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WHY DO YOU WANT TO KILL A WITCH?..........Rather Destroy their works and Spells!

The spirit world is real! 

Thou shall suffer not a With to live:
1. Witchcraft is a spirit, operators of the spirit are countless.
2. They are highly secretive and deceptive - An unfriendly friend
3. A fight with one witch is a fight against all of them in the covin
4. They are enemies you cannot run from - friends, relatives living with you 
5.  They use animals, birds and creeping things to change form, while standing 
7. When angry, they attack people physically as an invisible spirit!

Many people acknowledge we are in the end-times as new knowledge and skills flood the entire global space.  Witchcraft has also assumed an unprecedented sophistication and modernization that you will never believe that young people, corporate ladies and matured men and women in the cities are now members.

Witchcraft, an undiluted darkness and one of the spirits that God chased down from heaven with Satan has been repackaged and beautified and probably empowered by Satan to look attractive.  It is as if the practice of witchcraft gives people advantage over their competitors in business and career, which is a lie of the devil used to recruit gullible people and put them in bondage.

Notice my emphasis on witchcraft rather than witches, the reason being that witches are individuals operating the spirit of witchcraft.  The spirit of witchcraft is a deadly spirit, while witches can be as free as any other person when the spirit is not inside of him/her.

Witchcraft is the engine room of Satan.  The practice of witchcraft is forbidden by God. It's in the Bible, Deuteronomy 18:9-13, NIV. "When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. 

Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord, and because of these detestable practices the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the Lord your God."

Those who practice witchcraft will not inherit the kingdom of God. It's also in the Bible, Galatians 5:19-21, NIV. "The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; …drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God."

Friends, the future is known only by God, not witches. It's in the Bible, Isaiah 8:19, TLB. "So why are you trying to find out the future by consulting witches and mediums. Don't listen to their whisperings and mutterings. Can the living find out the future from the dead? Why not ask your God?"

The church and believers are in constant battle with the powers of darkness and the ability to discern and counter the works of the devil becomes one of the tools for successful christian living, especially in black nations where witchcraft is very strong and formidably wicked.

Witchcraft is an evil force of darkness that seeks to hinder personal and collective progress.  They are the foot soldiers of Satan in every respect - As the Holy Ghost gives us revelation, so the spirit of witchcraft gives the devil and his agents secret information of what has happened and those programmed to happen in the future.

At the personal level, Satan has a computerized checklist of what has worked in your family for centuries and tries to get you into sin based on what has worked in your family in the past.  This is why we have children falling to the same temptations their parents fell, and continuing in the bad lifestyles of their parents in many cases.  

We had thought some of these traits of alcoholism, polygamy, smoking and drinking and similar traits are due to one's family background, while it is due pure to the operations of the dark kingdom - family by family.  The devil making sure that he has a member in every family or extended family who will head the evil operation and enforcement on such a family.

Spiritual warfare has become intense and will continue to rise till the return of Christ,and the kingdom of darkness has placed witchcraft spirit at the door step of every family and home to collect information and enforce Satanic agenda. The kingdom of darkness is well organized and has power which cannot be denied, but we know the power of JESUS CHRIST  is higher and the ultimate power.  Satanic power is the counterfeit which lacks potency the moment the name of Jesus is mentioned, it shall not stand against any believer in Christ.

In the book of Daniel, we understand that the kingdom of darkness posses some powers - they were able to withstand the angel for twenty-one days, that's not easy to achieve without power. Daniel 10:12-13.  

This is the same thing that happen to many churches and men of God today, who are facing great adversity.  The reason being that long before they began the ministry physically, it had been announced in the realm of the Spirit. So, all the tribulations and persecutions they face is because Satan and his agents having known that such a ministry is to come, decided to ensure it does not happen. The witches will arrange tribulations, temptations and trials to weary the church and its pastor, so he can abandon the ministry.

The definition of witchcraft is a person who is possessed by a spirit of witchcraft.  The evil spirit possess a person and then drive the person into doing evil.  No believer can be ignorant of witchcraft because they are every where and in almost every families.  Let us look at Witchcraft spirit and the havoc this spirit can cause to man, when it possess a person. 

