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Develop Your Prophetic Anointing.......And see the Door to the Supernatural Open!

Seer Anointing

Every child of God delights in hearing the voice of God.

His voice calms the storm and brings things into being.  The Psalmist went further to say that the voice of the Lord is powerful and full of majesty.  The voice of the Lord divideth the flames of fire and the voice of the Lord giveth strength to His people and bless them with peace  - Psalm 29.

The voice of the Lord is the voice of prophesy and power. His voice brings instructions of life and reveals hidden secrets causing pain and failures in the lives of people.  By His voice yokes are broken and uncommon deliverance are brought to bear.

God made a promise to His children who will live in the last days, that He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and His servant(Men) and handmaidens(women) shall prophesy  Acts 2:17-18. Today, we’re living in the very last days and one can see the need for the prophetic ministry and prophesy. 

The increase in demonic activities targeting the children of God and the entire human race is alarming.

By that scripture, it is clear that spiritual vision and prophesy will be critical to the survival and success of churches in this end time. It’s no longer business as usual for the church of Christ. Apostle Paul said his preaching’s were not in persuasive words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the spirit and of power (1 Cor 2:4-5).

The era of theology and oratory in the church is over for good. This is because we’re in the biblical era of Prophet Elijah and the prophets of Baal and the battle is becoming fierce within and outside the church.

In Joel 2, God promised to pour out His Spirit in the last days upon all flesh. That means that God is ready to release His Spirit on all His children for both edification and to raise end-time generals who would walk intimately with Him to rescue and deliver millions of people held captive in the camp of Satan, and I am one of such end-time God's General.  

I have the priviledged to be in the service of raising people that Love the Lord - Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers, Pastors, men and women, who love the Lord more than pleasure and power.

Prophesy is a unique gift that edifies and lifts up the body of Christ. This was why Moses wished that every child of God could prophesy. Prophesy is receiving the Word of knowledge or wisdom direct from God through vision or by His whispers into our spirit unto the church or specific individuals it is meant for.

Whether we like it or not, there is already a great hunger for the prophetic because of the activities of powers of darkness. The devil and his agents are on the rampage, targeting men, women and children to initiate or kill. They’re doing everything possible to undermine the word of God and the truth.

People in the church and outside church are going to seek prophetic instruction and guidance in the face of serious demonic attack at home, office and business places. These attacks coming from unknown sources, enemies and unfriendly friends has made the love of many people to wax cold indeed.  People are finding it increasingly difficult to trust others, many people are hindered in the spirit by their closest friends in the physical.

At times like this, the Lord has promised to release His Spirit on the church to expose the lies of Satan and bring revival. This is why it is important for Pastors and Prophets  to continually seek the face of God for fresh revelations that will terminate the trouble and challenges people are suffering.

Wonders of the Prophetic

The prophetic brings down the presence and power of God. With His presence comes prophesy, miracles, signs and wonders. From the bible, several men who walked with God and those that God used to fulfill His counsel in the past all prophesied. 

From ENOCH, Joseph to David, they all prophesied, though many of them were not prophets by Calling.  The prophetic grace is always available to men that desire it, especially the desperate ones.  It is such an end-time gift that Evangelists and churches that hope to  defeat the enemy and overturn their numerous evil schemes  need to engage the Lord daily for fresh revelation that will help the people.

The coming of prophetic grace usually heralds the man or woman of God into a new spiritual platform.  It bring with it a new mindset, it opens the man to deep spiritual things and he cannot be a casual Pastor or Evangelist any longer.  It makes you to be sin and love conscious.  These two issues are indispensable for any servant of God who wish to operate in the prophetic. 

Once activated, the man of God is able to be a blessing to million that the Lord will direct to him.  Many Pastors and churches has lost their members due to their inability to address the spiritual problems of the people.

We can all See 

There is the general calling referred to in Joel 2 and Acts 2:17 where the promise of God to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh is announced.

There are people with prophetic gift mentioned in 1 Cor 12:10, 14:1 - This is like any other gift like faith or teaching. This gift allow such people to see vision and minister in the prophetic easily. Apostle Paul asked us to desire it, but certainly not everyone can have it.

Prophetic Office - Some people are called by God to be Prophets. In the old testament, majority of the major prophets were called and ordained by God, prophet to the nation(s).

