WHY DO YOU WANT TO KILL A WITCH?..........Rather Destroy their works and Spells!



Many people acknowledge we are in the end times as new knowledge and skills flood the entire global space.  Witchcraft has also assumed an unprecedented sophistication and modernization that you will never believe that young people, corporate ladies and mature men and women in the cities are now members. 

Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord, and because of these detestable practices, the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the Lord your God."

Witchcraft is practically raw and undiluted darkness.  It is one of the spirits that God chased down from heaven with Satan, now repackaged and beautified by Satan and made to look attractive.  It has become one of the fastest channels the devil uses to recruit men for hellfire.

Witchcraft spirit is a deadly spirit, while witches can be as free as any other person when the spirit is not inside of him/her.  Witchcraft is an evil force of darkness that seeks to hinder personal and collective progress.  

They are the foot soldiers of Satan in every respect - As the Holy Ghost gives us revelation, so the spirit of witchcraft gives the devil and his agents secret information about what has happened and what those programmed to happen in the future.  At the personal level, Satan knows what has worked in every family for centuries.

So, he uses witches to set traps and temptations for the children along the same lines their parents failed in the past.  That way,  the children will also fall into the same error of their parents and continue in their lifestyle and bondage.

Who is a Witch? 
The definition of witchcraft is a person who is possessed by a spirit of witchcraft.  The evil spirit possesses a person and then drives the person into doing evil.  No believer can be ignorant of witchcraft because they are everywhere and in almost every family.  Let us look at Witchcraft's spirit and the havoc this spirit can cause to man when it possesses a person. 

Witchcraft is an evil spirit of Satan, while the woman it possesses is called a witch and a man using the spirit of witchcraft is called a wizard. It is important to distinguish the spirit from the person it is operating from.  This is important because some witches and wizards are normal people during the day, but changes into a witch at night for their evil meeting.  

Some of your friends are witches and wizards, but you do not know because they are highly secretive, knowing that once people identify they belong to witchcraft, such people will start running away from them.  In the day, they are your best friends as you think, your best man, chief bridesmaid etc, but at night, they are your enemies, especially if you are a born-again child of God. 

When the witchcraft spirit enters them, they are no longer the same person you know...they become heartless and wicked, ready to do the bidding of their master - Satan.  The spirit of witchcraft is feared because of the harm it could cause, and the destructive acts carried out by those people under the influence of the witchcraft spirit.

Types of Witches
There are three types of witches: Black, white and red.  Those who are possessed by this spirit lead a double life - In this world and in the spirit world. They have spiritual eyes which can see into the spirit at all times and they are more sensitive in the spirit than an average Christian.
1. The black witches are located mostly in Africa and are the most powerful and wicked.  They carry out attacks on people mostly at night.  They prefer to kill their victim by 'remote control' - spiritually and slowly.  They travel spiritually and change forms to enter and attack their victim without being noticed. 
2. The Red witches are located throughout the whole world.  They cause accidents and bloodshed after which they suck the blood of the hurt and dying people.  A person may be both a wizard and a red or black witch.
3. White Witches - are the most deceptive among them.  They are professionals, who should have no business with witchcraft, but alas they are there in witchcraft.  They include professionals in medicine, Pastors, scientists and other technologists.  They say their witchcraft is for good, not evil.  This is a lie, for nothing good can come from the devil.

4. There are the Lesser witches, composed of Class 1 and Class 11 witches, Greater witches, who are in Class 111, and the elite witches.  The elite witchcraft group are the one that leads others.  They are highly deceptive and sometimes hard to identify.  They are among the leaders in government agencies, private companies and civil society organizations.  They are simple, cunning and deadly.

The purpose of all witchcraft activities is to cause havoc, destruction and bloodshed. They work with sub-subservient spirits to carry out the orders of Satan. The white witches are located in Western countries and are primarily working in the Laboratories and Manufacturing industries.  They are responsible for the design and manufacturing of large-scale destructive materials like bombs, and similar things that cause mass death.  They are also the ones producing sexual toys of all kinds, artificial penis, sex dolls etc.

