or a strategic partner? An idea may be profitable, but if it is not well executed or well managed, it could turn out to be a failure. So, once profitability is assured, you will need to plan execution strategies.

You must evaluate the technical skills and regulatory requirements required by the government. This is vital and no aspect of the regulation should be ignored, as it could bring the project down.

1. Consider Capacity

You must evaluate the technical skills needed, and regulatory requirements for your choice of business, else strangers with the technical skill and depth will take the business from you after you have laboured to establish it for years.  You should conduct a personal assessment of yourself, and be honest with yourself so that if you will need the support of other people, you can identify the specific skills you may need to bring on board.

do some personal brainstorming and gather some ideas.     If you cannot think of any unique skill or gift inside of you, then think of life skill you can learn and practice later. Learn to repair household electrical items like Iron, TV, Fan; Also, Handset, Furniture etc.

If you don’t want to learn a skill, you can learn a trade and learn how to sell one product or another. If you like to be in charge of a store or supermarket in the future, then your first step is to identify a supermarket to absorb you into their workforce or as an apprentice.  Agree to the number of months or years of apprenticeship and make up your mind to know the trade and its secrets. 

2. Consider Regulation

All around the world, services and products are being regulated because of possible abuse, the risk of unqualified people starting a business they are not competent to practice.  So, the issue of regulatory compliance is key consideration before you start.  

A brief  Case-study: Opening a Pharmacy Business in Abuja
To open a pharmacy in FCT, Abuja require that you are a pharmacist by profession or have to hire one to run the pharmacy business for you.  If you open a pharmacy in Abuja without meeting the requirements, it might take a little while, but surely, it will be closed down.


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