Witchcraft is an evil spirit of Satan, while the woman it possess is called a witch and a man using the spirit of witchcraft is called a wizard. It is important to distinguish the spirit from the person it is operating from.  This is important because some witches and wizards are normal people in the day, but changes into a witch at night for their evil meeting.  

Some of your friends are witches and wizards, but you do not know because they are highly secretive, knowing that once people identify they belong to witchcraft, such people will start running away from them.  In the day, they are your best friends as you think, your best man, chief bridesmaid etc, but at night, they are your enemies, especially if you are a born again child of God. 

When the witchcraft spirit enters them, they are no longer the same person you know...they become heartless and wicked, ready to do the bidding of their master - Satan.  The spirit of witchcraft is feared because of the harm they could cause, the destructive acts carried by those people under the influence of witchcraft spirit.

In the bible, witchcraft is associated with whoredom or immorality (Nahum3:4), which destroys character and defiles the person.  Witchcraft breeds and supports immorality and all kinds of defilement of the body.  No wonder witches and people with familiar spirits tend to be very seductive.  They are attention seekers, whether the married or single. When you see a married woman wearing tight dresses all the time that reveal her entire body shape, know she is under the control of spirit of witchcraft.  It is also the spirit of manipulation.

There are three types of witches: Black, white and red.  Those who are possessed by this spirit lead a double life - In this world and in the spirit world. They have spiritual eyes which can see into the spirit at all times and they are more sensitive in the spirit than an average christian.

The purpose of all the witches activities is to cause havoc, destruction and bloodshed. They work with sub-subservient spirits to carry out the orders of Satan. The white witches are located in the Western countries and are primarily working in the Laboratories and Manufacturing industries.  They are responsible for the design and manufacturing of large scale destructive materials like bombs, and similar things that cause mass death.  They are also the ones producing sexual toys of all kinds, artificial penis, sex doll etc.

The black witches are located mostly in Africa and are the most powerful and wicked.  They carry out attacks on people mostly at night.  They prefer to kill their victim by 'remote-control' - spiritually and slowly.  They travel spiritually and change forms to enter and attack their victim without being noticed.

The Red witches are located throughout the whole world.  They cause accidents and bloodshed after which they suck the blood of the hurt and dying people.  A person may be both a wizard and a red or black witch.

The spirit of witchcraft that possess people and use them for evil purposes has been a major stumbling block for Christians because of the confusion of distinguishing the person from the spirit.  Witchcraft spirit was one of the evil spirits God cast out of heaven along with Satan and consequently, this spirit hates mankind with perfect hatred.

It is also for this purpose that God hates the spirit very much.  It gives Satan and his agents spiritual information that men did not have, to do things that they are not expected to do.  God gave a verdict of death on the spirit and those people practicing witchcraft in Exodus 22:18 - which says "Suffer not a witch to live".

Let us look at the traits of the people possessed by this wicked. and how we can destroy its works against us.

Know for sure that witches can only be killed by God when their time is up,  or by an aggrieved servant of God with spiritual authority and in right standing with God. The anointing that bring down healing and deliverance is the same anointing that kills.  When that man of God cries against such a witch or wizard and asks God to take him/her away, it is a matter of days.

Witches can also be killed by the decree of a satanic agent at the level of ruler of darkness, or by the orders from the Powers & Principalities or Satan himself for disobedience, disloyalty or creating problem for those above them.  Even in spiritual battles, the rule remain the same.

Every believer has the power to destroy the works of witchcraft using our spiritual weapons.  The name of Jesus Christ, His blood, Fire of God, Holy Ghost fire, the Word of God etc. So, fear not - all you need to do is to develop your spiritual life and be strong to stand their attacks and destroy their works.

Traits Of Witches
1.) Witches crave power.
2.) Witches want to dominate and control everyone in their lives.
3.) Witches only care about themselves.
4.) Witches do not reveal their true selves and hide behind false faces.
5.) Witches are incapable of love, or any true emotion for that matter.
6.) Witches are extremely jealous people.
7.) Witches practice black magic against innocent people. If someone stands in the way of a witch getting what she/he wants the witch will hurt, harm, or kill the person without hesitation or regret. Witches often give themselves away by bragging about their evil ways. 
8.) Witches take delight in the pain and suffering of others, especially if they caused it.
9.) Witches are skilled at manipulation and they use people.
10.) Sexually attractive witches use their bodies and sex to control people and get them to do what they want.
11.) Witches have ways to conceal their evil. They live double-lives, and can be very secretive.
12.) Witches are parasytical people. 