As you activate your faith gift by taking actions of faith and standing on your faith, Prophetc gift activation will start with preparing you to love God, fear Him and to begin to hear from Him regularly.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit should be developed

When gifts are identified, we have a role to play in developing such gifts, so we can operate in such gifts profitably.  Development of spiritual gifts is a process, which require consistency of faith and actions to succeed. 

One thing that help gift development is knowing what to do.  Without knowing what to do, a person could be turning round a particular place or point for years without result.  This is why there are people who pray very hard and for long hours, yet they are still stranded in life.  Some are still in poverty and others are still being fed in the dream after their prayers.

I have prepared a DVD for those that desire to know the rudiments of the prophetic, steps to hearing from God and activating the gift of prophesy in you.  This DVD is available for Partners who are interested in operating in the prophetic ministry.

If you need a copy, please contact us. 

Beloved, you can't operate in the prophetic without Jesus in your life - For those who are not born-again, please do so today, don't wait another day.

          -------------------2nd piece on the Prophetic--------------------

       PROPHETIC ANOINTING - 10 Principles of the Seer that will put you in-charge!

Your journey into the Prophetic!

Many people who walked in the prophetic ministry started small and then grew with time.  Some started prophesying when they were in their teenage years with a lot of confusion.  Others started seeing visions in dreams right when they were children, without even the slightest knowledge of Christ and many of these visions came to pass.

Brief History of early Prophets:

From the bible we see that different people who became prophets took different routes to the same destination.  Some of them, an angel foretold their birth and the assignment God has chosen them to do, while many others prophets, the word of the Lord came to them in their different profession and businesses.

Ezekiel was a Priest in the land of Babylon when the Word of the Lord came to him. Jeremiah was the son of Hilkiah, the Priest when the word of the Lord came to him in the land of Benjamin. In the case of Amos, Amaziah was infuriated by his prophesies that he advised him to flee to the Land of Judah and prophesy and eat bread there and never to prophesy in the land of Israel.

Amos had to explain that he was not a prophet or the son of a Prophet, but a Herdsman, looking after the sheep and gathering sycomore fruit, when the Lord took him from all that to prophesy to His people -  Amos 7:10-17. 

Daniel became a prophet in adversity.  Being a servant of God endowed with wisdom, knowledge and understanding,he rejected the King's food, preferring to eat beans and water.  This action pleased God and He added excellent spirit to him, so that he can interpret dreams and him in Babylon explain sundry mysteries - the main gift that eventually established as a servant of God.

Daniel loved God and Jerusalem so much that he sought God in prayer three times daily interceding for Jerusalem and the people and it was not long before he began to speak the mind of God - as a Prophet.

Who is a Prophet?

A prophet therefore is a spokesman and a watchman of God, who daily wait on Him in prayers for the people of the land and the progress of the work of God.

A Prophet is a vessel in the hands of the Almighty God for almost any assignment that God wants to do on the earth.  They are obedient and loyal to God's command. We see in the bible that God once asked a prophet to go in to a harlot and raise children from her and he did so quickly.  We also saw how God asked a Prophet to walk naked many days and he did so.

The Prophet may be the person seen prophesying and talking, but his source is the Holy Spirit of God.  As a friend of God, the Holy Spirit is his commander in chief and so what ever the prophet touches produces result.

The prophet does not take the grace of God in is life for granted. He knows that God is not a respecter of persons, and so if a righteous man departs from his righteousness, he stands alone and all the good works he did is passed away.

Prophets are always attached physically and spiritually because people hate the truth and the devil and his agents hate him for the work of deliverance they do.  

So, who can prophesy? How are they trained and raised?

In the church and outside the church, there is a great hunger for the prophetic arising from the troubles of life and failure of human efforts.  So many know that if they can get God's mind or opinion on something and follow the instructions through, a lot of pain and frustration will be avoided.

But it takes humility to receive from God and humility to communicate the information to people without being proud and arrogant. The prophetic gift is one of the primary gifts ordained for equipping and edifying the saints of God Ephesians 4:12.  It is for the effective functioning in Pastoral, Evangelistic and Teaching ministries.

What are the Principles of the Prophetic?

In this piece, we are looking at some prophetic principles. I believe principles talks about what to do in a particular field to be effective and practice that profession effectively.  Some of the points I am s going to discuss here are some of the basic actions and steps of prophets on a continuous basis that make them stand out. 