The spirit of witchcraft that possesses people and uses them for evil purposes has been a major stumbling block for Christians, because of the difficulty in separating the spirit from the person.  A  person remains his own self until the spirit of witchcraft enters him.  Witchcraft's spirit was one of the evil spirits God cast out of heaven along with Satan and consequently, this spirit hates mankind with perfect hatred.  Witchcraft's spirit gives Satan and his agents spiritual information that men do not have, to do evil and therefore, God gave a verdict of death on the spirit and those people practising witchcraft in Exodus 22:18.

How Witches Operate
The operation of the spirit of witchcraft is diverse and wicked.  They usually start by bewitching a person to hinder him from getting to his place of destiny or achieving a particular goal by casting a spell on that person or cursing him - Numbers 22:2-4. You cannot stay with a witch for long without being initiated or bewitched.

Witches slip out of their skins at night and fly around in search of sleeping victims. Sometimes they choose a person they are jealous of or an ex-spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend to attack. Other times it's the spouse or significant other of the person they want for themselves. In this spirit form, the witch can slip into the house through even the tiniest crack or through keyholes. The witch will then locate the victim and paralyse the victim, pressing down on the person, scratching them, and feeding off of the person's life force. 

The devil can also afflict a person's brain, bone or blood system.  Affliction and torment in a person's brain are often caused by the powers of darkness.  It can be done through the dream or by projection. This is why you have a lot of mad people in Africa roaming the street.  They perform black magic against innocent people. Witches are usually motivated by jealousy, hatred, and/or power, i.e. destroy anything standing in the way of a goal.

Another area the witches hold people to the jugular is the area of hindering progress. victims are bewitched in their dream by a known face of a person living or dead, who fights, warns or entices the person into immorality in the dream.  The person wakes up to discover that the Visa, Job or business interview he has to attend becomes a wish-wash as the people responsible will either reject the person or show no interest in dealing favourably with him. That could be the beginning of a circle of periodic setbacks the person will be experiencing until a serious deliverance is done to remove the spell. 

They are very envious.  witches could target the area of academics, business or profession.  Many people stagnated in one position for several years in their office, without promotion, training or within-grade pay rises.   They could also fire an arrow of rejection on a person, to make life difficult for such a person.  Projections of rejection are an affliction that punishes its victim as the person finds it difficult to get good friends, profitable business connections and deals. It tends to frustrate people's efforts in getting a job or meeting a suitable suitor to marry. 
Witches can make people sick and die from darts they are believed to shoot at people. The darts are typically created from the bones of the corpses they have dug up.  The darts are said to be either invisible or very small, like a grain of rice or mustard seed in size.

They cast spells on people to weaken them, manipulate them and defeat the persons.  Witchcraft oppresses people in diverse ways, it could be through sickness, disease and invisible blockages. For a victim they have captured in their coven, they can oppress only a part or the whole body of their victim.  This is why some people are afflicted by headaches and if care is not taken, they could die through the pain - just a headache.

Witches use subtle means and ways to control people, big and small.  It can be through spells, inward thoughts and voice.  The control can be direct or indirect.  A prominent Prophet told the story of a close relative, who visited his family and spent hours in the house, without informing him, she has an interview to attend the next day.  When the prophet slept, he saw the lady come to him for prayer.  The prophet recollected that she was in the house last night and did not mention any interview, so decided not to pray for her. That's what they call indirect influence.

What does manipulation mean?
We are told to desire spiritual gifts, and with spiritual gifts come discernment of spiritual matters and power.  Witchcraft manipulation can be in the form of spell or other means.  The intention is the same - to influence a person to do what he does not want to do.

A manipulation is a major tool for witchcraft's control over people.  They want to have their way, but they know you will reject the idea, they will come indirectly, through inward thoughts, voice or spell.  Some of the elite witches go along with the witchcraft spirits during the day, to be able to influence and manipulate situations during the day.

 A witch that is walking with the spirit of witchcraft in the day is a destructive person. That is the reason, why evil words spoken to anybody should be countered immediately.  If a witch utters words against you before you, you should counter it openly and immediately. This is because, you do not know the depth from where the person spoke, so when the words are negative, return them back to the person without delay.