How Witches Operate
The operation of witchcraft spirit is diverse and wicked.  They usually start from bewitching a person to hinder him from getting to his place of destiny or achieving a particular goal by casting a spell on that person or cursing him - Numbers 22:2-4. You cannot stay with a witch for long without being initiated or bewitched.

Witches slip out of their skins at night and fly around in search of sleeping victims. Sometimes they choose a person they are jealous of or an ex-spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend to attack. Other time's it's the spouse or significant other of the person they want for themselves. In this spirit form the witch can slip into the house through even the tiniest crack or through keyholes. The witch will then locate the victim and paralyse the victim, pressing down on the person, scratching them, and feeding off of the person's life-force. 

They cast spell on people to weaken them, manipulate and defeat the persons.  Witchcraft oppresses people in diverse ways, it could be through sickness, disease and invisible blockages. For a victim they have captured in their covin, they can oppress only a part, or the whole body of their victim.  This is why some people are afflicted by headache and if care is not taken, they could die through the pain - just headache.

The devil can also afflict a person's brain, bone or the blood system.  Affliction and torment in a person's brain is often caused by the powers of darkness.  It can be done through the dream or by projection. This is why you have a lot of mad people in Africa roaming the street.

Witches perform black magic against innocent people. Witches are usually motivated by jealousy, hatred, and/or power, i.e. destroy anything standing in the way of a goal.

Another area the witches  hold people to the jugular is the area of hindering progress. victims are bewitched in their dream by a known face of a person living or dead, who fights, warns or entices the person to into immorality in the dream.  The person wakes up to discover that the Visa, Job or business interview he has to attend becomes a wish-wash as the people responsible will either reject the person or show no interest in dealing favourably with him. That could be the beginning of a circle of periodic setbacks the person will be experiencing until a serious deliverance is done to remove the spell. 

Envious witches could target the area of academics, business or profession.  Many people are stagnated on one position for several years in their office, without promotion, training or within grade pay rises.   

They could also fire an arrow of rejection on a person, to makes life difficult for such a person.  Projections of rejection is an affliction that punishes its victim as the person find it difficult to get good friends, profitable  business connections and deals. It tends to frustrate people's effort in getting job or meeting a suitable suitor to marry. 

Witches can make people sick and die from darts they are believed to shoot at people. The darts are typically created from the bones of the corpses they have dug up.  The darts are said to be either invisible or are very small, like a grain of rice or a mustard seed in size.

Why did the Lord say.......Thou shall not suffer a witch to live!
Witchcraft is the engine room of Satan, cutting across all darkness.  They are the foot soldiers of the principalities, powers and the spiritual wickedness in high places. Witchcraft is the monitoring spirit that provide information to Satan and his agents to do evil. It is the hand of the devil to sow evil seed in any place he wants to destroy.  

Wherever people gather to work or do business, before long, the devil will plant his agent there to gather and give him information about the place and people there.  The bible talks about 'while men slept, the devil plants a thorn among the seeds to weaken the good seed'.  That thorn or weed is the devil's children or his agent...and watch this, they grow and increase in number, just as the weed grow. So, you better know how they operate and how to stop their wicked activities around you.

Witchcraft is a festering spirit operating in the dark and hidden manner.  It is a very destructive spirit that continues to cause trouble, untold hardship to man.  Witches can see into the spirit realm and pick sensitive information of things that will happen in the future.  They can also play back a person's entire day or week's activities from their covin and know what activities the person carried out during the period. With such information, they seek to hinder the progress of people. 

They targets men and women with divine assignment to hinder, frustrate and if possible destroy their assignment.  It is a blood thirsty spirit that has its members engage in blood shedding throughout the year.  The Red witches are responsible to the mass killings and wars, accidents and other tragedies that claims lives of people in large numbers, just to get blood.

Witchcraft is a domineering spirit. Witches seek to control and dominate people around them with their evil power.  If a man marries a witch without knowing, he would surely be dominated by that woman, no matter how small or thin she looks.
How would she do this? Simple - She will carry out spiritual investigation of the man's family history, working with an agent in the man's family, the history is downloaded to her and she knows what tricks and strategies will cause the man to fall into sin, error and bondage. Once she takes the steps in the physical, such man enters into her bondage and she will begin to direct and control him.    