1. Holiness:
A prophet is acquainted with the Word of God and holiness should be his lifestyle. If you want to be a prophet, there are things you must cleanse yourself of - lies, cheating, pride etc.  Every one understands that no matter the prophesy that has gone forth on you, if you live a careless life, a life of sin, that prophesy may never come to pass in your life. Without purity no one can move forward with God.

Righteousness is the lifestyle of most prophets of God as the Lord God cannot behold iniquity (repeated sin).  With sin in the heart, filthiness, envy, bitterness, unforgiveness, our prayers are not heard, not to talk of being answered.  Once the Prophet's prayer is not answered, you begin to wonder whether he hears from God indeed.  When sin get in the way, there will be gap or spiritual separation between the prophet and God.  This means that prophesy will cease or reduce to the bearest minimum and visions in the day and night will also stop.  So, now you know why I said that Prophets are 'sin-conscious' and guiding his heart, word and action wittingly in order not to offend God or sin against Him.

2. Obedience:
Prophets obey the Word of God written in the bible and His voice, when He instructs them to do something.  In Jeremiah, the Lord told him, he would have to go to where ever He would send him and whatsoever He shall command him Jeremiah must deliver His instructions.

Obedience is the first key to knowing and walking with God.  Christ Himself, though He is the Son of God, conceived by the Holy Ghost, yet He was obedient unto death at the cross.  Obedience to God's command immediately He directs you without considering anything else is the secret key that makes obedience profitable.

3. Highly Disciplined:
Prophets are highly disciplined people. They appear gentle and harmless, but when it comes to doctrine and the Word of God, you can hardly get them to compromise their stand...you are sure to meet a brick wall.  A compromising prophet is looking for trouble as agents of darkness his prayers had affected in the past, will plan a revenge.

4. Man of Faith:
A prophet is a man of faith in God and in His word.  The bible is his best companion and you will surely see bible with him almost everywhere.  He knows that with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  A Prophet can never doubt God and His Word - If it is in the bible, then it is done.  The Lord will fulfill ALL HIS PROMISES to us if we meet His conditions.

He knows that whatever the Lord says must come to pass and frankly speaking, without faith, without seeing what God is seeing and knowing His word, no one can operate in the supernatural.  In the bible, there are fathers of faith who prophesied by the Word of God they knew.  Joseph is Eqypt prophesied before his death, that the Lord will surely visit the children of Israel and that they should take his bone along with them, and never to bury him in Eqypt. God did not speak to him, but he knew it from the Word of God written in the books. 

5. A Man of the Word:
A prophet is also a man of the Word.  He is a man of prayer and you cannot have effective prayer without the Word of God.
It is important for a prophet to know the Word as well as the dealings of God and His power. When you study the word and meditate on it, you are practically visiting God and if you do so everyday - then you are renewed everyday with better and deeper understanding of God.  You know God by studying His word daily and meditating on it.

6. A "Watchman"
A prophet is a watchman for God.  From the book of Jeremiah, it is evident that  God invest so much training in the life of a prophet and he is duty bound to do the bidding of God, no matter how challenging the assignment might look.

God told Jeremiah I have made you a prophet to the nations and you shall go to all that I shall send you and whatsoever I command thee, thou shall speak.  You are His watchman to stand in the gap for God's people and His mouthpiece to speak His commands and instructions to the people without any fear. Jeremiah 1:4-10

7. A man of Prayer:
One of the qualities that make a Prophet is his prayers and endurance.  Have you heard of prevailing prayers? Have you heard of intercessory prayers?  Have you heard of commanding prayers? Have you heard  of warfare prayers...All these and more are the daily 'food' of the prophet.

8. A man of the Spirit:
A prophet deliberately seeks knowledge and develop his spiritual life to understand deep spiritual things. Make no mistake, the devil has powers to do a lot of evil and harm, the devil is also very wicked to both his servants and especially to children of God.  The devil has a kingdom that is well organized with levels of authority, starting with the devil himself, the Principalities, Powers, Rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.

A prophets understands the operations of the dark kingdom, their various weapons and modus operandi.  He also knows the weapons of God to counter them effectively. This explains why many of the prophets are vast in deliverance ministry.

9. A man of the Holy Spirit:
A prophet can prepare himself, but when it is time for the people to be blessed, he submits himself to the Holy Spirit - For no man can do the work of God without the Holy Spirit. The very effective prophets do not even come out until they can sense the presence of the Holy Spirit.