How do they manipulate?
1. Let me give a simple example of manipulation.  There is a prophet who visits the mountain to pray for some days, and he does this every quarter or frequently.  One time, he heard a voice telling him to go to the mountain and pray.  He ignored the voice and continue with what he was doing.  The voice came again and again to him, that he should go to the mountain for prayer.  He was not ready to accept the voice as from God, so he asked the Lord what he should be praying for when he gets to the mountain since he has not arranged the journey himself.  It was at that point he knew it was manipulation by witches.

2. They manipulate people through inward thoughts and voices.  A believer should be ready all the time to test the spirit speaking to him and cast out every thought of evil, lust, the opposite sex and others that are not edifying.  They put evil thoughts in your heart to do something, sometimes, they show you an evil picture of something you have seen before, and use that picture to manipulate you to do evil.

There was a time a well-known man of God in Nigeria was attacked by a strange sickness, he cannot explain.  As he was still praying for healing,  a voice asked him to name his replacement, because his time of departure was near.  He almost bought into the witchcraft manipulation.  But on second thought, he decided to hear from God...Watch this.  The Lord told him, that the voice he heard was not from him, and his time to depart was not then.  There and then the sickness left him. That high-level witchcraft manipulation.

3They use voice and inward thought to push people into the wrong places and things and addictions.  If a witch is behind addiction, says drinking alcohol, or watching pornographic videos, the person suffering from the addiction will continually be seeing pictures of people drinking alcohol and, or naked women and evil pictures and videos that they have seen before. When he sees such pictures in his dream or in a trance, his addiction is activated.

4. Another way they manipulate people into error is by flashing an evil website into their eyes, and through inward thought directing the person to that site.  They can be initiated or even defrauded from such a site.  Yet, people will not be able to discover how they discovered the site to be through manipulation

5. Another method through which witches manipulate a person, whom they know his weakness is through the internet and social media.  If you are a smoker and the witch monitoring you want you to go and smoke, he will make a demonic declaration that someone should post a picture of a viper smoker on the web immediately.  They know that once you see that picture, your addiction is activated, and you will go looking for a cigarette to smoke.  The same method is used for those who drink alcohol and watch pornography.

Witches can be Resisted
Witches can be resisted through prayers, spoken words and other actions.  Wisdom is always required in handling witchcraft matters because they are usually good people in the physical and dangerous and evil people in the spirit.  They are friends in the day and enemies at night.  It is important to know that with Christ in you, you have overcome witchcraft and its agents.  Know also that whatever they can decree and it happens against you, you can counter their decree and it will be reversed.

You need the know the Word of God, and be able to speak it against their works, and to destroy them.  They use demons to execute their judgements, so every time you are battling witchcraft powers, you must be ready to issue commands.  Watch this...it's not a time to say 'Please leave in Jesus' name', NO!  You don't tell the demon to please leave, he would not leave.  You command the demon to leave by fire.  Apart from faith, holiness is another way of life that you will have to embrace and walk in if you want demons to obey your command.  

So, once you hear any voice asking you to do what is not good, you cast the voice out.  If someone speaks negative words to you, you return them back to the sender, and when you suspect a person belonging to witchcraft, pray to God, asking Him to reveal the identity of the person.  A witch or wizard can be your neighbour or colleague or relation, be careful with food from such a person.  Make sure you pray on such food, and when it is not necessary, ignore eating their food, because they initiate people through food, sweet for children.

Brethren, it is important that you understand that witchcraft is a formidable mountain that requires faith and holiness to confront and destroy.  I hope you know that Holiness is the 'master key' of spiritual champions, so whosoever wants to confront the darkness and triumph over them should have completely surrendered to Christ, and have faith in God.  You should know how to use spiritual weapons in battle.

Confront Witchcraft with the Blood of Jesus 
The blood of Jesus is one of the most potent spiritual battle weapons on earth, and whenever it is deployed, demons, principalities and power vacate the places they had wrongly occupied.  The redemption of man from death was a sacrifice that only the blood of Jesus could accomplish.  


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