Witchcraft is the monitoring spirit of Satan that gives his agents secret information and through which Satanic Pastors prophesy. This is the reality of fake Pastors and Prophets - they prophesy by the spirit of witchcraft.  

One of the terrible things that spirit does is to mimic the Holy Spirit of God.  Highly placed witches and wizards speak to people mimicking the Holy Spirit - If you do not have discernment, you will think it is the Holy Spirit of God talking to you, but alas - it is the voice of the wizard assigned to monitor and control the person that is speaking to him.  

Witchcraft is a seducing, cunning and envious spirit.  They have penetrated churches  and polluted pulpits where the Pastors are careless.  They have introduced all kinds of horrible confusion and chaos in some churches, weakened the members through immorality and dividing the congregation against themselves.

With the spirit of Jezebel, they cause disobedience among members, steal the word of God from peoples heart, counter the word of truth and use invisible powers to cause havoc, issuing curses on brethren in a playful manner and ignorant  sister would not counter their 'joking utterances' and the curses so issued then sticks.

Witchcraft is the promoter of prostitution.  This explains why you find skimpy dressed ladies in dark and lonely places at night looking for unfortunate men who will fall into their trap and be destroyed.  With the spirit of prostitution, witches have destroyed alters of God, send highly possessed members after the Pastors to seduce them into immorality and then destroy the church.  

They have turned some churches upside down, causing the youths to fornicate among themselves, become proud and unyielding to the word of God they are hearing. Such youth soon become recalcitrant to spiritual authority and heady.

God hates witchcraft spirit and abhor its activities and those practicing witchcraft.  This explains why He placed a death sentence on them - the judgement of death.  In Deuteronomy 18:10-11, the bible says:  
"There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 

"For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord; and because of these detestable things the Lord your God will drive them out before you. 

God abhors the soul that turns after such as familiar spirit and after wizards.  In Leviticus 20:27, the Lord says A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death.  They shall stone them with stones and their blood shall be upon them.
It shows that God does not want His people to have anything to do with the devil and his agents, spirits of witchcraft, magic, sorcery and familiar spirits.  Whatever derives from the secret power of Satan is for destruction of man, either openly or secretly and God is clearly against it.  Every association with marine spirit, witchcraft and wizards will lead to defilement, bewitchment and death.

We are seeing the world today sold to immorality and prostitution.  Women thinking they can use their body to get what they want.  Nahum 3:4 says that harlots are the mistress of witchcraft.  And so, Witchcraft is associated with immorality and prostitution.  This is why witches, young and old are bold in seducing and enticing people with their body, walking steps and eyes movements, a powerful combination an average man cannot withstand.

Witchcraft is known to be public enemy number 1.  Witchcraft and witches hates progress and work against the progress of people.  In some villages in Africa, you will not find anything modern or real development because of witchcraft.  They would decree that no good road, no electricity or modern houses is required within their village and covenant the people into it knowingly or unknowingly and it stay like that for years until...God sends them a deliverer.

1. They are enemies of progress
2. They are Destiny Hunters, Highly envious of your success
3. Highly secretive - They can be with with you 20 years and you may not know
4. Seeks to control people and remote them to do their bidding
5. Without spirit of discernment, divine revelation you cannot find them out.

Witchcraft is the legal arm of Satan, his army of informants, his arm of destruction with power to do alot of evil. This is why believers cherish the words of Jesus in Luke 9:56 that says "For the son of man is not come to destroy  men's lives, but to save them". 

In another place, He said for this reason is the Son of man made manifest, that He might destroy the works of darkness.  Agents using this spirit of witchcraft are always against glorious destinies of people and because some of them have the ability to see into the spirit realm, they can see the destinies of people immediately such a person appears.

So, a spiritually weak person with great destiny is always targeted by witches in order to steal such a destiny, kill or destroy it all together.  What is destiny - This is of course the purpose of God for a person.  It is what created you to be, it is the reason you were born, your pre-determined assignment on earth.  God created you for a purpose, to solve a problem, meet a need or done something that people in your era would need.