This is why the Prophet may be like the ordinary person at some times, but once he handles the Mic to teach or preach, after a little while, he is no more the same person.  This is true when he is doing what God assigned him to do.  Because they are men of the Word of God, they can preach and teach until the presence of the Master is around and the spirit of prophesy, healing and deliverance comes and the place will literally catch fire.

10. You must address your Foundation:
Any man who wants to go far with God must address his foundation, the prophet is not an exception.  We saw this demonstrated in the case of Gideon, when the angel told him he was a man of varlour, he wondered how he could be such a man, and yet they were in bondage under the Philistines.  

Then the Lord said to him, I will demonstrate it to you that you are indeed, a mighty man of varlour - for you will deliver my people from this same philistines, but first you must deal with the idols of your father's house.  You must address your foundation and thereafter stand on a solid foundation.

Without a solid foundation, the devil will disgrace any man or woman of God.  Once he knows your foundation is faulty, or weak and you're are commanding so much success, the devil will move quickly to withstand such a prophet on technical grounds and if you don't know the rules of engagement, your fall have started, God forbid.

These are not the only principles, but permit me to stop here for now.


The prophetic gift and grace is a special gift that God do not release to people in hurry. God has His own criterion, but the man seeking the grace should be one who can show love to all irrespective of barriers.  The anointing starts from you, loosens you from every bondage that had held you down - For charity begins at home. 

You cannot set people free when you’re in bondage. Also, the Lord opens your spiritual eye to see and know a lot of secrets about members of your family, all of them, your friends, colleagues and business partners. You cannot be seeing vision for people without seeing or knowing what is going on around you. The Lord opens your eyes to see many things before they happen and you have the assurance that God is with you. 

Beloved, the time is short. Without Christ in you, you cannot operate in the supernatural, without Christ in you you will only continue to struggle.  Without Christ in you the healing you are looking for may never come - For healing is the bread of children of God.

Let us love the Lord with all our heart, spirit, soul and body, then our neighbour as ourselves.  Let no one hold offence, no matter how painful the experience.  Be assured that the Lord that saw you through the painful experience will shortly settle and restore you.

For people that have not given their heart to Christ, they should do so now, don't wait another day - For now is the accepted time.  Don't wait till you get married or have children.  Don't wait until you get that job, car, or house of my own.  

Jesus Christ is coming back soon, give your heart to Him to today! 


END-TIME DRAMA:....Catholic priests beg Pope to end celibacy - Says we are lonely!

Roman Catholic Church to end the celibacy rule in priesthood.

A group of senior priests in Germany has called on the Roman Catholic Church to end the celibacy rule in priesthood.

The 11 high ranking clerics, who were ordained in Cologne in 1967, are of the opinion that every man should have the right to choose to take the vow or not as other Protestant and Orthodox Church pastors have.

They wrote the letter as part of a review of their 50 years in the Catholic Church.

A group member Franz Decker told DW, “We believe that requiring that every man who becomes a priest to remain celibate is not acceptable.

“We think, every Catholic should be allowed to choose if they would rather be celibate or not, regardless of whether they want to work as priests or not – just like in the Protestant Church or the Orthodox church, really, every church but the Catholic Church.”

To the group, celibacy causes many modern priests to suffer from seclusion and believe the men have little to gain from church-imposed solitude.

“What moves us is the experience of loneliness – as elderly people who are unmarried because our office required this from us, we feel it vividly on some days after 50 years on the job… We agreed to this clerical  life because of our jobs, but we didn’t choose it,” the group wrote.

They also gave a number of suggestions as to how the Catholic Church could “modernise”, including allowing women to join the clergy.

However, the office of Pope Francis is yet to react to the open letter.


I pray that the Lord will guide the Pope as he reviews their request. I am not surprised the request is coming at this time because of the heavy seduction and spirit of lust reigning in the society today.

A situation where sisters and even married women attend church with see-through dresses revealing their sensitive body parts in a highly sensual manner is very tempting.  

The Celibate of the Priests are put under intense pressure by the nakedness that now surrounds them....and many who are not celibates from the womb have had to marry secretly, while some younger ministers now have girlfriends.

Is it not better to let those who can live unto the Lord without touching women continue, while those who are not able should be allowed to exit the ministerial Pulpit for the sake of heaven.



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