So, any power or group of powers that would not allow you to fulfill the purpose of God for your life is generally regarded as enemies.  It is for this purpose that witches are regarded as enemies of progress.  The seek to change, alter or cancel the plan of God in the life of people through manipulation and or enchantment.

Know the following:
1. There is at least one agent of darkness in every family,  King David called them strange children  and asked God to deliver him from them. There is also a monitoring and reporting agent in every family, either directly or indirectly that reports on the family and help to enforce the plans of Satan there, except the family has no potentials whatsoever.

2. Everyone has a case file in the spirit world.  This files are handed over from one person to another. This is why if you are fighting a witch or wizard and the person dies, the case has not ended, he or she would have transferred the case file to another agent close enough to you to cause you troubles and harm.

3. The devil use people close to a person to attack him.  These are your relatives and friends.  People you eat from the same pot, live together or work together and people you share your information and life with. What can be more ironic than this? These people are the best of your friends and they are not regarded as enemies at all. 

4. It is easy for you to avoid your enemy and everything that he has, but can you avoid your brother, your sister, your parents or your children.  These are your own blood, you are living with them and will continue to live with them till time separates you.  But if one of them join the darkness without your knowledge, what will you do?  An enemy you know is better than a friend you don't know.  It is very difficult for you to dodge a stone thrown at you from behind.  

5. Beloved, many destinies of black people have been stolen, kill, destroyed and buried by satanic relatives and friends, yours must never be one of them.  So, give your heart to Jesus, study and meditate on the Word of God daily and pray - those are basic steps that will empower you to withstand their attacks.

6. If you stay close to a witch or wizard for long, you are either initiated or bewitched.  Bewitchment means you cannot make meaningful progress with spiritual power of God to neutralize their works against you.

7. They can manipulate a person to do evil and get into trouble with God and man.  They are known to speak to people they are monitoring to direct them on the clothes to wear and how to make up to get the right attention.  Witchcraft spirit is a manipulative spirit and people operating in that spirit can manipulate a person into adultery, fornication and all addictions like smoking etc.  This why you must check every voice you hear. 

8. Any voice telling you you will die, get accident or other evils are voices of witchcraft agents trying to program those evil on the person...You must reject such voice and return the negative words back to sender IMMEDIATELY.  They can manipulate a lady and cause her to fall into fornication with almost anyone that desires her...this is a way to destroy such a girl.  
They can manipulate a lady or even married woman to tempt the Pastor of a church in order to destroy his power and grace of God upon the Pastor and the church, if the Pastor falls into their temptation.

9. So the voice telling you which dress to wear to look nice and seductive could be the agent in your house or from your father's house assigned against you, who has been monitoring you and your movements.  You must resist them and refuse to play their game - their purpose is always evil, to mislead a person and destroy that person with time.

Dealing Decisively:
10. If you are doing well in business or career job and suddenly you are drawn to your secretary or PA.  You begin to feel happy going to work, just to see her and with with her.  You wish there is no week-end anymore, so you can continue to see her 7 days a week...brother run! The bible say we should flee every appearance of evil.  

The scenario I am illustrating now is evil, your right response is to flee, not to pray! She has dug into your foundation to know what will make you fall... She is using it and getting closer to you  gradually and surely.  Don't waste time on her...Sack her immediately! 

If you retain her as your secretary, it would not be long, your salvation and Christianity will be a thing of the past.  If you ever sleep with her/him, know that it will be difficult for you to recover!

Brethren, it is important that you understand that witchcraft is a formidable mountain  that requires faith and holiness to confront and destroy.  They are the foot soldiers of Satan to steal, kill and destroy. 

I hope you know that Holiness is the 'master key' of spiritual champions, so whosoever wants to confront the darkness and triumph over them should have following going for him/her:

1. You must develop strong faith in God and His word.
2. You must have a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit and your connection to the Holy Spirit is through studying and meditating on His Word - He Holy Spirit wrote all the books in the bible.  If you love Him, love His word.
3. You should be fully surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ
4. Turn away from all sin - Live a holy life.
5. Destroy every idol in your home, naked pictures and videos and have a pure heart.
6. Abide under the covering of the Blood of Jesus Christ
7. Know believers' spiritual weapons and how to use them.
8. Put on the whole Armour of God
9. Learn to pray in tongues, and pray continually.


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